13 Best Watches for Nurses and Doctors: 2022!

13 Best Watches for Nurses and Doctors

Medical timepieces are an important part of a doctor or nurse’s daily routine. So, picking the best watches for nurses can help them do their jobs much better. These technologies help doctors and nurses keep to their schedules and give drugs at the right time.

They are also necessary for keeping track of and writing down patients’ vital signs and accurately dating paperwork and lab reports.

Why nurses should think about getting a watch

Keeping daily records

Accurate documentation can help keep your nurses and doctors on the same page for the benefit of your patients. By wearing a watch, you can keep track of the time when important things happen during your shift.

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Maintaining a timer

Doctors and nurses need to be aware of the time. Even though it might seem simple, wearing a good watch while working as a nurse will help you do your tasks and duties well. A timer is usually part of a good watch for nurses.

Taking vital signs

As a nurse, one of your most important jobs is to keep track of things like a patient’s heart rate and breathing rate. If the patient isn’t hooked up to a monitor or there isn’t a clock in the room, you might have to take the patient’s vital signs by hand because you can’t do it without a watch.

13 Best Watches

Here’s how to pick the best watch for a nurse: Display that’s easy to read

You’ll need a display that’s easy to read quickly. The best color scheme is one where the numbers stand out against the background. Backlighting that is built in is also important.


Depending on where they work and in what department, nurses may have to deal with very dirty conditions. It will be important to have a watch that is easy to clean and keep clean.

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Not harmed by water

As a nurse, you will handle many different kinds of liquids. It can’t help but happen. At work, you wash your hands often. Choose watches for nurses that are waterproof and can handle any situation without getting broken or fogged.

How long has it been?

Check to see if the watch has a secondhand or a second display for reading vital signs. This is true whether the look is analog or digital.


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