8 Apple Watch Suggestions to Help You Stay Productive and Well

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despite its compatibility with Android devices, the Watch is still an effective addition to your everyday life. And there are ways in which we can make it even more user-friendly for novices.

Review our top Apple Watch tips if you are planning to get a new Watch or if you already have one and use it frequently. These tips will help you solve minor issues, add useful features, and personalize the Watch so that it functions exactly how you want it to.

1. Choose the WatchOS face that you like most.

Swipe to the right to access the Add button after activating the Watch face by pressing the Digital Crown button until the Watch face appears. Click the Add button, and then use the Digital Crown to scroll through the available Apple Watch faces to choose one. You have a wide variety of options to select from, and the Apple Watch software even gives you the capability of using a photo from your library to serve as the display for your watch face. Make sure you have at least iOS 16 if you want access to the newest features.

2. Put on the mute cover.

You can choose to have your Apple Watch ring or vibrate to notify you of incoming texts, notifications, phone calls, and other events, in addition to displaying accompanying icons. However, even in more sedate environments, such as business meetings or theaters, this has the potential to become a source of aggravation.

The Asus Rog Ally Can Be the Biggest Failure or a Runaway Success

Because of this, you need to launch the My Watch app, navigate to the Sounds & Haptics section, and enable the Cover to Mute functionality. Then, whenever your Apple Watch begins behaving strangely, simply cover it with your palm for a few seconds, and it will turn off automatically.

3. Amplify the size of the text.

The display on the Apple Watch becomes somewhat larger with each new update, but it is still very compact. Go to the Settings menu on your Apple Watch, and then select the Brightness & Text Size option if you have trouble seeing the text or seeing the details. The next step is to make the text larger, bold the entire text, and instantly make the Watch brighter in order to fix the visual concerns.

4. Establish objectives for your activities.

Setting up Activity Goals on your Apple Watch is a simple first step in getting the most out of your wearable device. You may visit the app with the colorful rings and create daily health objectives for yourself there. These goals can include the number of calories expended through movement, the amount of time spent standing and moving about, and more.

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5. Start keeping a record of your slumber.

Sleep tracking isn’t for everyone (for one thing, you need to keep the Apple Watch on), but if you want to gather some sleep data, head over to the Health app and enable Sleep Mode. This involves determining how many hours of sleep you want to get and a general schedule for when you want to go to bed and get up in order to assist the Watch. The most recent iterations of the Apple Watch are able to monitor agitation, heart rate, and various stages of sleep, such as REM. Additionally, it can serve as a hushed alarm in the event that you have to wake up at a specific hour but are not near any other alarms.

6. The quickest technique to conserve battery power

Battery life is something that should be considered when using a device as compact as the Apple Watch, particularly if you intend to use it in conjunction with AirPods or an always-on display. There are a few hacks that you may do to increase the performance of your battery if it is getting low.

Swiping up from the bottom of the display on your Apple Watch will bring up the Control Panel, which can be used to manage your connections in a flash. You will see a bubble in the center of the control panel that has a percentage written on it. These are the settings for your battery. When you select the bubble, you will see a more detailed view that gives you the choice to turn on the Low Power Mode.

The Asus Rog Ally Can Be the Biggest Failure or a Runaway Success
The Asus Rog Ally Can Be the Biggest Failure or a Runaway Success

Enabling the Low Power Mode will allow you to either leave the device on permanently or power it up for a predetermined period of time, such as a day or two. In order to help you save as much battery life as possible, the Apple Watch will restrict the measurements it collects and the ways in which it uses apps.

7. Set a focus

If you do not own an iPhone, it is possible that you have not yet set any Focus; nevertheless, even if you already have, it is still an excellent moment to do so. To begin using a Focus, swipe up from the bottom of your Apple Watch and then tap and hold the icon that looks like a small moon. You have alternatives such as concentrating for one hour, until nightfall, or until you leave your current location (such as your place of employment or a conference).

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When you are concentrating, your Apple Watch will limit alerts and will send automated responses to individuals who contact you saying that you are busy. You have the ability to modify your focus in a variety of different ways based on the information that you wish to get through if you have access to an additional Apple device running iOS or iPadOS.

8. Log into your Apple Pay account.

Link your essential payment methods and passes to your Apple Pay account, if you already have one, so the Apple Watch software may access your Apple Pay data. If you want to take advantage of the Apple Watch’s incredible time-saving capabilities when paying for things or interacting with compatible ticketing and transit systems, however, you will need to link everything.

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Where do we stand with Android’s functionality?

There is no way to make the Apple Watch compatible with Android phones in the same manner that it is with iPhones, and using any hidden functions won’t change this fact. As a result of this, we strongly recommend always having an iPad, Mac, or another Apple device on hand so that you can immediately make adjustments to the Watch app and monitor relevant information. If you want to go further, we have a guide on how to add an Apple Watch to Android, but doing so requires an older iPhone and causes functionality to be lost, so it’s not a choice that everyone should consider making.

Using an Apple Watch with an Android device is, for the most part, not a particularly good idea. If you have an Android phone, there is a wide selection of fantastic Wear OS smartwatches for you to choose from. Even though Samsung’s smartwatches are very great as well, most people should go with the Google Pixel Watch because it is a reliable option.

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