Most American Drivers Will Have to Wait Until Waze is Integrated Into Their Vehicles

Most American Drivers Will Have to Wait Until Waze is Integrated Into Their Vehicles

Most American Drivers Will Have to Wait Until Waze is Integrated Into Their Vehicles: The time may come when your friend who is always harping on you about how much better Waze is than your mediocre navigation software actually has to put their money where their mouth is. Even though it’s owned by Google, the social navigation app finally has its own in-car app, though it’s initially only compatible with two new Renault models.

In a blog post published on Tuesday, Waze unveiled the new feature, writing that the built-in software, which will run through Google Built-In, will allow users to take benefit of Waze’s real-time routine, navigation, and alerts without the need for a phone. Waze claims that this new built-in feature might lead to “safer and more convenient journeys,” even though many cars previously have the ability to sync up Waze from a phone app. Renault Austral Hybrid and Megane E-Tech electric vehicles will be able to take advantage of the interface. A lot of the time you won’t hear about those particular models outside of Europe.

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Waze Director of Marketing and Partnerships Aron Di Castro said in a statement that the company is “thrilled to announce our partnership with Renault” because it is “important that we bring the best driving experiences to our users” as more Waze users engage with us on in-car platforms and as advances in in-car technologies are made. “By integrating Waze’s real-time navigation, routing, and notifications into Renault’s vehicle displays, the driving experience is streamlined and simplified.”

The Renault automobiles are compatible with not only Waze, but also Google Maps, Google Assistant, Google Play, and other Alphabet products. By using their voice, drivers will be able to adjust their vehicle’s climate without using their hands. It has been stated that the Renault entertainment system is compatible with non-Google applications like Spotify.

Most American Drivers Will Have to Wait Until Waze is Integrated Into Their Vehicles
Most American Drivers Will Have to Wait Until Waze is Integrated Into Their Vehicles

The incorporation of Waze is one example of a growing industry of digital firms vying to convert commuters’ time spent in the car into productive screen time. In the past decade, internet connectivity and app integration in automobiles have been on the cutting edge of innovation, but this trend is expected to explode in the future years. Insider Intelligence predicts that by 2026, 72.3 percent of licensed U.S. drivers will operate a linked vehicle. That’s an increase from 2022 when there would be 52% licensed drivers. Spending so much time in passive listening and interaction with technology might be a goldmine for businesses hoping to capitalize on the time many people spend in cars each week.

What you need to know

  • The Waze app has been available on Android Auto for years but is absent on Android Automotive.
  • Waze has announced the availability of its navigation app on select Android Automotive vehicles.
  • The app is rolling out to select Renault vehicles in Europe, including the Renault Austral Hybrid and Renault Megane E-Tech EV.

It’s no secret that Google’s Android Auto smartphone-based car infotainment interface includes Waze. Waze is the newest addition to Android Automotive, Google’s automotive infotainment solution, and it joins the company’s other navigation app, Maps.

In a blog post published on Tuesday, the business confirmed that the Waze experience has begun rolling out, bringing with it real-time routing, alerts, bookmarked locations, and more.

The new Waze car app integrates the navigation, routing, and alert features of Waze with the in-car display for a truly seamless driving experience. By ditching the need to use your phone while driving, you may save time and effort while also improving safety.”

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Android Automotive is a full Google-integrated automotive OS that provides a deeper connection to the vehicle than Android Auto does by removing the need to connect a smartphone via wireless or wired means. That means you can use it without your phone and even install apps from the Play Store directly on your car’s display.

As of right now, the Renault Austral Hybrid and Megane E-Tech EV are the only Renaults in Europe that are compatible with the new Waze app for Android Automotive. However, according to Aron Di Castro, head of marketing and partnerships at Waze, expansion is in the works. We’re excited to offer this world-class driving experience to even more people in all corners of the globe in 2023.

These apps are available for download on the Play Store for in-car use, or through the My Renault app for smartphone use, by owners of the aforementioned vehicles.

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