Apple has added concert discovery capabilities to Apple Maps and Apple Music

Apple has added concert discovery capabilities to Apple Maps and Apple Music

According to an announcement made by Apple today, the tech giant will soon add concert discovery to two of its most popular applications: Apple Music and Apple Maps. Fans will soon get access to a new feature on the Apple Music app called Set Lists. This tool will enable users to browse and listen to the set lists of their favorite artists while they are on tour, as well as read more about the productions they have created.

In the meantime, Apple is adding a new concert discovery feature to Apple Maps. This new feature will include over 40 new Guides curated by Apple Music editors that will highlight music venues initially across 10 cities around the world. Additionally, users will have the ability to browse upcoming shows at venues by using Shazam’s concert discovery feature.

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The Shazam feature was released during the spring of 2018, and it is part of a suite of tools that allows concertgoers to locate nearby live performances by leveraging information from the artist discovery platform Bandsintown. Apple has announced that this finding will now also be accessible through the use of Maps.

The alterations are being made with the intention of making Apple’s services more competitive with those of its rivals, such as Spotify, which now has sophisticated concert discovery features in its own app as a result of an overhaul that took place a year ago and brought with it a Live Events Feed that is tailored to the preferences of users.

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However, Apple’s new Guides are not personalized for the end user; rather, they are selected by Apple Music editors and function in a manner that is analogous to that of a guidebook. The sole way in which the Apple Music app has become more personalized is by allowing users to search for concerts taking place in their immediate vicinity.

According to Apple, the new Guides to music venues will start rolling out today in Maps in a number of cities around the world, including Mexico City in Latin America, Berlin, London, Paris, and Vienna in Europe, Tokyo, Melbourne, and Sydney in the Asia-Pacific region, and Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Nashville in North America. They will be accessible through the Maps app at Apple. co/MusicVenues and will range from symphony halls, such as Carnegie Hall in New York or Musikverein in Vienna, to techno clubs in Brooklyn and Tokyo, to live jazz in Paris, and a variety of other types of music venues.

Apple has added concert discovery capabilities to Apple Maps and Apple Music
Apple has added concert discovery capabilities to Apple Maps and Apple Music

The firm may have been able to use some of the intellectual property that it obtained via its acquisition of the classical music streaming service Primephonic, which served as the basis for the new Apple Music Classical app, in order to assist with the content that it produced about classical music venues.

In the meantime, Apple Music’s new Set Lists will also debut today at Apple. co/setlists. Artists such as Sam Smith, BLACKPINK, Peso Pluma, Kane Brown, blink-182, and Ed Sheeran will be among the first to be featured on these playlists. Although Apple did not provide any indication as to how frequently these Set Lists would be updated with additional artists and tours, we should anticipate seeing more of them over the course of time.

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Despite the fact that these capabilities are helpful improvements for Apple consumers, nobody will switch from Spotify to Apple in order to get access to them. Today’s version of Spotify is much better at informing users about live performances by the artists whose music they truly appreciate and listen to on a daily basis, as opposed to only a select few of the industry’s biggest names.

In addition, it was stated during the company’s Stream On event in March that it provides growth and discovery tools for artists. These capabilities enable musicians to sell their merchandise and live events within the application, in addition to bringing their newest releases to the attention of fans through the primary music discovery feed. Users can also save an event to their own calendar by tapping a button within the Live Events Feed, in addition to browsing other concerts taking place all over the world.

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