Apple’s Crappy Weather App is Making Me Miss Dark Sky

Apple's Crappy Weather App is Making Me Miss Dark Sky

Apple’s Weather app for iPhones continues to remain unstable, with the firm continuing to report ongoing issues(opens in new tab) following an outage yesterday. This is just one of the many reasons why I’m still missing the program that it ingested, Dark Sky, and it’s just one of the many reasons why I’m still missing Dark Sky.

In addition to the several Reddit users who are experiencing “weather unavailable” alerts, we have also had issues with the Weather app’s widget displaying “no weather data.” Apple is aware of the difficulties and has stated that “certain customers are affected”; yet, this comes after the company experienced issues that were quite similar to those yesterday.

In the great scheme of things, having sporadic issues with the built-in weather app on your phone is not exactly catastrophic for the device. And I have no doubt that Apple will resolve what appear to be server issues in a timely manner. Yet, these issues with the Weather app just serve to heighten my displeasure at the fact that a superior experience that I cherished and utilized on a regular basis has been replaced by this inferior one.

Apple acquired Dark Sky a little more than three years ago. Dark Sky is an app that has made its way onto the home screens of many people thanks to its ability to combine an algorithmic analysis of the speed at which clouds and storms are moving with your actual location. In a nutshell, this hyper-local weather forecasting could help you avoid getting drenched a number of times. And it actually was successful!

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The fact that Apple acquired Dark Sky resulted in the discontinuation of the app, which was particularly disappointing for those who used Android devices. But, there was a glimmer of hope for anyone who used the program on iOS because Apple had pledged to incorporate Dark Sky into its own weather app (opens in new tab).

Things aren’t going too well with that, unfortunately. In addition to the fact that some users of the Weather app have reported that the program has become nearly unusable over the past few days, it also falls short in comparison to Dark Sky in a number of other respects.

An uncertain prognosis

One of the many reasons I adored Dark Sky was its sophisticated understatement. As its name suggests, the primary purpose of this app was to assist you in avoiding inclement weather, and it was normally extremely dependable in terms of providing you with minute-by-minute warnings of impending precipitation.

Yet, Apple’s Weather app has absorbed all of that information and transformed it into something that is both more cumbersome and, at the moment, somewhat buggy. You can discover hourly rain predictions, but accessing them requires digging through a submenu in the Today view. Moreover, the graph is more complicated and difficult to understand than the one provided by Dark Sky.

Apple's Crappy Weather App is Making Me Miss Dark Sky
Apple’s Crappy Weather App is Making Me Miss Dark Sky

The Weather app is noticeably more chaotic and chaotic, with multiple tiles placed underneath the radar map that you are unable to personalize or edit in any way. In addition, my personal experience suggests that it makes weather forecasts that are a little less accurate than they used to be, which reminds me of the days before Dark Sky when I had to make some educated guesses.

Maybe it’s only the beginning stages, and Apple will gradually improve the Weather service in the future. And to be honest, in certain aspects, such as the radar map that visualizes storm clouds, it really feels a little bit more polished than Dark Sky did. But for the time being, I’m still having trouble getting used to the absence of the app that I purchased and that was one of the ones that got the most use on my home screen.

If the performance of Apple’s Weather app remains as tumultuous as it has been, I may very possibly move to one of the better weather apps available for the iPhone, such as Carrot Weather. Apple’s app is currently using someone else’s home screen space, but I have high hopes that things will turn around for it once the currently occurring glitches and server issues are resolved.

Moreover, many ask

Is the weather app offered by Apple the same thing as Gloomy Sky?

Apple Weather now includes support for the capabilities that were previously available in Dark Sky. Apple Weather provides hyperlocal forecasts for your present location, including hourly forecasts for the next 10 days, high-resolution radar, notifications, and precipitation for the next hour.

Has Apple’s weather app been updated?

Apple made some significant modifications to the Weather app in iOS 16, including the addition of new sorts of notifications and an increase in the amount of information that can be viewed on a variety of factors, including temperature, humidity, and visibility.

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Does Dark Sky have a more accurate forecast than Apple Weather?

The greater the stability, the greater the accuracy. Easy to understand. In addition to this, Dark Sky accurately classified precipitation into three distinct categories (light, medium, and heavy). The manner in which the weather for the following twenty-four hours was displayed, however, was the apex of Dark Sky’s information clarity, a quality that Apple Weather badly lacks.

Why doesn’t my Dark Sky app work?

In 2020, support for Android devices was discontinued for the Dark Sky app. If you’re a fan of Dark Sky, it’s officially time to find another source of weather information or make the transition to Apple’s own app. According to the website for the app, it will no longer be available after this coming Saturday, December 31. Apple purchased the popular weather app back in the year 2020.

What takes the place of cloudy weather?

I also discovered two other weather services that are adequate alternatives to Dark Sky; one of them may come as a surprise to you. Why? Because the Apple Weather app is included on all iPhones and iPads by default, this is one of the reasons. The second one is a weather app called Carrot Weather, which is both extremely strong and entertaining.

Which mobile weather app has received the highest ratings?

Both The Weather Channel and AccuWeather maintain positions at or very close to the top of the charts that track the best weather apps. WeatherBug, Weather Underground, Fox Weather,, and Carrot Weather are a few examples of more weather applications. There’s also the Apple Weather app, which comes pre-installed on every iPhone.

Why is Dark Sky gone?

Following Apple’s acquisition of Dark Sky, the company promptly began restricting access to its proprietary meteorological information by third parties. At the end of the day, it was the most likely reason that it purchased the app and the service. Apple added an additional year to the period during which the Dark Sky app was available for download, however as of the first of the year 2023, it is no longer available.

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