Apple’s Satellite Plans May Include Things Other Than Emergencies

Apple's Satellite Plans May Include Things Other Than Emergencies

Apple’s Satellite Plans May Include Things Other Than Emergencies: Apple’s Emergency SOS via Satellite function, which lets people contact emergency services through text message even when they’re outside of cell phone or Wi-Fi service zones, is now available in four additional nations. The service debuted last month in the United States and Canada, and it has already been expanded to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Ireland. It’s anticipated that additional countries will be included in the near future. However, Apple has bigger ambitions.

Apple’s satellite ambitions may extend beyond mere first responders.

While the emergency service only supports text-based conversations at the moment, a patent granted the same day hints at broader ambitions for Apple’s use of satellite technology. The patent explains how the corporation can transmit speech, video, and other media data through satellites. Apple explains this new patent as follows:

Apple's Satellite Plans May Include Things Other Than Emergencies
Apple’s Satellite Plans May Include Things Other Than Emergencies

“If a user is unable to contact emergency services via cellular or Wi-Fi, an easy-to-use interface will show on iPhone to get the user help via a satellite link. To guarantee that dispatchers rapidly grasp a user’s status and location, a brief questionnaire displays to enable the user to answer crucial questions with a few simple taps, and this information is communicated in the initial message.

After completing the questionnaire, the user is led through the steps necessary to connect their iPhone and send the first message. The user’s questionnaire replies to the current location (including altitude), iPhone battery life, and Medical ID status (if enabled) are all included in this notification. Through a satellite connection, the user’s responses to the questionnaire and any subsequent messages are sent either directly to text-accepting dispatch centers or to relay centers manned by Apple-trained specialists who can place the call for assistance on the user’s behalf. The user can also inform their emergency contacts by sending them the transcript.

While just a small percentage of iPhone owners will actually use the satellite communications feature, Apple has already invested $450 million to maintain it. On the other hand, if this service is just the beginning of something much bigger, the initial investment may seem reasonable.

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As time goes on, Apple’s satellite communications technology will become more widely available, making it less the domain of adventurers and yacht owners and more the domain of everyday internet users. Therefore, Apple’s possible investment in tech makes some sense. The company patents much more concepts than it ever put into actual products and services, but that’s the case with any company.

There are some questions that are frequently asked.

In what capacity does Apple employ satellite service?


Globalstar has managed the mobile satellite services spectrum in the United States for the past 20 years, allowing iPhone users to connect with the satellite network and exchange information via this medium.

Exactly how does Apple’s satellite function?

Users can either fill out a questionnaire and have it sent to a satellite that will then relay the information to text-enabled dispatchers or visit a relay center manned by Apple-trained personnel who will place the call for help. Furthermore, the user’s emergency contacts can be kept up-to-date by sending them a copy of the transcript.

Just what is satellite emergency SOS?

The new iPhone 14 safety feature, Emergency SOS via satellite, is now available in some European nations even if you don’t have a cellular or Wi-Fi signal.

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Is Apple’s satellite service fee-based?

The fact that Apple is providing this fascinating and unexpected satellite communications function for free (well, almost free) is probably the most surprising and exciting aspect of it. In a strict sense, Apple is not claiming that the service is free.

Can you get a satellite without paying a monthly fee?

When compared to regular cell phone plans, how much do satellite phone plans cost? Users will need to pay for service in addition to the cost of the phone, as is standard for cellular devices. Users may be required to pay a monthly or annual cost in addition to buying prepaid minutes, depending on the service provider.

Can I make free calls on a satellite phone?

No such thing as “free incoming calls” can be found on a satellite phone. An INTERNATIONAL phone number is included with some satellite services. A direct international caller’s long-distance charge could be anywhere from $4 to $7 per minute.

Does pressing “SOS” trigger a 911 call?

If an Android device detects an automobile accident, it will immediately contact the authorities. Don’t worry about accidentally setting it off; the 60-second countdown will begin immediately. It contacts 911 and relays your location to the emergency personnel.

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