Apple’s Stunned Response to the MacBook Pro

Apple's Stunned Response to the MacBook Pro

As a result of their prominence and cutting-edge status over the past two years, they have completely disrupted the laptop computer industry. However, Apple may make the shocking decision to keep the new MacBook Pro computers under wraps from the public and forego a splashy launch event.

If Apple does send the MacBooks “straight to press release” territory, as Mark Gurman predicts, the company will likely:

“There is nothing here that represents a radical change for Apple. They will receive updated specs and a chip that was unveiled during a June 2022 event, just in time for World Wide Developers Conference. Which makes me wonder if Apple has enough here to warrant yet another carefully crafted launch event.”

The degree to which this choice comes as a surprise. Why would Apple think that this is the greatest way to introduce their new computers? Finally, what does this mean for Mac’s future inside Apple’s product line?

Let’s assume the launch event for a new product has already been accounted for in the books, as there are plenty of apparent reasons to do so. However, there are three things I believe stand out as particularly crucial, and I will focus on them here.

Apple could add a significant new feature to the original AirPods Pro

To start, let’s talk about how significant the Mac Pro is. Despite the fact that this insanely powerful desktop will have low sales compared to consumer gear, it is nonetheless a symbol. It represents the pinnacle of Macintosh’s achievement.

Furthermore, it is the only Mac that has not yet made the transition from Intel technology to Apple Silicon, which is based on ARM. This is significant since Tim Cook has mandated that all future Macs use Apple Silicon by the end of 2022. With the right launch party, this could be cause for great jubilation.

The time leading up to the holidays is also an excellent opportunity to expand upon the Mac platform as a whole, both to promote the arrival of brand new hardware and to fortify the foundation upon which it stands.

If we’re talking about spreading the word, there will always be an opening to emphasize the iPhone’s benefits. There will be another opportunity to speak with the entire tech media to reaffirm customer contentment, sales, and storylines around the new cellphones one month after their initial release.

There are, however, reasons to follow Gurman’s newsletter’s advice and… along with announcing its arrival with a press release and sending out a small number of units to early reviewers.

The predicted performance, storage, and memory of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro computers continue to increase at a Moore’s Law rate, but there isn’t much new in the way of hardware features. This is supported by the fact that the transition from the M1 to the M2 chipsets in the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro was remarkably smooth. The new MacBook Pro laptops’ updates are similar to the standard ‘S’ upgrade found on previous-gen iPhones.

Apple's Stunned Response to the MacBook Pro
Apple’s Stunned Response to the MacBook Pro

Is it enough of a “wow” to warrant a full launch if the message is “it’s a little bit better and you’ll still win out in Specifications Top Trumps?” It’s common knowledge that Apple Silicon increases performance.

Is Apple planning on having more than one “moment of the year” when releasing new MacBooks? macOS laptops have often been released during the last week of October and the first week of November. Given Apple’s penchant for releasing major revisions to the iPhone and iPad every year, why wouldn’t it want to do the same for the MacBook? Perhaps… However, the M2 chip and the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air powered by the chip were given a fair amount of attention during WWDC. There’s no use in recreating the scene.

The fact that any new release will, in all likelihood, be reported extensively online is also a consideration. Launches aren’t aimed at tech journalists so much as they are at the general public. It’s a good fit for the iPhone, and maybe even the consumer-focused MacBooks.

But is there a need for widespread popular coverage of the more powerful computers hitting the market this month, which are aimed at programmers, high-end creatives, and individuals in need of performance that goes well beyond “can it edit my family photos?” Should we rely just on the technology press and our understanding of the latest machines available, or is more information needed?

Over the past couple of years, Apple has made a concerted effort to highlight the Mac platform in its advertising and messaging. The Mac platform can resume its job supporting the iPhone and iPad now that the transition from Intel to ARM is over, the product line can settle down again, and all the promises about reducing disruption have been made.

MacBook Shocks You With Static Electricity?

Those who have used a MacBook with an aluminum case know all too well the electric shocks that can occur. This article will examine the causes of this problem and offer advice for fixing it.

The Reason Macbook Stuns You

There are two typical causes of an electric shock when you turn on your MacBook.

This Function Makes AirPods Pro Cost-Effective

The Two-Pin Power Brick is what you’re utilizing.

Usually, this is the main cause of your Macbook receiving shocks during charging.

When using the two-prong power brick, make sure it is grounded. It’s for this reason that, even if your wall outlet is grounded, the power brick won’t benefit from it.


Getting around this is easy; just buy an extension cord with a three-prong plug. Even if it’s unlikely that a store will always have the 3-pong extension chord in stock, you can always buy a replacement on the market.

Why does Apple provide a 2-prong power brick with your MacBook if that’s the problem?

Some people argue that the third pin, the ground pin, is unnecessary in today’s American homes. Some have speculated that this is due to the absence of a standard three-prong electrical outlet on board Airplanes. But I suspect Apple wants you to buy an extension cord so that it can make more money off of you.

The Grounding in Your Electrical Plug Is Incorrect.

The issue must be in your home’s electrical circuit if you are still getting shocks while utilizing the 3-pronged extension cord.

A problem with the grounding in your house, or just the outlet itself, could be to blame. If the latter is the case, it’s not uncommon for other home electronics to give you a jolt as well.

In any scenario, you should consult a professional electrician to inspect your home’s electrical system and ground it safely. You, your loved ones, and all of your technological devices are at serious risk if you do this.

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