Canelo Alvarez Net Worth: Early Life, Personal Life, Career Highlights, And Other Updates[2022]

canelo alvarez net worth

As of August 2022, Saul Alvarez has a net worth of about $180,000,000.

Saul Alvarez is a boxer who works for a living in Mexico. He has won multiple world titles in three different weight classes. Since 2018, he has held the unified WBA, WBC, Ring magazine, and lineal middleweight titles. Since May 2019, he has held the IBF middleweight title, and since December 2018, he has held the WBA super-middleweight title.

Canelo Alvarez’s Early Life

Alvarez was born on July 18, 1990, in the Mexican city of Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco. He learned to ride horses when he was young on the farm his family owned, and he still does it today.

Alvarez is the youngest of eight children. Seven of his siblings are boys, and all of them went on to be professional boxers. His brothers are welterweight boxers Ramón lvarez, Ricardo lvarez, and Rigoberto lvarez, who used to be Interim WBA World Champion.

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Canelo Alvarez’s Personal Life

canelo alvarez net worth

Alvarez was born on July 18, 1990, so he is now 30 years old. Not only that, but Alvarez’s birthday is in June, which is the month of Cancer. From what we know about him, we can guess that he is stubborn, active, and passionate. Canelo also fights at Welterweight, Light Middleweight, Middleweight, Super Middleweight, and Light Heavyweight, which means that his weight changes depending on the weight class. So far, 79 kg has been written down as his weight (167 lb).

Fernanda Gómez is the name of Canelo’s wife. Canelo and Fernanda are said to have met at a charity event in 2016. After that, the story ends. Soon, they start dating, but they keep their relationship quiet and out of the public eye.

They were seen celebrating their win over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. at the Las Vegas Jewel Nightclub. In 2017, when Fernanda was pregnant, they broke up for a short time, but they got back together.

Since then, she has been at the ringside, and Canello is glad to share some of her success with her. Fernanda and Canello had their first child together in December 2017. They named her Maria.

It was the famous fighter’s third child. He also has a daughter and a son from previous relationships. Inspired by Maria Fernanda, they had a free birthday party with a Swan Lake theme that looked like it would cost as much as a wedding.

There were lots of sweets and party food on the table. The best part, though, was that the hired swans could go wherever they wanted on the family farm. Fernanda Maria wore a sequined blouse by Moschino and carried a bag by Hermes.

Career Highlights

Canelo Alvarez started boxing when he was 13. At the Mexican Junior National Championships in Sinaloa in 2004, he finally won a silver medal. He then won the “Junior Mexican National Boxing Champion” title in 2005. In a short time, he turned into a pro.

Alvarez has been a good boxer since the beginning of his professional career. He has won every match he has been in. He beat players like Miguel Vazquez and Francisco Villanueva, but Jorge Juarez tied with him. On August 31, 2007, he beat Mexican boxer Ricardo Cano to win the Jalisco Welterweight title. This was his first title as a pro. On March 14, 2008, he beat Mexican boxer Francisco Villanueva to win the title.

Gabriel Martinez of Mexico on April 18, 2008, beat him to win the WBA Fedecentro Welterweight title. He went on to win the title by beating Carlos Adan Jerez of Argentina on August 2, 2008, and Raul Pinzone of Colombia on December 5, 2008.

Alvarez kept on winning. On January 17, 2009, he beat Mexican boxer Antonio Fitch to win the NABF and WBO Latino welterweight titles. Then, on February 21, 2009, at the NABF and WBO Latino, he beatboxer Yuri Gonzalez of the Dominican Republic to keep the Welterweight title. He beat Brazilian boxer Jefferson Gonzalo and American boxer Brian Camchis to win the NABF Welterweight title on June 6, 2009. (March 6, 2010).

Favorite Quotes from  Alvarez

I was made fun of at a young age. I would fight a lot in the streets, and it has a lot to do with the way I am today. It helped my development as a fighter, but what can I say?” – Saul Alvarez 

“I’m training and preparing because nothing is predictable in boxing. I’m preparing for those rounds, and if it happens that I get a shot, whatever advantage I have, I will be ready for 12 rounds.” – Saul Alvarez 

“It’s a big responsibility and great motivation to be a Mexican fighter who is admired, and I thank God for the support I get from Mexicans on both sides of the border.” – Saul Alvarez 

“A fighter lives in his training camp, and I’m not always paying attention to what is happening on the outside. But I do know the Mexican people and the Mexican-American people in this country are very hard-working people. That’s my only comment about Donald Trump.” – Saul Alvarez 

“Obviously, I’m fast, and I’m going to have to utilize that speed, but I’m also going to have to be smart. I’m also strong, and I have a punch, so I’m going to have to use all my qualities to be able to fight against Angulo, and I just feel whoever’s the best prepared that night is going to win.” – Saul Alvarez 


In this post, we know that Canelo Alvarez is a very popular and talented boxer in the industry. He has a net worth of about $ 180 million. He has won multiple titles in weight classes. If you like this post, please share it with your friends. And follow our website for other updates.


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