Community Event for Destiny 2 was finished in 27 hours. Because of Glitch

Community Event for Destiny 2 was finished in 27 hours

In the past, the Destiny 2 community has been able to complete community events by exploiting bugs and working together, and the most recent event is no exception. Even at the game’s calmer moments, the community comes together for events like Niobe Labs, the Corridors of Time, and the Empyrean Foundation, all of which emphasize this groundswell. The same may be said of the recent happenings in the Elikisni Quarter, which is in better shape currently than at any time since the Eliksni was granted possession of the area during the Season of the Splicer.

After being put on ice for nearly a year after the conclusion of the Beyond Light campaign, Eramis has returned to the figurative chessboard in Destiny 2’s current season, Season of Plunder. As the Guardians raced Eramis around the system to retrieve many relics, the season’s narrative revealed several key disclosures, such as Mithrax’s bloody past and Nezerac’s true identity as a pupil of The Witness. Even though Eramis was ultimately stopped, he was able to save Mithrax’s daughter Eido from the Lucent Brood, leaving the door open for the former Kell of Darkness’s possible redemption arc.

Community Event for Destiny 2 was finished in 27 hours
Community Event for Destiny 2 was finished in 27 hours

Rebuilding the Eliksni Quarter was supposed to be the final community event of the season, but it was completed in around 25 hours. Skarrow9, a content provider, brought attention to a bug that has been exploited by players to rig the event by spamming treasure coordinates generated by the Captain’s Atlas and certain treasure maps. Because of this bug, participants were able to speedrun the community event by constantly contributing coordinates.

Several hours after Skarrow uploaded his video to YouTube, Bungie took to Twitter to report the event’s primary goal had been met and the Eliksni Quarter had been recreated. A new garden and improvements to many structures are just two of the highlights in the accompanying film. Bungie did not specifically address the exploit that the community at large exploited to complete the event so rapidly; instead, the developer only noted that the players had completed the challenge “in record time.”

In typical Destiny 2 fashion, the community was able to spam the event’s main objective and finish it considerably faster than anticipated. The frequency with which such things have occurred in the game thus far suggests that this won’t be the last time they do so. Season 19 will lead into the release of Lightfall in early 2023, thus another event may take place as soon as that year. If it is a community event, it may help set the stage for the reveal of Neptune.

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