Take This Test to Determine Which Smartphone Camera is Your Favorite

Which Smartphone Camera is Your Favorite

Take This Test to Determine Which Smartphone Camera is Your Favorite: These days, it’s nearly impossible to make a poor choice in a smartphone’s camera. However, if you’re like the majority of consumers, you’re probably very committed to the iPhone brand and rarely venture outside of Apple’s ecosystem to check what else is available. The photographs you love might not be captured by your current smartphone, but you wouldn’t know that unless you shopped around.

MKBHD, aka Marques Brownlee, is willing to lend a hand. The MKBHD crew conducts a blind smartphone camera test at the end of each year to determine which smartphone produces the best images in the eyes of the general public. They began this test in 2017 by putting five of the best smartphones on the market at the time against each other in a YouTube video (without revealing which phones were which, of course). The 16 best cell phones released this year are now included, and millions of people are casting ballots to determine which one is the best.

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The purpose of the blind test is to remove any preconceived notions that may exist about the products being tested. The iPhone may be the first camera that comes to mind if you know which one is the greatest if you’re an iPhone enthusiast. One of the Galaxies could be your choice if Samsung is your preferred brand. In this way, you can examine which photos you prefer in their raw form, rather than in some other comparison format. With 16 smartphones to choose from, you might still go with the one you’re used to, but there’s a good chance you’ll be surprised by your new favorite.

The exam is slightly different this year. MKBHD has hosted the competition on Twitter for the past few years, with votes coming in from both dedicated followers and random app users. As of the year 2022, the examination has moved to its own dedicated website. This means that while the test’s accessibility may be reduced, the user experience will be vastly enhanced.

The procedure of MKBHD’s blind smartphone test

The test is segmented into three sections, each of which examines a different aspect of a smartphone’s camera: standard, low-light, and portrait mode. It takes around five to ten minutes to complete each test, and it has you picking one of two pictures. Maybe it’ll feel like getting your eyes checked out: A clear victor will emerge from some comparisons, while others will be much closer. In the end, smartphone cameras are generally very good.

A photo contest winner can now be determined without having to vote on every single shot entered. A few simple comparisons are all that’s required to pass the exam. Voting increases the reliability of the results, but only if enough people do it. It would be helpful if you could respond to as many as you can if you have the opportunity to (or complete the test altogether). A completion bar will show up next to each quiz to let you know how far along you are.

Which Smartphone Camera is Your Favorite
Which Smartphone Camera is Your Favorite

When you’re ready to wrap things up, the quiz will give you a grade. Not the name of some weird smartphone nobody has ever heard of. Instead, the MKBHD team has allocated a unique letter to each smartphone in the test. Follow the MKBHD YouTube channel for the big reveal once the test has ended to find out which letters represent which phone.

The blind camera test is the most convenient approach to learning about and comparing the photography capabilities of various smartphones because most of us only use one smartphone at a time and don’t have the time or energy to watch 16 different smartphone reviews. You might find that a $300 budget phone is more your style than your $1,000 flagship.

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