E3 Cancelled for the year 2023 Confirmed by ESA. What else for Video Game Lovers’ in 2023?

E3 Cancelled

Electronic Entertainment Expo(E3) 2023, which was scheduled to be held from June 13th to June 16th, has been canceled for the year  as confirmed by Entertainment Software Association (ESA) by sending an email to its members which states 2023 event ” simply did not garner the sustained interest necessary to execute it in a way that would showcase the size, strength, and impact of our industry.” The video game lovers’ expectations were very high as they were waiting for their beloved event to happen.

The first such cancellation of the event happened in 2020 in the wake of  Covid 19 pandemic and it was held online in 2021. But the same fate, as in 2020, met in 2022 as ESA announced its formal cancellation on 31 March 2022.  ESA stated, in June 2022, that they still plan to return with a physical and virtual show in 2023. But the official site of E3  confirms the cancellation for the year 2023 by showing the following content on the site.

Show organizer ReedPop announces E3 2023 will not take place as scheduled this June, with both physical and digital events canceled. Alongside the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), both parties will re-evaluate the future of E3.

ESA has also issued the following public statement:-

This was a difficult decision because of all the effort we and our partners put toward making this event happen, but we had to do what’s right for the industry and what’s right for E3. We appreciate and understand that interested companies wouldn’t have playable demos ready and that resourcing challenges made being at E3 this summer an obstacle they couldn’t overcome. For those who did commit to E3 2023, we’re sorry we can’t put on the showcase you deserve and that you’ve come to expect from ReedPop’s event experiences.

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This year’s cancellation might be the result of announcements made by many big names from the gaming industry i.e Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and Ubisoft opting not to attend E3  in any capacity since most of them planning to host their own digital showcases.


E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo(E3) which is held annually in the month of  June at the Los Angeles Convention Center in the USA and organized by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). This event provides a platform for gaming industry-related firms to showcase their gaming products to retailers and to the press and for this purpose press conferences are held to announce new gaming products.

What else for Video Game Lovers’?

Now, let’s find out what else is planned in the month of June for video game lovers’:-

Summer Game Fest

Summer Game Fest presents itself as a big June event for video game lovers and this event becomes much greater to explore for gaming enthusiasts when continue cancellation of E3 is happening. This year Fest is back with its first-ever in-person show kicking off on June 8th. Again, Geoff Keighley will be hosting the event at YouTube Theater, with a 6000 sitting capacity, in Inglewood.

E3 Cancelled
E3 Cancelled

Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct

Microsoft-owned Xbox has officially announced the date for its Xbox Games Showcase which is on 11 June 2023. However, not much is known about this showcase as of now or what it actually features.

Bethesda’s highly anticipated Starfield is getting delayed and this time the sci-fi RPG (science fiction Role Playing Games) will launch on September 6. This is a single-player game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, the award-winning creators of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4, where the game is set amongst stars.

Ubisoft Forward Live

Earlier, Ubisoft was set to be part of E3,  but now it will make announcements for its own digital showcase and latest game updates, news, and reveals from Ubisoft, live and in person from Los Angeles on June 12, 2023. 

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