The Enormous Workstation Pod From Cooler Master is a Lavish Alternative to Desks

The Enormous Workstation Pod From Cooler Master is a Lavish Alternative to Desks

The Enormous Workstation Pod From Cooler Master is a Lavish Alternative to Desks: When is a chair for work or play more than just a place to sit? When the whole thing is a mechanical pod with screens, wireless charging, USB connections, and more RGB LEDs than we’ve ever seen before, that’s when we take notice (zero).

You may now sign up for Cooler Master’s Orb X “multi-purpose station” waitlist. Cooler Master has been hinting about a new chair since 2021, but despite a growing waiting list, there has been no word on preorders or a release date. It does, however, demonstrate Cooler Master’s continued commitment to producing their workstation pod, which looks like it was snatched from a science fiction film and then transported to a gamer’s basement.

Cooler Master, though, isn’t aiming the Orb X just toward gaming. The company claims in a press release it issued today that it created the pod “for gamers and professionals” and that the solitary nature of its round form makes it ideal for “being creative.”

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Many common pieces of office equipment can be found in the workstation. You can use it with a single 34-inch monitor or split it up among three 27-inch displays, and there’s even a connector for your laptop or gaming console.

There are also two USB-C connectors and four USB-A ports on the included USB hub; one of the USB-C ports supports power transmission at 60 W. There is a fabric mousepad material and a wireless charging area atop the designated space for a keyboard and mouse.

Cooler Master claims that the battle station’s audio system, which consists of a 5-inch subwoofer, a 2-inch tweeter, and a 2-inch speaker, creates a “surround-sound” effect.

The Enormous Workstation Pod From Cooler Master is a Lavish Alternative to Desks
The Enormous Workstation Pod From Cooler Master is a Lavish Alternative to Desks

Also, there’s a seat inside that capsule! It’s a leather model with a footrest, an adjustable headrest, and reclining capabilities.

Cooler Master claims the Orb X is all about providing a “private environment,” while being one of the most extravagant seating setups ever. Cooler Master claims that the Orb X’s “completely automated motorized shuttle dome, keeping users away from distractions and enabling an uninterrupted privacy mode,” is one of the device’s selling points.

Those outside the cockpit will undoubtedly notice the workstation, even if the pilot inside is oblivious to the outside world. A “sleek and modern style” that “can match any event, such as work, entertainment, or gaming setup,” according to Cooler Master. But we have a feeling it will be a show-stopper no matter where you put it.

Still, Cooler Master has included a picture of the device in an office setting, seeming as unobtrusive as possible, to aid your imagination.

If the dimensions and weight of your throne (74.12 x 74.3 x 82.2 inches; 757.3 pounds) aren’t special enough, you may always turn to RGB lighting to make your seat stand out.

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When Cooler Master first hinted at its productivity pod, it told Tom’s Hardware that it would “likely” price $12,000 to $14,000; however, there has been no update on final pricing, making it increasingly probable that this will be out of touch for most persons.

The productivity pod / gigantic gamer might be seen in places like shopping centers, shops, arcades, and trade exhibits if its projected costs, dimensions, and specifications pan out.

However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a few Bruce Wayne-types trying to seize power for themselves. In addition, competition from other providers is strong in this market. There is a dearth of similarly equipped battle stations, such as Acer’s Predator Thronos and Predator Thronos Air, although products like MWE Lab’s Emperor seats have been available since 2007 at a price that can reach as high as $50,000 as of 2013.

While MWE Lab does not yet provide products that enclose you in a pod while you work or play, they do provide multi-monitor support via a recliner. For comparison’s sake, the three-monitor iPod is $3,575, while the Emperor XT, which also supports three displays, is $5,645.

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