Everyone Else Seems to Be Buying a PS5, So Why Don’t I?

Everyone Else Seems to Be Buying a PS5, So Why Don't I?

The most recent financial statistics for Sony have been released, and it appears that the PS5 is really picking up steam, with sales of 6.3 million units in just the most recent quarter alone. It is obvious that a large number of people are interested in purchasing the PlayStation 5, which has led me to ponder why I do not share this passion… at least not yet.

It’s not that I have anything against PlayStation – quite the contrary, in fact. My preferred gaming platform, other than a personal computer, has been the PlayStation console ever since the first one was released in the middle of the 1990s. I have owned every generation of PlayStation up until this point, with the PS2 firmly occupying the top spot on my list of “best consoles ever made” (followed, in order, by the Sega Dreamcast and the Genesis).

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I’ve enjoyed every generation of the PlayStation, and even the PS3, which many people perceive to be a relative step backward, was, in my opinion, something of an underappreciated masterpiece due to its fantastic support for a wide variety of media (my original PS3 supported Blu-ray, DVD, SACD, PS2 games, and a lot more), as well as its wonderful library of games.

You would think, therefore, that it would be a piece of cake for Sony to sell me one of its brand-new PlayStation 5 consoles, but you’d be wrong. I thought the same thing, and I was quite prepared to put some money aside so that I could buy a PlayStation 5 when it was released. However, so far, I haven’t been motivated to really plunk down the cash to buy one, and I’m not sure if I ever will be.

Where is the affection?

The fact that the PlayStation 5 is turning out to be such a massive success has gotten me wondering why I haven’t purchased one of these consoles yet and what exactly is holding me back.

I believe there are a couple of primary considerations at play here. The first and most significant issue was the limited availability of PS5 units at the time. In the beginning, I had been putting money aside in preparation for the launch; however, when the launch finally occurred, there was such a high demand for it that it was virtually impossible to get one.

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Observing the strain that other people were putting themselves under just to get a chance to purchase a PlayStation 5 caused me to question whether or not I really desired or required one that badly… The response was a negative one, ‘no.’

Because the launch libraries of the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 were all rather limited, to begin with, and because the PlayStation 5 launched with few games that I was desperate to play, I figured I could wait out the initial launch and buy one when stock improves and more games arrive. I had the bright idea that maybe by then they’ll even have dropped the price!

Despite this, the stock shortage as well as the game’s drought persisted for a longer period of time than I had anticipated. Both were harmed by the global epidemic and the longer I had to look for a PS5 console that was in stock, the less interest I had in purchasing the gaming machine.

This also meant that I spent more time playing games on my personal computer, and I rapidly came to the conclusion that my gaming computer provided more than enough entertainment for me.

PC is the way to go these days.

My preference has always been for playing video games on a personal computer (PC), although gaming consoles, particularly PlayStations, are superior in a number of respects, or at least they were in the past.

If you spend your entire day working on a computer, it’s easy to see why you wouldn’t want to unwind by sitting down in front of a computer to play once you’ve finished for the day. This was especially true for many of us who were working from home during the worst days of the pandemic, as doing so would frequently entail sitting in front of the same computer where you’d just spent your day working. This was especially true for those of us who were working from home during the worst days of the pandemic.

That meant that playing a console game on a large TV while sitting on a comfortable couch in a different room is an extremely appealing option. Therefore, I gave myself the enjoyable challenge of constructing a powerful gaming computer that was also small enough to fit in my living room beneath my television.

Everyone Else Seems to Be Buying a PS5, So Why Don't I?
Everyone Else Seems to Be Buying a PS5, So Why Don’t I?

After a few false starts (on the PC’s part) and emotional breakdowns (on my part), I ended up with an excellent little console-like machine that has an interface that is friendly to TVs and that I can use to launch games with a gamepad. Despite the fact that the process didn’t go quite as smoothly as I had anticipated, I am very pleased with the result.

It came equipped with an RTX 3080 Ti, making it more powerful than the PS5, and I’ve now upgraded it to an RTX 4080, making it possible for me to play games in native 4K resolution with graphical effects that the PS5 and Xbox Series X could only dream of having.

There is still one facet of the experience in which the PS5 has an advantage over the Xbox One and that is its ability to turn on practically rapidly, which enables you to swiftly resume games. The fact that Microsoft’s Xbox consoles currently have this capability gives me hope that the company will add it to Windows 11 if it is serious about its goal of making Windows 11 an operating system that gamers adore.

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In addition, consoles frequently come with exclusive content, which is another reason why I would want to invest in them. Despite the fact that Xbox exclusives have never piqued my interest, I am confident that I will be able to enjoy them on my own computer (something that will be much easier to do now that Microsoft has acquired Bethesda).

When it came to PlayStation games, things were handled differently. The only way I could play games like Uncharted, God of War, and Spider-Man was if I owned a PlayStation… However, Sony has recently begun publishing those games on personal computers as well.

Although these games are released a few years after their PlayStation counterparts, the fact that I will be able to play Spider-Man 2 on my personal computer at some point in the future (and even use the PS5 DualSense controller) means that I will continue to use my personal computer as my primary gaming platform for the foreseeable future, despite the fact that these games are released a few years after their PlayStation counterparts. When I consider my extensive game collection on Steam and Epic Games Store as well as the fact that PC games are frequently a great deal more affordable than the absurd amounts that PS5 titles sell for these days, I simply cannot see myself purchasing a PlayStation 5 in the near future.

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