These Fantastic Free Feature Updates Are Available for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Feature updates are available for Android

These fantastic free feature updates are available for Android smartphones and tablets: Some of the new capabilities that Google has announced should soon be available on your Android phone, Android tablet, or WearOS wristwatch.

According to Google (opens in new tab), the most noteworthy of the updates is a system-wide app dubbed Reading Mode. Aside from being an excellent accessibility feature, this is also an excellent irritation remover. Reading Mode can make a website more easier to read by removing distractions like ads and other page elements.

You can change the font, color scheme, line spacing, and text size, and even toggle between a light and dark display in Reading Mode. Android’s built-in text-to-speech feature can also read it out loud for you. You may get it now from the Google Play store.

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New collage styles by artists DABS MYLA and Yao Cheng have been added to Google Photos, Google Messages, and Google Wallet now support enhanced reply capabilities, and you can share the keys to your private vehicle with friends. The iOS app also includes this latter functionality. Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen is back with new sticker combinations, and Keep has been upgraded for Wear OS to bring across the same colors, images, and co-authors as on your Android phone.

For your Google Account, Google has also implemented security notifications. Your Google Account profile picture may soon include a security alert message if there are any known threats to your account. The warning isn’t meant to terrify you, but rather to instruct you on how to better safeguard your account.

Feature updates are available for Android
Feature updates are available for Android

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