Google Android Benefits and Drawbacks

Google Android Benefits and Drawbacks

Google Android Benefits and Drawbacks: Like its namesake, Android was developed by Google Inc. As evidence of Android’s widespread appeal, the Google Play Store provides more than 2 million apps for Android-powered gadgets’ app libraries. This operating system is used in a vast array of electronic gadgets, from smartphones and tablets to watches and audio players, even televisions and personal computers.

This blog will discuss the pros and cons of this widely used operating system.

The Benefits of Android by Google

  • Since Android is open source, the user interface can be tailored to individual needs.

Android, an open-source OS licensed by the Apache Software Foundation, allows programmers to alter its source code in order to create a unique user interface. The source codes for the applications built for this platform are made available to the app developers, who are free to make any modifications they see fit in order to get the desired results. Not feasible on iOS, because apps must be developed in accordance with the platform’s tight guidelines for their core code.

  • Allows users to link their devices with their Google accounts thanks to cloud support.

As Android is developed by Google, it follows that Gmail users will have access to Google’s own cloud storage options. What this means for users is that they can utilize their existing Google accounts to synchronize their devices. As an added bonus, every Google account comes with 15GB of free cloud storage, which is more than enough for the average person’s everyday needs.

  • Upgrades are always being made, and unused options are being taken away.

There is a sizable development and user base behind Google Android who are always willing to discuss the platform’s merits and shortcomings. This means that the codes and features are constantly being reviewed and that improvements are being made in the form of updates. This is why Android is continuously updating with new features while dropping the ones people don’t like.

  • Displays widgets and data from outside parties

With Android, users are able to install whatever widgets they like from any source and place them wherever they like on the home screen. Devices powered by the platform allow users to have customized widgets on their home screens, such as one that displays the current time and temperature.

  • Allows for the use of a number of programs all at once

Android, when installed on a device with enough hardware specifications, allows users to run numerous applications simultaneously. Listening to music is a great way to multitask, as you may check your messages, download files, or even upload files from your device or drive without interrupting your flow. Several Android app development firms create Android-based apps that improve our lives in numerous ways.

  • Capable of working on huge devices without breaking the bank and featuring expandable memory

As an added bonus, Android-powered devices can have their storage space increased by purchasing additional memory cards. On the other side, you can’t increase your iOS device’s storage space by putting a memory card in it. Users of this service have the option of downloading and storing a wide variety of media files, including books, songs, films, and games.

  • Lots of different options for hardware.

Android users can pick from a wide variety of smartphones available at a wide range of costs. Android-powered smartphones come in a wide range of prices, making them accessible to consumers with a wide range of budgets. The wide availability of Android-compatible devices from a variety of manufacturers gives consumers a lot of freedom in their purchasing decisions. Apple customers are severely limited because they must purchase the company’s high-priced products.

Google Android Benefits and Drawbacks
Google Android Benefits and Drawbacks

Problems with Android by Google

  • Processes slowly on devices with limited resources.

The Android operating system takes up a lot of room on your device. As a result, this operating system is not ideal for smartphones with limited hardware. It also has a number of preinstalled programs that significantly reduce the speed with which the phone operates. This eliminates the possibility of using third-party programs and causes the device to overheat.

  • Lacks top-tier anti-virus protection

When compared to Apple’s devices, Android doesn’t have built-in virus protection, thus it’s up to the user to install anti-virus software in order to keep their smartphone safe. There is a risk that many apps available in the Google Play Store are infected with malware that will cause serious problems for the device.

  • Background processes for apps persist.

Apps that are now operating in the background and can be brought to the foreground automatically are still there and active on devices running previous versions of Android. Although recent versions of Android prevent apps from entering the foreground, keeping them active still drains the battery.

  • Downloads skyrocketed after app users were bombarded with advertising.

In most cases, users of Play Store-obtained apps would be subjected to a barrage of advertising while attempting to use the software. You’ll need to purchase a license if you want to avoid being bombarded with advertisements.

  • However, it can be challenging to put into practice completely novel ideas for mobile applications.

Original concept apps struggle to break into the Android market due to the abundance of similar apps already available in the Play Store. Some businesses are hesitant to introduce cutting-edge innovations to the Android market for fear of failing to create a splash.

  • Users are frequently let down by low-quality apps.

The primary goal of many Play Store apps is to generate revenue via advertisement, hence the quality and user experience of these apps tend to be low. There may also be a number of programs that have not been updated in years and so cause problems with the newer OS.

  • It’s impossible to access the Play Store without a Google account.

Due to the fact that Android is a Google product, users must have a Google account in order to use the Play Store and synchronize their devices with those of other Google users.

Despite its widespread availability, Android’s widespread popularity among smartphone owners globally remains unwavering. Android apps are very adaptable, allowing users to achieve the desired results and propelling the platform to new heights of popularity.

The general public additionally wonders

Features of the Android Operating System
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) Most Android devices support NFC, which allows electronic devices to interact across short distances easily. …
  • Infrared Transmission. …
  • Automation. …
  • Wireless App Downloads. …
  • Storage and Battery Swap. …
  • Custom Home Screens. …
  • Widgets. …
  • Custom ROMs.

Why should I use Android?

Android’s open-source OS is one of its most appealing features. The code’s origin is freely available to any developer or manufacturer. So that they can view the source code and make modifications to ensure proper hardware support. It adds flexibility and a focus on research to the OS.

Drawbacks of the Android Operating System:
  • Apps Remain Active In The Background. …
  • Developers Are Having A Rough Time. …
  • Low Specification Smartphones Run Slowly. …
  • Defense From Viruses. …
  • Many Advertisements In Apps. …
  • Not Helpful To Aged Persons. …
  • Google Account Needed. …
  • Bad Content Of Software.

Is there anything wrong with using Google Apps?

Needs Network Access. One major drawback to employing Google Apps for business use is that it necessitates constant access to the Internet. You can’t use crucial business programs if you can’t connect to the internet.

What are Google’s benefits, exactly?

Google typically returns results faster than alternative search engines. It may return millions of results in less than a twentieth of a second. Because of their superior technical infrastructure, they’ve been able to do this.

Google phones are great because…

What do you think is Android’s greatest strength?

Having more than 2 million apps available for download and installation in devices running the Android OS is a testament to its widespread use around the world. This operating system is used in a vast array of electronic gadgets, from smartphones and tablets to watches and audio players, even televisions and personal computers.

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