Google Pixel 7 event Oct 6: What do we expect?

Google Pixel 7

This year’s Google hardware showcase in the fall looks set to be spectacular. The Pixel 7 will be unveiled, and the Pixel Watch, Google’s first smartwatch under its brand, will be introduced. To be more specific, though, what benefits can we anticipate from these gadgets? And what else, if anything, can we look forward to? When Google’s broadcast begins on October 6th, we’ll fill you in on what to expect.

The Pixel 7 and 7 Plus

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, Google’s newest smartphones, will likely be the main attractions. They will mostly improve upon the Pixel 6 series, as previewed at Google I/O this past spring. The metal frame, which extends to the camera bar, has been upgraded while maintaining a similar look and feel. A new Tensor G2 processor is also coming, and it promises enhanced performance across a variety of media and speech recognition use cases. They will be using Android 13 on their devices. To compare, the ordinary Pixel 6 has two back cameras, while the Pro model has three.

But how much of a boost in efficiency can you anticipate? It seems there are subtle differences. The Pixel 7 basic model, according to leaked prototypes, will have 8GB of RAM and start with 128GB of storage, just like the Pixel 6. There have been several leaks before the Tensor G2’s release indicating that it won’t be a huge upgrade, with only minor tweaks to the graphics, power efficiency, and clock speeds. Equally confident is developer Kuba Wojciechowski that the cameras won’t change anything. If you already have a Pixel 6, there might not much need to upgrade, but if you’re on the Pixel 5 or an older model, this year’s phone could be worth the money.

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Perhaps the most interesting development concerns the one thing that remains constant: the cost. According to Android Police creator Artem Russakovskii, both the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will begin at $599 and $899, the same prices as their predecessors. If the rumor is accurate, they will be a great bargain, especially now when the cost of many electronic items is steadily rising.

When the Pixel 7 lineup will be available to the public is currently unknown. Google has not announced when the phone will be available, but pre-orders will begin on the day of the presentation. However, WinFuture’s Roland Quant has heard that shipping will begin on October 18th, meaning the devices might be on their way to you in as little as two weeks.

Monitor Your Time With Pixels

However, the Pixel Watch is likely to be the most exciting product. It’s the company’s first official wristwatch and will likely be used to demonstrate Wear OS 3. You can count on complete integration with Fitbit, which means you can track your exercise, sleep, and overall health in one place. The round display is similar to other Wear OS devices, but the upscale appearance of the case, the prominent crown, and the ease with which bands can be changed are all nods to the Apple Watch.

Monitor Your Time With Pixels
Monitor Your Time With Pixels

While Google has been mum on the specifics, a prototype discovered in a restaurant suggests that it shares several features with the Fitbit Charge 5, including the ability to monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and electrocardiogram (ECG). It wouldn’t shock us if the Wallet app supported tap-to-pay transactions, either. 9to5 Sources close to Google say that rather than a special Tensor part, the Pixel Watch may utilize a standard Samsung Exynos CPU, but that it will still feature an impressive 2GB of RAM (although the Galaxy Watch has ‘only’ 1.5GB), 32GB of storage, and a coprocessor that manages battery life. Code from an emulator also suggests that Google’s updated Assistant will soon be available for Wear OS watches, though it’s unclear how this AI assistant will develop for the wrist.

Pre-orders for the Pixel Watch will begin on October 6 with the phones. However, it is unclear whether or not the hardware will launch simultaneously with the Pixel 7, and reputable leaker Yogesh Brar has cautioned of a possible “restricted release” (that is, only in a few countries). You may have to pay more than you would with other choices. According to a pricing leak on 9to5Google, the phone would cost at least $350 without a cellular plan and up to $400 with one. Compared to the $280 Galaxy Watch 5, that’s much more expensive, and the $399 Apple Watch Series 8 isn’t far behind. Price-wise, the Pixel may reflect its positioning as Android’s response to the Apple Watch.

Possible surprises include new Nest gadgets and upcoming Pixel devices.

No credible reports have surfaced suggesting there would be any new gear introduced there. Still, we can’t say for sure that it won’t happen. Though it was unexpected that Google would show off the Pixel Tablet so soon before its 2023 debut, it’s now possible that the company will do so with other upcoming products as well. Yes, but what is it exactly? Long-standing rumors have been floating around about a foldable Pixel phone, so we may perhaps get a sneak peek at that. In any case, neither Pixel device has been seen or heard from, so there’s no guarantee they’ll make an appearance.

No additional Nest products should be expected. Google has limited options for improving products like the audio-only Nest Mini and Nest Audio, and there have been few disclosures about these updates. However, several of Google’s products haven’t been updated in two or three years. Since Amazon has just updated its smart home equipment, the corporation may feel pressure to maintain a competitive edge.

To the extent that there are any surprises, they will most likely be connected to some aspect of artificial intelligence. At the 2017 event, Google introduced several of the software features exclusive to the Pixel, such as instant translation and on-screen menus for making phone calls. It’s not out of the question that this will happen again, even if some of the features won’t require a Pixel in the future. The AI capabilities of the Pixel 6 were a significant selling point for Google, and the Pixel 7 may receive a similar marketing push.

How soon is the Made by Google party?

As is customary, Google’s autumn unveiling will take place in October. We’ll be holding our next Made by Google event on Thursday, October 6, 2022, at 10 AM ET. You can either travel to New York to witness the launch in person or stay at home and watch the company’s webcast. There will be no need for you to register in advance if you simply visit the event’s web page on the day of the event.

When and where can I see the Made by Google event?

It will be shown live on Google’s YouTube channel. Learn more about how the Android Police team will be tuning in to the Made by Google event in October.

What can we expect from Google’s big reveal?

It appears that this year’s release will be a significant one. Google is expected to showcase a wide range of products at this event.

Monitor Your Time With Pixels

The Pixel Watch is another item that we know will debut in October. Amidst a tidal wave of anticipation and lofty expectations, Google’s first wearable launches alongside formidable competition from former foe turned strategic partner Samsung. Following the presentation, the Pixel Watch will have a lot to prove as the first official Wear OS gadget from Google.

Its sleek, universal design, proprietary band system, and substantial bezels at the display’s periphery are sure to divide consumers. The success of this watch is likely to be determined by two factors: it’s software and how well it performs. The Pixel Watch will likely have robust Fitbit connectivity, making it a credible alternative to bulkier standalone activity trackers. The performance side of things is unclear, unfortunately. It may not be up to par with the greatest smartwatches currently on the market, as it is rumored to use an older, obsolete SoC and a rather tiny battery.

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Home automation equipment from Nest

Since Google’s blog post has already confirmed the presence of Nest gear at this year’s event, it remains to be seen what exactly will be unveiled. There have been rumors about a new Nest Wifi router that includes compatibility for Wi-Fi 6E, and being as how it was approved by the FCC just last month, this seems like a safe bet. Even more so, it’s been about a year since Google promised a second-generation wired Nest Doorbell in 2022. Sadly, I think it’s reasonable to assume it’s gone forever if it doesn’t show up for this.


We thought the long-rumored 1080p Chromecast with Google TV might make an appearance at Google’s October event, but it turns out that we didn’t have to wait. It was announced by the corporation two weeks early, on September 22nd, and is already for sale.

We wouldn’t put money on a high-end Chromecast being announced at this year’s Made by Google event, but it’s plausible (and something we’ve been asking for all year). We haven’t heard anything about a possible super-powered streaming stick from Google, even though the company’s goods often leak out months before their official release date. I’m crossing my fingers for the year 2023.

The device with a Pixel Display

We’re entering the realm of surprises now. Though the Pixel tablet was revealed at I/O alongside the Pixel 7 series, its release date has been set for 2023. The company has been tight-lipped about it, but the mounting evidence suggests it will also function as a dockable smart hub with a screen size comparable to the Nest Hub Max. This may indicate that this product is part of Google’s Nest division.

The Pixel 7 Pro could dethrone the Galaxy S22 Ultra as the best camera phone


We don’t anticipate seeing too much of it, though. Google’s blog post announcing the event doesn’t rule out the possibility of a tease (I/O has plenty of precedents in this regard), but it does state explicitly that all of the gadgets announced would be available for purchase on the same day at the company’s website. Unfortunately for Pixel tablet fans, this implies pre-orders of the Pixel 7 are likely to be met with little success. A modest teaser to keep Android fans eager — and from buying any other good tablet available — isn’t out of the question, especially since the product has already been revealed.

Pixels that fold

If the Pixel tablet is a possible but improbable surprise at this year’s Made by Google event, the Pixel foldable is more like a pipe dream. Although Google has confirmed the existence of the slate, it has not confirmed the existence of a folding Pixel phone, and it is possible that the announcement of such a device alongside the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro would cause consumers to shy away from Google’s latest flagship devices. With the company’s previous penchant for making premature hardware announcements, this gadget may make its debut on October 6th. However, we can’t rely on that happening.

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