Google Pixel 7 preorder incentives may include the Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds Pro

Google Pixel 7

If you’re looking for a reason to buy the Google Pixel 7 or Google Pixel 7 Pro when they’re released next week, consider this: you may receive a free Google Pixel Watch or Google Pixel Buds Pro earbuds with your preorder.

That’s according to tipster Roland Quandt(opens in new tab), who is usually accurate with his information. The Pixel Watch will reportedly be included with Pixel 7 Pro preorders, while Pixel 7 buyers will receive the Pixel Buds Pro. However, there is a catch: Quandt indicates that these offers will only be available in the United Kingdom.

It remains to be seen whether they will appear as deals in other international markets, or whether Google will put together different preorder packages. With a free gift thrown in, the new phones would undoubtedly be a more appealing proposition.

Price ranges

We do know that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will be announced on Thursday, October 6. In terms of actual shipping and on-sale dates, those in the know have mentioned Tuesday, October 18 as a possibility.

The Pixel Watch is set to debut alongside the Pixel 7 phones on October 6. Given that the wearable is expected to retail for around $350 in the US and around £340 in the UK, that’s a pretty generous freebie.

The Pixel Buds Pro are already available for $199 / £179 – not as expensive as the Pixel Watch, but then again, they’re being paired with the less expensive Pixel 7. Everything will be revealed next week.

Google sweetens the deal

Google has a reputation for offering some pretty good preorder deals: you may recall that Google Pixel 6 preorders in the UK came with a free pair of Bose 700 wireless headphones worth £300. (half as much as the phone itself).

Preorder freebies clearly sweeten the deal for potential buyers, and they’re likely to make a lot more people consider picking up a Pixel 7 smartphone – especially if a Pixel Watch is bundled with it.

Of course, Google will take a financial hit, but it might not be a bad idea to get as many people as possible to wear its new smartwatch. More users equal increased developer interest, which equals increased investment in Wear OS.

Pricing, as always, will be critical – if the phones themselves are too expensive, the preorder deals may be ineffective. We will, of course, bring you all the news and announcements as they happen on October 6.

Google Pixel 7
Google Pixel 7

Pixel 7 Series: The Latest on Google’s Upcoming Smartphones

Google has pretty much-exposed everything, at least physically, about its upcoming Pixel 7 lineup before next week’s launch event. Pixel Watch and the next generation of Google’s flagship phones have both been announced (it has a round face). However, the company expects to unveil more about the hardware powering these gadgets at the Made By Google event in New York City this coming Thursday. Among other things, we should expect to see the new Tensor CPU for its phones.

At its annual developer conference in May, Google unveiled the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, giving us our first look at the company’s soon-to-be-released flagship devices. Both devices will debut in the fall with Android 13, a polished version of the Pixel 6’s basic design, and a new version of Google’s Tensor processor, as was announced at Google I/O.

But despite this, there is still a great deal that we don’t understand. This is where rumours come in; they’ll help us fill in the blanks (at least somewhat) until the actual announcement on October 6. You should save this page to your bookmarks because we will be updating it anytime we hear any rumours that bear any semblance of truth.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro users have reported new issues

The Pixel 7 should be available for purchase in the month of October (confirmed)

Since the introduction of the original Pixel smartphone in October, Google has consistently introduced its most important mobile devices in that month. Except for the Pixel 5, which was introduced at the end of September, they have all been released. As usual, the Pixel 7 series smartphone is the major attraction at this year’s Google event, which will take place on October 6 and was announced alongside a video showcasing the phone. Next Thursday, Google says, is when pre-orders can be placed.

Pixel 7’s processor will be a second-generation Tensor chip (confirmed)

The Pixel 6 series introduced the first commercial release of Google’s own silicon, the Tensor chip. And with the impending Pixel 7 series, Google will keep using its own CPUs in its phones. In May, the business announced that it would be getting a second-generation Tensor chipset. It’s hardly a huge shock that Google is using its own custom chipset for their smartphones; building such a chipset is an expensive and time-consuming endeavour.

The Pixel 6’s improved camera system is a direct result of the chip’s upgrades, and it offers functionality that was previously unavailable on Pixel devices. Real Tone more properly depicts skin tones, while Magic Eraser can remove undesired elements from photographs. We don’t know much about the second-generation Tensor chip just yet, but we can probably anticipate comparable advancements in machine learning.

Google Stadia will end in 2023 and refund all purchases

Pixel 7’s redesign includes a new bar and camera cutouts (confirmed)

The design of the previous five generations of Pixel phones was almost unchanged until this year’s Pixel 6, which was a big departure. Now that its visual identity has been reimagined, all Google needs to do is polish the edges. Do you recall the black camera bar that stretched across the car’s body? The camera cutouts will be more noticeable this year because of the bar’s new material: recycled aluminium, which flows into the device’s side rails. (The Pixel 6 series featured a contrasting black bar that ended suddenly at the screen’s edges.)

The next Pixel 7 will include a front-facing camera located in a circular “punch-hole” (confirmed)

Google revealed in May that the Pixel 7 would have a pill-shaped camera notch, while the Pixel 7 Pro would have a punch-hole cutout and a pill-box cut out to house three cameras. Other than being somewhat larger and featuring two rear cameras instead of one, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are nearly identical in appearance.

The Pixel 7 Pro will have three cameras on its back, while the regular Pixel 7 will only have two (confirmed)

Renders from Google suggest that the Pixel 7 Pro, like the 6 Pro, will have a triple back camera system, while the regular Pixel 7 will have two. There isn’t much more we know for sure about the Pixel 7 Pro’s cameras, but these images suggest that Google will stay with the tried-and-true wide-angle, ultra-wide, and telephoto arrangements.

There will be no change in price for the Pixel 7 series (unconfirmed)

There have been price-related rumours about the Pixel 7 for a while now. For example, Android Police co-founder Artem Russakovskii claims that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will be priced at $599 and $899, respectively, which is the same as last year’s prices. This was reported by Russakovksii in a tweet last week, and he claims to have heard it from a reliable source. If this holds, Google will join Apple and Samsung in not increasing the base price of their newest smartphones.

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