Google’s new Gboard keyboard can also function as a multipurpose stick

Google's new Gboard keyboard

A Quick Rundown of Necessary Information

  • In Japan, Google has released a physical keyboard called Gboard.
  • In contrast to the standard keyboard, the Gboard Bar only has one vertical row of keys.
  • Although Google has no current plans to sell the keyboard, all the necessary hardware and software design files, schematics, and firmware are available on GitHub for anyone who wants to build their own.

In an effort to get you to buy a real version of Gboard, Google has introduced the Gboard Bar, a novel twist on physical keyboards, in Japan.

The Gboard Bar is unlike any ergonomic keyboard you’ve seen before, but its single-row layout claims to make it faster and easier to find the characters you need to enter. Google(opens in new tab) claims that this is because modern keyboard layouts make it necessary to gaze in two different directions at once in order to type effectively: up and down, as well as left and right.

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To alleviate this problem, Google has developed a keyboard where all the keys are located in a single, horizontal bar. More than that, it lengthens into a useful stick that may be used for many other uses. You can use it as a stick to reach the light switch on the wall, or as a ruler to measure things. By adding an insect removal module, you may transform it into a bug-swatting stick. The applications are endless.

Gboard Bar is 1650mm long and 64mm wide. If you want to type comfortably, this will force you to move your arms and legs.

However, if you need two people to utilize the keyboard at once for a collaborative project, this layout is perfect. It has a QWERTY layout in a single dimension and may be switched to an ASCII layout.

Since it is so tall and narrow, it won’t look out of place on your desk, even if it’s covered in papers, as Google points out. There are plans for the search giant to create an RGB-colored game version in the future.

Because it is definitely one of the company’s occasional jokes, Google has no plans to sell the physical Gboard keyboard. However, it has released its source code for the Gboard Bar open source on GitHub so that anyone can make their own.

Google Has Designed a New Keyboard With All Keys in a Single Column

A new keyboard with a minimalist design and a whimsical name—the Gboard Bar—was created by Google Japan as a side project. According to Google, it’s a long, versatile stick measuring 5 feet and 1.5 inches.

The group shared a video explaining their objective, which, despite being humorous, has several useful outcomes. Well, maybe they weren’t designed for widespread use, but rather for the use of insane tech geeks who find standard keyboards to be annoying.

Google's new Gboard keyboard
Google’s new Gboard keyboard

The Gboard Bar from Google

In Japan, Google is soaring. After teasing us with mystery potato chip varieties, we now know that the next Pixel 7 series will come in a rainbow of colors. And now it’s showcasing a new keyboard design—the Gboard Bar—in which every key is in a neat, horizontal row.

However, Google saw value in it despite its apparent lack of utility. Since all of the keys are aligned in a single row, the business claims that using the new Gboard Bar is easier and faster than ever.

Google has praised the new keyboard’s navigation, saying that it eliminates the need to constantly look around while typing. You don’t need to backtrack to figure out where to begin looking for the key. Important keys like entering and Spacebar are located at the end of this 1650mm (about 5 feet, 5 inches) long device.

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The ergonomic and physiological benefits of this are highlighted by the fact that it permits users to stretch naturally while typing. Google also demonstrated the new Gboard Bar’s versatility by showing how it can be used as a trekking pole and a ruler.

Further, swiping it under the bed can be used as a tool for locating lost items. But Google also plans to release an emoji-enabled version and an LED-equipped version of the bar optimized for gaming, so it’s not only for everyday usage.

But if you still don’t get it, know that Google is only kidding around with you. Google Japan created this gadget just as a novelty and has no plans to mass produce it. The team, however, has made available all the essential data files on a GitHub page so that anyone interested can create their own Bars.

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