Gurman: This October’s Apple Event Remains Unlikely, No Touch ID for iPhone 15

Apple Event Remains Unlikely, No Touch ID for iPhone 15

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims that new iPad Pro, Mac, and Apple TV models are under development at Apple and will be released this October. Gurman, though, is still skeptical that Apple will have an event this month.

According to Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter, “the big iPhone 14 unveiling last month was probably it for Apple in 2022 in terms of major presentations,” with any future iPad, Mac, or Apple TV product launches likely being announced via press releases, media briefings, and updates to Apple’s online store.

There are “very likely to debut” new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini models using M2 series chips by the end of 2022, according to a report from Gurman last week. A new Apple TV with a faster A14 processor and 4GB of RAM, he added, is “coming closer and might potentially arrive this year.”

Apple could add a significant new feature to the original AirPods Pro

While Gurman claims Apple has experimented with under-screen Touch ID in previous years, he does not anticipate the feature’s comeback in the iPhone 15 or any other high-end models very soon. Despite his speculation, Gurman has “heard nothing about that actually being in the pipeline,” meaning that Apple has no plans to release an iPhone SE with a Touch ID power button on the side.

Gurman’s newsletter also reveals that Apple tested sleep monitoring functionality for the HomePod (it is not clear which model was tested), but he does not anticipate this feature being released to the public anytime soon.

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Apple Event Remains Unlikely, No Touch ID for iPhone 15
Apple Event Remains Unlikely, No Touch ID for iPhone 15

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