How to Save Google Stadia Data to a Computer

How to Save Google Stadia Data to a Computer

You’ve probably heard that Google Stadia will be retiring on January 18, 2023.

Quick steps

  • Download your Stadia game and save data from Google Takeout
  • Buy and install the game to your PC
  • Move the save data into the PC game’s save data folder

If you try to access any of your Google Stadia games or data after January 19, you will be met with an error message. A few months remain to complete the entire library of Google Stadia games.

If that’s too much, or if you just prefer playing games on your PC rather than over Wi-Fi, you can save your progress in Google Stadia and access it later without an internet connection. What you need to do is described below.

Tools and Requirements

  • A Google account with a library of games on Stadia
  • A PC
  • A copy of the relevant game installed on your PC

The best way to retrieve your Google Stadia data

Google Takeout(opens in a new tab) is where you may access and save your Google Stadia data from before January 18, 2023. To access Stadia, visit the site, sign in, then scroll down to the appropriate area.
A huge list of potential download destinations could result if you use many different Google services. Try deselecting everything at the top of the page and then searching for “Stadium” (on a PC, use CTRL + F; on a Mac, use Cmd + F).

Following the selection of the Next Step, you will be asked to specify how you would want to receive your order. Keep things as they are (the default) and look forward to an email with the download link. zip, as well as two gigabytes of space, under “File type & size.”

Shortly thereafter, you should receive a download link through email; once the files have finished downloading to your computer, you can unzip them to have access to the necessary saves.

You’ll need to have the game downloaded onto a PC after you’ve obtained your save data. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to purchase it elsewhere, such as Steam or the Epic Games store if you haven’t already, though you may be able to use your Google Stadia refund to do so.

How to Save Google Stadia Data to a Computer
How to Save Google Stadia Data to a Computer

Last but not least, merge your game save with the rest of the game’s data. To access the games, go to the GAMING folder inside the Stadia folder inside the Google Takeout. Then, select the GAME SAVE menu item to access your saved games on Stadia.
For games that support multiple saves, you may notice many entries for the same name in the results. To duplicate all of the saved data from a single game, simply select it all.

The next step is to locate the PC game that the saved data was created for and then paste the copied data into the appropriate directory. Games may have a dedicated saves folder, or you may just be able to drop them into the main folder. You can either start a new game to find out where the data is saved, or you can ask other players on the Steam Community page or the subreddit.

Discretionary Reflections

To put it bluntly, this is not a foolproof answer. Unless developers come up with a solution, save data for AAA titles like Cyberpunk 2077 may have to lie dormant if you play games on Stadia because your PC hardware isn’t the finest (which was one of the key perks of the service).

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Even if you can’t utilize your Stadia save data, we nevertheless advise you to download it. Maybe you don’t have access to a good computer at the moment, but that could change in the future. Maybe you’ll find an amazing Black Friday price, or you’ll decide to go all out and construct something using an RTX 4090.

Or, if you don’t, you may always resume playing your Stadaia games from where you left off at a later time. After January 18th, Google will destroy everything without warning if you haven’t downloaded it.

  1. a) Which game are you trying to transfer?
  2. a) On the 1st PC navigate to the folder where you have saved the game.
  3. b) Note: Your “Games” folder may be named ‘MyGames’ or something similar.
  4. c) Copy contents to a portable device (i.e. flash drive).
  5. d) Paste contents on the 2nd PC in the ‘Saves’ folder.

Save data from Stadia, can it be exported?

To move a save file from, say, a PC to a Stadia, you’ll need to do two things: first, post it to the cloud from the original platform, and then, from the new platform, download it. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to have your Ubisoft account linked to your Stadia account to use this function.

Methods for Obtaining the PC Version of Stadia

Look up Stadia on the Google Play store.

Go ahead and install Stadia.

With MEmu, you can play Stadia on a personal computer.

Is there still a Google Stadia?

The service maintained its gaming offerings through the formation of strategic alliances to market the technology as a white-label solution for hosting and delivering digital game material in the cloud. Google announced in September 2022 that Stadia would be discontinued on January 18, 2023. However, the corporation plans to use the technology in other parts of its business.

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Just how do I save data?

To access Backup and Restore, press the Start button, then type backup into the Start Search box. Select Files or Computer under the Backup heading. First, you’ll need to decide where you want the backup saved, and then you may proceed.

Do Steam saves get backed up?

If you have enabled Steam’s Cloud Sync feature, your game saves will be backed up automatically. It allows you to save games to the cloud. Therefore, your progress will be preserved even if you reinstall a game or Steam entirely, as your save data will be retrieved from the cloud and restored.

What’s the best way to copy my Google Play game save?

Bring up the Google Play store. Select “My Apps and Games” from the menu that appears. Apps from your previous phone will be displayed. Select the apps you wish to transfer (you may decide against moving apps that are exclusive to your previous phone’s manufacturer or provider).

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