How to Win at Axe Throwing (Download Score Card)?

How to Win at Axe Throwing

Axe throwing has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a recreational activity in urban taverns to its current status as a globally recognized sport. In the present day, it has grown to become one of the most popular target sports in the whole country.

If you’re only interested in learning how to throw an axe for enjoyment, any throw that results in a hit is excellent. You need to know how to score axe throwing and have some skills if you want to compete in official events like the US Arnold Classic, World Axe Throwing Championship, Winter League, etc.

This guide will provide you with information on the rules, scoring, and strategy of axe throwing to help you accomplish your goal. So, who’s up for some lighthearted entertainment? The time for introductions is over; let’s dive in.

Definition of Axe Throwing:

Axe throwing is a straightforward sport in which competitors attempt to hit a target with an axe as close as possible. It’s a win for the player whose shot comes the closest to the bullseye.

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There are two major leagues for axe throwing on a global scale: the IATF (International Axe Throwing Federation) and the WATL (World Axe Throwing League). Each league has its own unique regulations, therefore it plays by a distinct set of rules than the other.

In addition, the rules for scoring will vary slightly from league to league.

Axe Throwing Regulations and Scoring Method
Although there are variations in axe throwing leagues, axes, targets, scoring, and even throwing styles all adhere to a common set of regulations. For a more thorough grasp of the sport, let’s examine the equipment needed and the basic regulations.

The Sword

The axes sold in hardware stores are designed to chop wood, not stick to it, thus you can’t use them in this game. In international competition, competitors must utilize a single-hand axe that is at least 12 inches long and no more than 3 pounds in weight.

It has longer, sharper blades that measure a maximum of 4.75 inches in length. You can’t have a handle that’s more than 19 inches long. Wood, plastic, or even metal handles are all acceptable.

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Bring a spare axe with you whenever possible for safety reasons. Some leagues, like WATL, only give you a minute to switch axes if yours breaks during the game. If this is not done, no points will be recorded for the remainder of the session.

An Aiming Target

Typical targets are four-foot-long planks of wood with colored circles painted in black, blue, and green on them. Axe throws must be made from a distance of 12 feet from the objectives. Leagues often use a different number of zones or circles. Assuming you are in a WATL-approved region, each target will feature five primary zones and one additional zone.

However, IATF targets feature four distinct areas: three standard zones and an additional “safety” zone. Each zone is worth a certain number of points, and a player can earn a maximum of six points in a single throw. A black circle with a crimson center is located in the center. Bullseye is the greatest possible score, therefore the name fits.

The two ‘Kill Shot’ circles, blue or green, can be seen on the outer ring as well. On your fifth or tenth throw, you have the option of going for a kill shot to score bonus points. The WATL leagues award 8 points for a kill shot. In some competitions, such as the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), a “kill shot” is worth 10 points.


When you toss an axe, you and your partner must also retrieve it jointly. You have 10 seconds from the time your opponent throws the axe to throw your own. It’s not possible to throw the axe when the opposing player is on the lane picking up their own.

Each player in a typical game gets 10 attempts at making a basket. Once a player has thrown 5 times, they must exchange sides. Depending on the rules of the game, you may be given 5 practice shots if it’s your first time playing. Only one practice throw will be allowed in future games.

When throwing an axe with one hand, the blade should be facing the target and the axe should be brought up to shoulder height. The axe is then thrown with one hand like a dart.

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In a two-handed throw, you hold the axe with both hands and hurl it over your head. When the axe is in the right position, which is when it is pulled forward, it is released like a soccer ball.

Using the Points System

There is a 64-point cap every game, with a maximum of 16 available for a “kill,” or the execution of an opponent. Players face up against one another, and the winner is decided by whose score is higher after ten throws.

If you want to know where the axe landed in order to give yourself a score, you can’t put it down until you inspect it. Breaking the paint of the circles is the only way to score with your axe.

How to Win at Axe Throwing
How to Win at Axe Throwing

The WATL target, as you know, consists of five concentric rings and a bullseye in the center. Scoring is determined by where your axe lands and remains:

  • Your score increases by 6 points if you hit the target with your axe.
  • You get five points if your axe lands in the zone between the first and second rings.
  • The second ring area is worth 4 points if your axe lands there.
  • You get three points if your axe lands in the third ring.
  • It’s worth two points if your axe lands in the fourth ring.
  • In all but the kill shots, you gain one point if your axe lands inside the fifth ring.
  • There are 8 points up for grabs if your axe lands on the killer blow.
  • If your axe strikes two or more rings at once, you will receive the points for the most valuable ring. If your axe falls within the bullseye, the first ring, and the second ring, you will earn a maximum of six points.

Here is a printable Axe Throwing Score Card I made so you can keep track of who’s winning the competition:

Zero Points

In certain competitions, a successful throw will result in no points at all. Among them are things like:

  • Dismally failing to hit the mark
  • Throwing past the 12-foot line
  • When a “kill shot” is called but not executed
  • If your axe hits but doesn’t penetrate, you’ve missed.
  • In the event that your axe strikes the mark but you are unable to retrieve it in time
  • When a player throws the ball without the referee’s signal

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If the score is tied after 10 attempts, each player must make an additional attempt. “Sudden Death” is the name of the toss, and all shots must aim to kill. Whoever gets their throws closer to the final kill shot wins.

People also ask

How do you score points in axe throwing?

There are two distinct scoring areas: the yellow dots (bullseyes) are for 5 points, and the red band around them is worth 2 points. Each hit on the axe’s handle is worth one point. For maximum points, the axe must penetrate the target.

How many points do you need to make a perfect throw with an axe?

The standard format consists of 10 throws followed by a series of tiebreakers. The winner of the game is the one who accrues the most points in a 1-on-1 matchup. Playfully, the kill shot can be used to rack up points on the fifth and tenth throws, for a maximum score of 64.

Exactly what does the blue dot mean while throwing an axe?

Blue dots represent a score of 10, sometimes known as a “kill shot.” On the tenth attempt, you get the kill shots. If not, each blue dot is worth only one point (the value of the ring they are in). If the axe falls off the target, the throw counts as a miss and you lose all points.

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In axe throwing, what exactly is a “Killshot”?

During a 10-throw game of Standard Hatchet, the Killshots will go into effect on any throw. The player must notify the Judge and their opponent that they are attempting a Killshot before throwing. Before making their respective throws, the competitors must make the call to the Judge.

What about as a form of exercise, is axe throwing effective?

A good 30 minutes of axe throwing is enough to give your arms, core, shoulders, and legs an excellent workout. And because it’s so entertaining, you won’t even mind getting in shape as you compete with your pals.

Just who is the best axe thrower in the world?

On Sunday, County Sligo’s own Ceola McGowan bested opponents from all around the world to claim the title of World Double Bit Axe Throwing Champion. She expressed her desire for her victory to encourage other women to participate in the field. The 31-year-classmate olds in college introduced him to the sport of axe throwing.

Last line

So, there you have it; all there is to know about axe-throwing success. Axe throwing uses the same basic rules and setup regardless of which league you play in, although the points you score may change.

After some practice, you’ll be able to toss like a pro and achieve accuracy in the game. Throw your cares to the wind and join the joy of axe throwing. Follow our site for the latest update on and share ai with your friends.

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