Mobile Technology’s Effects on Our Lives

Mobile Technology's Effects on Our Lives

Mobile Technology’s Effects on Our Lives: Social media allows us to maintain constant contact with our friends and millions of other people all over the world, no matter where we may be. A smartphone with an active internet connection is all that is required.

Smartphones are ubiquitous, and not just for communicating; we also have access to a plethora of useful apps. The number of apps available in app stores is growing despite the rising expense of app creation. To make them more accessible, some of these apps have been adapted for use with mobile app stores.

We can do so much more than ever before with just our mobile devices: read books, listen to music, take photos, watch films, play games, make presentations, edit documents, consult with doctors, and so on and so forth. Thus, individuals are devoting an increasing amount of time to their mobile devices, with usage expected to rise by nearly 50% between 2019 and 2020.

The impact of mobile phones on people’s daily lives and on society as a whole is an important subject to consider for anyone working in the app development industry. We’ll examine the pros and cons of regular smartphone use here.

Mobile phones have a negative impact on our daily life.

1. Lack of value in time spent

As much as we appreciate the conveniences that modern smartphones provide, they are not without drawbacks. Flurry, a digital analytics company, has released a survey showing that the average American spends 3–4 hours per day staring at their smartphone or tablet. This adds up to nearly one full day of the week. The day will come when that is true.

2. Addiction

Nomophobia, or the dread of being without access to one’s mobile device, is the word given to the addiction to using a phone. Therefore, it’s not simply the inability to function without our electronics that indicate addiction, but also the time we spend on them. Studies have shown that people who have hooked to their smartphones exhibit symptoms of despair, anxiety, and other mental health issues, just like those who are addicted to other substances.

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3. Distraction

Another study, this one from Florida State University, finds that smartphone alerts are distracting even when they just last a few seconds. This can lead to lower performance on the work at hand since it causes the mind to wander. In certain contexts, such as while driving, a simple notice might trigger extremely devastating accidents.

Research like this merely scratches the surface of how mobile technology has altered our daily lives. I’m sure there are excellent apps that come in handy when needed, but for every one of those, there are countless more that are pointless and do nothing but waste your time and make you less efficient.

4. Impacts on social competence

In addition to the aforementioned issues, it also has a significant effect on people’s interpersonal relationships; for example, people are less likely to engage in face-to-face conversation in public because they are preoccupied with their phones, whether that be checking notifications, sending messages, or simply sharing a new video. The more time we spend glued to our phones, the more “zombie” we tend to become.

Even if you aren’t familiar with the phrase, you probably encountered a “smartphone zombie” (or “zombie”) today. When you’re out and about, you can encounter people who walk slowly and awkwardly while staring intently at your phone’s screen. But there’s more in danger than just people’s lives on the roads; consider how often they run into things.

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The technology at the heart of mobile devices has advanced greatly during the past decade since their introduction. Today’s portable electronics are more capable, portable, and handy than ever before. They have become an integral part of everyone’s daily lives, and they can be found virtually anywhere.

Taking a vacation from worrying about how small, light, and flexible the components of mobile devices can be is a good idea. Predicting the next killer smartphone or tablet is entertaining, but it’s hardly the be-all and end-all. What matters is how drastically our lives have been enhanced and what crucial functions these devices are playing.

Mobile Technology's Effects on Our Lives
Mobile Technology’s Effects on Our Lives

Our daily lives have improved thanks to the use of mobile phones.

1. Communication

Beyond the shadowy side, mobile technology in the form of phones, tablets, and laptops is improving our lives in unprecedented ways. One of the numerous ways it accomplishes this is by normalizing the use of communication channels. Whether for professional or personal reasons, we can maintain contact with the people we need to. The advent of mobile technology has revolutionized company operations.

Sharing with loved ones has never been easier than it is now, and mobile devices are much to thank for this. The explosive growth of social networking would not have been possible without the widespread availability of mobile devices and the underlying technologies. Disclosing seemingly little details about our whereabouts, activities, and appearance can have profound effects on our relationships with those closest to us.

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Those who would have been cut off from the world after catastrophic occurrences can now share their stories with the rest of the world thanks to mobile technology. When disaster strikes close to home, those individuals will finally have a way to ask for assistance and realize they are not alone. They can spread the word of their predicament by text, audio, and, most significantly, pictures sent from their mobile devices, which can ultimately lead to positive change.

2. Basic necessities

The advent of cell phones has had a profound effect on our culture. The advancement of smartphones has made it easier than ever to do everything from booking a hotel room or a taxi ride to capturing precious moments with friends and family members. Right now, we have access to more data than at any other point in human history. Quickly searching the web for relevant information to aid with any task has become second nature. In fact, our devices are so advanced that they can guess what data we’ll find most helpful and deliver it to us at just the right time.

3. Care for the sick

Having a cell phone has greatly enhanced the quality of life for many people in many different ways. Although healthcare’s adoption of mobile technology is still in its infancy, it has already begun to enhance the lives of many people in significant ways.

With the help of this app and others like it, doctors may receive a second opinion from a specialist quickly or evaluate their patients’ at-home medical tests from any location to make critical adjustments to their treatment plans. Using a phone, doctors can check the functionality of a patient’s pacemaker and make adjustments to the device’s settings in response to the patient’s condition. Complex diagnostic imaging can be viewed on smartphones, allowing doctors to examine patients in the comfort of their own homes and identify diseases that require prompt attention.

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Patients in remote villages in developing countries can now be diagnosed and treated by doctors in developed nations. Patients in regions plagued by counterfeit drug problems can now use a phone at the pharmacy counter to verify the authenticity of their medications. Every day, this is improving healthcare and saving lives.

Tablets are being used to assist kids with autism and other developmental disorders to concentrate and interact with others. Patients healing from neurological injuries including strokes and brain trauma are finding that tablet computers greatly aid their progress. Mobile devices are allowing patients of all ages to connect with their doctors and family members in ways that were previously impossible.

Hearing-impaired people are getting implants that can be reprogrammed wirelessly, allowing them to hear their children’s voices for the first time. When compared to traditional methods of communication, texting on mobile phones has made a huge difference for the deaf community.

To maintain a healthy blood sugar level, diabetics can now use a glucose monitor to send wireless data to a miniature insulin pump.

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The usage of mobile phones is not only a boon to the quality of life for the blind but also contributes much to their remarkable degree of autonomy. These phones not only contain screen-reading software that allows the visually impaired to understand what’s on their phones, but also navigational tools that will keep them safe as they navigate through crowded urban areas. Technology on the go can aid the visually impaired in making coordinated wardrobe choices. Smartphones now have the ability to scan receipts and calculate the change given.


Inspiring new developments in mobile technology are happening all around us, and it is a joy to witness them.

It’s interesting to speculate about the design and features of the next generation of mobile devices, especially tablets and smartphones, but that’s really just a minor point. What actually matters are the enhancements to our daily lives and society as a whole that are currently taking place. It is quite remarkable how it is bringing people all across the world together.

While we may not be able to do without our phones, there are things we can do right now to lessen the damage they do. One strategy for freeing up mental space for the things that truly matter is to limit screen time and prioritize in-person interactions over text and notifications. These are just some suggestions for ways to reduce the strain that technology has on your life. Tell me what you think. Has anyone here never used or rarely used a mobile device? Please explain the benefits they’ve seen as a result. If you know, please share it with us!

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