Naughty Dog is looking at The Last of Us’ low PC Performance

PC gamers who have been playing for a while are accustomed to the delightful world of really buggy ports. These can be extremely frustrating game-breaking issues at times, but mostly they’re just stupid or obnoxious. Fans of Naughty Dog’s smash game The Last of Us were ecstatic when a PC port was revealed last year(opens in new tab), but it appears that we’ve been served up equal portions of both types of bugs(opens in new tab). Several players were dissatisfied with their experience, but Naughty Dog is aware of the issue and is working to fix it.

On the official PC support website for The Last of Us Part 1, Naughty Dog has detailed the issues that players can expect to encounter (opens in new tab). Everything from shader issues (likely only resulting in strange looks) to the game just not starting at all is possible. The post concludes with the assurance that each of these issues is being looked at and that fixes will be released in the near future in the form of patches.

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The first two issues both involve shadings; one center on loading times, and the other on stability and performance. It’s not uncommon for modern PC games to run into these types of problems with shader compiling, but depending on how badly it affects your system, it can make games completely unplayable. (opens in new tab) We’ve run into plenty of shader issues with this game, leading us to brand it another bad PC port.

There have been reports of instability and graphical errors due to problems with older graphic drivers. While we hope that most users will be able to update their drivers and resolve these issues, we recognize that many users are still operating on older graphics hardware that should be capable of meeting the minimum PC requirements(opens in new tab) at lower settings. Shader problems may also contribute to this, therefore it would be great if these could be resolved as soon as possible.

One other problem with the system requirements is an outright inability to boot the game, even after achieving or exceeding them. Unless this problem is resolved, those poor gamers won’t even be able to see Joel’s incredible eyebrows(opens in new tab).

Known issues can include memory leaks, which would indicate a significant increase in RAM usage. The memory leak bug recently terrorized Hogwarts Legacy players(opens in new tab), but it is far from unique among newly launched games.

Jittering issues with the mouse and camera, which appear to be hardware and display settings related, round out the list. This may be connected to or an entirely separate problem from those already mentioned. Here’s hope Naughty Dog can release a patch to address as many of the issues as they can as soon as possible.

The game has only been out for a short time, but already these problems have drawn criticism from players who hoped for a more polished adaptation. Even more so when Sony has successfully ported titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man and Returnal without anything close to this amount of problems.

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Many inquire

Can I play The Last of Us on PC now?

Naughty Dog has launched a new patch for the divisive PC version of The Last of Us Part I. Many issues that have plagued the game’s performance on PC since its release have been addressed in this patch, the most notable of which are memory concerns.

Will The Last of Us (2013) be released for PC?

Get your hands on The Last of UsTM, winner of over 200 Game of the Year awards, and experience the heartfelt tale and unforgettable characters for yourself on PC.

The last of us, can I play it on my computer?

The minimum RAM for The Last of Us is listed as 16 GB. In addition, the game designers suggest a machine with at least 16 GB of storage space. You’ll need a processor at least as powerful as an Intel Core i7-4770K to run The Last of Us. On the other hand, for optimal performance, an Intel Core i7-8700 processor is suggested.

When will The Last of Us be released for PC?

The PC version of The Last of Us Part 1 has been delayed by Naughty Dog. The PC version of the remastered 2013 PS3 game was scheduled for March 3 release on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Its creator, however, revealed the delay in a statement released on Friday, saying that the new release date is March 28.

Can I play The Last of Us: Chapter 1 on a PC?

For Windows, you can pick up The Last of Us: Chapter One on Steam and the Epic Game Store. The PlayStation 5 version is the definitive version of this classic game.

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