Nvidia Eliminates Gamestream From Shield Devices

Nvidia Eliminates Gamestream From Shield Devices

Nvidia Eliminates Gamestream: Nvidia informed Shield users through email that the company has chosen to stop developing and supporting GameStream. Starting in the middle of February, the company will begin pushing out an update to Shield devices that will remove GameStream functionality. For those who purchased a Shield during the Black Friday deals, this is definitely bad news.

Nvidia’s GameStream technology enables a Shield TV or Shield tablet to stream games from a PC with a GeForce GTX graphics card, in case you weren’t aware. The manufacturer of the chips has previously modified GameStream to allow for 60 FPS at 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution.

The reason Nvidia is discontinuing GameStream is unknown. But the chipmaker has encouraged Shield owners to try out GeForce Now. Nvidia’s cloud streaming service, GeForce Now, is free if you don’t mind a lot of restrictions. Price-wise, the priority plan is $9.99 per month, while the RTX 3080 tier will run you $19.99. As an alternative to GameStream, Nvidia suggested Valve’s, Steam Link. As an alternative, there is AMD Link, which is compatible with hardware from other manufacturers.

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Specifically, GameStream will be disabled via a software update to the Nvidia Games app. Owners of the Shield can choose to ignore the update, and GameStream will continue to function past the grace period. Services like GeForce Now, however, will stop working without an update to the program, and users will eventually be forced to upgrade. To replace GameStream, it seems that another development team has collaborated with the Moonlight team to build Sunshine, which presents itself as an open-source GameStream host.

You can read Nvidia’s email below, which was posted by a Reddit user(opens in a new tab).

By the middle of February, SHIELD owners should expect to start receiving an update to the NVIDIA Games app. The GameStream function will be removed after the update. Until then, SHIELD owners can keep using GameStream usually. If you need more information, please view our Frequently Asked Questions (opens in a new tab).

Nvidia Eliminates Gamestream From Shield Devices
Nvidia Eliminates Gamestream From Shield Devices

SHIELD owners may play PC games over the internet with the help of the no-cost Steam Link app (opens in a new tab). You can get additional information at the Steam Link website (the link opens in a new tab).

Many inquire

Does Nvidia Shield support Steam’s streaming capabilities?

A free program called Steam Link allows SHIELD owners to stream games from a PC. For further information, check out the Steam Link website. We also encourage you to try out NVIDIA GeForce NOW, a cloud gaming service, to play PC games remotely.

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What is the status of 4K support on GameStream?

GameStream technology from NVIDIA allows SHIELD owners to cast PC games to their large screen TVs in 4K and 4K HDR, in addition to streaming content like TV shows and movies in those resolutions. Using Gamestream HDR is the same as using regular Gamestream. All you need is a gaming rig powered by Pascal GTX 1080 and an HDR-capable television.

When using Nvidia GameStream, can I rest assured that my data will be safe?

A trusted connection between clients and hosts is established through a secure pairing process in NVIDIA GameStream. During the pairing procedure, each Moonlight client creates a unique key that is transferred directly to the host PC.

In what ways may I terminate Nvidia tasks?

To open the Task Manager, hit [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del]. Select the offending application in Windows Task Manager’s Applications panel, then select End Task. If your program isn’t listed under Applications, go to the Processes tab, find it, and kill it there.

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When I ask how to activate streaming, I mean for games.

To activate game streaming on an Xbox One: To access the Settings menu on your Xbox One, hit the Xbox button to bring up the Guide, then go to Profile & system (the profile picture), and finally to Settings. Devices & Streaming > Device Connections > The ability to stream games to other devices is a must.

When using Nvidia GameStream, how do you access it?

NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX and RTX GPUs have built-in video encoders that are fast and have minimal latency, and the GeForce Experience software also has a reliable streaming protocol built right in. The NVIDIA SHIELD Controller enables gamers to play PC games from the comfort of their couches.

Is an Nvidia Shield PC connection possible?

In order to pair your SHIELD with a PC, head to the settings menu, then select GameStream PCs. A four-digit security code will be displayed on your TV screen. The two computers will be paired if you both enter the same four-digit security code.

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