OnePlus promises four years of Android software updates to one-up Google

OnePlus promises four years of Android software updates

OnePlus promises four years of Android software updates to one-up Google: OnePlus has extended its smartphone update guarantee by a year, making available four years of major OS updates and five years of security patches. This strategy is comparable to Samsung’s in terms of timeline, albeit Samsung provides monthly security upgrades whereas OnePlus does not.

OnePlus? In other words, add yet another Android update! In comparison to Google’s current offering of only three years for its Pixel phones, OnePlus said it will begin delivering an additional year of OxygenOS updates to its smartphones beginning next year.

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The news was shared at an event held in London, where OnePlus also announced the global release of Oxygen OS 13.1 for the first half of 2023. Google’s Spatial Audio technology is one of the new features of the operating system, along with two new always-on display alternatives, one of which was developed in collaboration with Spotify to provide a music-based AOD screensaver. Along with the new features, OxygenOS 13.1 also features a new “anamorphic” design that has only a tenuous connection to Google’s Material You. You may check out the new user interface features in advance by visiting OnePlus’s dedicated walkthrough page.

The OnePlus software is called OxygenOS, and according to Gary Chen, the company’s head of software products, the OS is crucial to the OnePlus experience. “As a customer-focused business, we always look for ways to improve the user experience. We’d like to be able to accommodate this trend, as more customers are holding on to their gadgets for longer.

Unfortunately, OnePlus has been vague about which of its 2018 smartphone models would receive all four major Android OS updates. Recent models like the OnePlus 10T and 10 Pro have guaranteed OS updates for three years. The OnePlus Nord brand of budget phones has only been promised two OS updates so far. There will be three years worth of bug fixes and other security enhancements for every mobile device.

For its Pixel smartphones, Google continues to declare in its support documentation that it delivers up to three years of software updates and up to five years of security upgrades, which should help keep customers on older devices patched as hardware ages and goes awry. When it comes to software updates, Samsung, the market leader in the United States, guarantees four years for its flagship portfolio and five years for its most popular mid-tier devices.

OnePlus promises four years of Android software updates
OnePlus promises four years of Android software updates

The fact that another Android maker is betting on a product’s durability is welcome news. Used to be, you only got two years of updates, so if you bought a used gadget to save money, you were out in the cold as far as software support went.

Even if your phone’s maker promises not to hold you, hostage, you shouldn’t count on getting every new version of Android on schedule, even if they promise it. Typically, the newest Pixel devices receive Google’s software updates first, followed by older models. As soon as Google releases an updated version of Android, other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can begin work on their own customized versions of the operating system, such as OnePlus’s OxygenOS or Samsung’s One UI.

Until Google decides to extend support for the Pixel by a year, OnePlus can at least say it was the first. It encourages more people to think about purchasing a OnePlus smartphone, which in turn puts pressure on competing brands to provide similar levels of service.

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