OnePlus update promise copy reveals who rules Android

OnePlus update promise copy reveals

OnePlus update promise copy reveals who rules Android: We’ve always thought that Samsung was the best at releasing new versions of Android. For a corporation with a less-than-stellar history of timely updates, this is a major success. It moved from being a bad model for software policymaking to being essentially the Android to Google’s iOS.

It took quite some time to complete this enormous task. Samsung’s software update frequency has increased over the past few years. Also, as Samsung VP Sally Jeong confirmed in an exclusive chat with us, the business made sure that reliability wasn’t compromised in favor of speed.

Then, at the start of 2016, the corporation made a huge announcement. It established that the flagship Galaxy smartphone, along with the vast majority of midrange devices, would receive three major Android OS upgrades and four years’ worth of security updates. Galaxy devices were already ahead of the curve, as practically all other Android OEMs only provided two Android OS upgrades.

Only a year later, Samsung made the announcement that compatible devices would receive four major Android OS updates and five years’ worth of security patches. Back then, no other Android manufacturer offered the same amount of software support as Samsung. Not even Google. Samsung had obviously set a new standard for Android updates, forcing competitors to catch up.

And that’s exactly what OnePlus has done. Starting in 2019, the company has promised to match Samsung’s commitment to providing four Android OS upgrades and security patches for five years on certain OnePlus phones. Which of the company’s phones will be included in this plan remains unknown at this time.

Keep in mind that OnePlus doesn’t sell any tablets either. Only Samsung, among Android tablet makers, guarantees not one but four major OS updates for top models. This is just one of many reasons why Samsung tablets are the best you can buy that run the Android operating system.

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As of right now, Google’s Pixel smartphones will receive three major Android OS updates and four years’ worth of security patches. From early on in the year, it has lagged behind Samsung and now it’s now behind OnePlus. Since Google is the rightful owner of Android, you’d think it would be setting the standard here, but it seems content to let Samsung take the lead instead.

Samsung, without a doubt, is the undisputed king of Android. To this day, it continues to outsell every other original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with Android-powered devices. In addition, their software update program is unparalleled in the industry. Though it appears that OnePlus is finally catching up, the OnePlus phones still lack the really global reach and amazing brand value of Samsung’s Galaxy products. More people throughout the world will benefit from Samsung’s update program than OnePlus’.

OnePlus update promise copy reveals
OnePlus update promise copy reveals

The fact that Samsung’s sheer dominance has prompted competitors to make similar pledges to their customers is encouraging. It’s the customers who win out in the end. They won’t feel the same pressure to upgrade their phones as often, which should result in less electronic waste and more sustainability throughout the value chain.

There are some questions that are frequently asked.

When it comes to their phones, how frequently does OnePlus release updates?

Three years of Android upgrades and four years of security patches are now available for all OnePlus flagships. There will be similar software updates for the OnePlus 10T, as well. It comes preinstalled with Android 12, and it’s expected to receive Android OS updates until 2025 and Android security patches until 2026.

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Does OnePlus regularly release new versions?

OnePlus. Comparable to Google’s Pixel devices, OnePlus has consistently been forthright about providing three major Android updates to its top-tier handsets. The OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, the company’s flagship devices, will receive software updates for three full years.

Does upgrading OnePlus cause lag?

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