OpenAI Releases the iPhone App ChatGPT

OpenAI Releases the iPhone App ChatGPT

OpenAI wants to capitalize on the success of its chatbot by developing a mobile application for smartphones that can respond to voice commands.

In the past few months, a new type of chatbot that is built on a technique known as generative artificial intelligence has garnered a lot of interest. ChatGPT is the most renowned example of this new type of chatbot. Credit…Photographed by Jackie Molloy for The New York Times

Since its release last November, hundreds of millions of people have tried out ChatGPT, an online chatbot that can respond to inquiries, write poetry, draft emails, and comment on virtually any subject from within a computer browser.

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OpenAI, the artificial intelligence lab based in San Francisco that is responsible for ChatGPT, released a new version of the chatbot for the iPhone on Thursday in the hopes of capitalizing on the tremendous success of the app.

The browser-based version of ChatGPT does not listen to voice instructions, but the mobile app does. It operates in a manner that is similar to that of the digital assistants Siri and Alexa from Apple and Amazon, respectively. The application does not produce spoken responses but rather generates text responses instead.

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OpenAI stated in a blog post that the app was a part of their goal to translate their artificial intelligence research into “useful tools that empower people, while continuously making them more accessible.” The organization does not wish to comment anymore.

OpenAI is strengthening its position as one of the titans of the technology industry by making its flagship technology available to the billions of users of the iPhone. Technology that can generate text, images, and other material based on short prompts is referred to as generative artificial intelligence, and ChatGPT is the most known example of this type of AI. Similar bots have been created by Google, Microsoft, and a variety of start-ups, and these companies have begun integrating this type of technology into a wide variety of Internet businesses.

These chatbots, which are the product of more than a decade’s worth of study conducted at businesses such as Google and OpenAI, are on the cusp of completely remaking everything from internet search engines such as Google Search and Bing to email programs such as Gmail and Outlook.

OpenAI Releases the iPhone App ChatGPT
OpenAI Releases the iPhone App ChatGPT

They are capable of generating digital content that is applicable in virtually any setting, such as enabling students to write term papers and entrepreneurs to make email messages and other marketing materials.

The technology is far from flawless. These chatbots gain their knowledge by analyzing enormous volumes of digital material taken from all over the internet, and as a result, they are unable to differentiate between reality and fiction. In addition, the computer code that they produce is frequently imperfect.

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At this point in time, technology is more likely to assist human workers rather than completely replace the abilities they possess.

OpenAI is not the first company to create technology that enables individuals to utilize ChatGPT with speech; a number of independent developers and small organizations have already done so. There is also an option for the Bing chatbot to reply to voice commands that may be found on Microsoft’s website.

The newest app for the iPhone can be downloaded for no cost. Users who have subscribed to ChatGPT Plus, a service that costs $20 a month, have access to an enhanced version of the chatbot that is powered by a technology known as GPT-4.

On Thursday, OpenAI began distributing the software throughout the United States, and in the next weeks, it will spread into other countries around the world. In addition, a version of the software that is compatible with Android phones is also being developed.

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