Outlander Season 7: Everything We Know So Far


Season 7 of Outlander was picked up by Starz in March 2021, a full year before season 6 of the show aired. Executive producer Ronald D. Moore and Sony Pictures Television. Since then, a great deal has transpired in Fraser’s Ridge: Bree and Roger’s family grew, the Christies arrived, Ian’s last few years were revealed, Jamie came to terms with the upcoming revolution, and Malva’s claim that Jamie fathered her unborn child led to Claire being wrongfully accused and arrested for Malva’s death.

That’s right, quite a bit happened. It was a stunning season, especially the conclusion, which aired on May 1st.

Because season 6 is completed, supporters are eagerly anticipating an even larger season 7. Due to Caitriona Balfe’s pregnancy and pandemic-related scheduling challenges, season 6 was shortened by two episodes. Photos from the set have been shared by the show, which is currently filming.

In other words, when can we expect to see the seventh season on the small screen? A new cast member has been announced. And what else do we have to go on in terms of what lies ahead? Everything we know is here.

When will season 7 of Outlander air?

During the last week of March 2022, work for the upcoming season began. On April 6, the show’s official Instagram account shared the good news. It has been announced that showrunner Matthew B. Roberts will be returning for a second season on the show.

At the end of April, Caitriona Balfe told Glamour that filming for the new season had “been extremely nice”. Even though we’re nearly done with the first batch of episodes, we’ve had a great time.

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Because this will be a much larger season of Outlander, we should expect to see these new episodes in the early part of 2023. It’s unclear when the show will premiere on Starz, but given how much work it will take to produce and edit, an earlier premiere date seems doubtful. Between seasons 5 and 6, which lasted a bit more than two years, Droughtlander wasn’t quite as bad. Droughtlander’s cast put together this amusing movie to help us get through our waits. It’s here:

How many episodes are in season 7?

We’re certain it goes well beyond season 6. In an interview with Glamour, Starz PR revealed that there will be 16 episodes. Only season 1 (which also had 16 episodes) has been shown in two parts, therefore this is by far the most extensive season yet.

Which book is the new season based on?

“An Echo in the Bone,” the seventh novel in the “Outlander” series, will inspire Season 7. You may have never read the novels, in which case I won’t spoil what occurs, but you can find out more about it here if you’d like.

What about new cast members?

Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton, and Richard Rankin will all be returning for the fifth season. We’ll keep you updated on other cast members as they become available. Charles Vandervaart has been cast as Jamie Fraser’s son, William Ransom.

As of May 5, a “major part” had been cast on Starz. Though Jamie is aware, Lord Grey (David Berry), his stepfather, has reared him since he was a child, and he last appeared in season six. It was announced in a news release that the 9th Earl of Ellesmere “would arrive in Wilmington full of patriotic fervor and eagerness to join the British Army and help put an immediate end to the rising tensions in the American Colonies.” Season 3 viewers may remember that William is Jamie Fraser’s real son, but he is unaware of this fact. While William Ransom appears to be a polite and well-mannered aristocrat, behind the surface lurks the fire of a Highlander.”

“The character of William Ransom is a beautiful part and one fan have been excited to witness,” executive producer Maril Davis said in a statement to the press. Charles’s charm was clear during the audition process and we are eager to see what he will contribute to William’s multidimensional journey,” says the show’s producers.

So what else will happen in season 7?

It looks like we’ll have a lot to look forward to in season 7. ( This is Outlander—of course, we are.) If Malva’s killer can be found, Claire will be able to get out of jail first and foremost. But how the show will deal with it is a mystery right now.

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One thing is for certain: according to showrunner, executive producer, and writer Matthew B. Roberts, “Scotland will again be our production home as the Frasers and MacKenzies struggle to create a home against a historic backdrop. Season 7 is set to be the most action-packed yet, with more time travel and emotional peril than ever before.

Too Many Loose Ends Prevent a Satisfying Finale on Outlander Season 6 Episode 8.

The last episode of Season 6 of Outlander had high expectations from both fans and the challenge of adapting novel events on the small screen. Both who killed Malva and how Claire and Jamie will prove their innocence remain unanswered. Because Malva is such a divisive and reviled figure in the books, viewers were likely left with more questions than answers. While this episode did lay the groundwork for a more expansive Season 7, it did so at the expense of pace issues in the middle of the program.

The eighth episode picks up precisely where the previous one left off, with Richard Browns’ Committee of Safety surrounding the mansion. There are only Jamie and Claire left on the Ridge because everyone else has either left for safety or disappeared. A struggle breaks out, and Claire fires at the man who tried to grab her from behind. Jamie and Claire are dependent on one another for planning and weaponry.

The nighttime siege of the Ridge continues. Hiram Crombie and the other fishermen arrive, but not to defend Jamie and Claire; rather, they try to talk the couple out of resisting arrest. (In all candor, Crombie and the other badmouths ought to have been kicked off the Ridge for their rudeness, but that’s a different subject.) Tom Christie’s assurances of their safety are the deciding factor in Jamie and Claire’s decision to surrender and face trial by jury in Salisbury. While this doesn’t prove that Brown isn’t out for revenge after his brother was killed last season, it does keep innocent people from harm.

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Traveling to Claire’s trial is risky since Brown’s men have spread the rumor that she is a murderous witch and that Jamie is the father of Malva’s child and may have had a hand in her killing. The Committee is doing an excellent job of ensuring that no one gets hurt, except the Frasers, who has amassed a large group of enemies who are now poised to exact revenge by vigilante action.

Brown learns that the sheriff and other lawmakers have resigned from their positions in Salisbury as a result of the colonists’ protests. After considering his options, Brown ultimately decides to make the 200-mile trek to Wilmington for the trial. He doesn’t want Claire to have the advantage if the trial is conducted near Cross Creek, where Jocasta lives. Time spent traveling is time spent vulnerable to harm by the Committee of Safety and their allies.

These moments beautifully convey Claire’s pain and Jamie’s unwavering desire to shield her from harm. An enraged mob at a rest stop accuses Claire of being a witch while throwing rocks at her. The mob is getting out of hand, and Brown has to intervene. Unfortunately, Claire sustains injuries when she collides with a villager who attempts to clamber aboard the wagon.

In theory, Roger and Bree’s voyage to the seminary is meant to mirror that of Jamie and Claire, but the mismatch in tone and the vastly unequal stakes make this implausible. Their disagreement does not negate the importance of Jamie and Claire’s narrative development or suggest that attention to it was unneeded.

Several chapters of A Breath of Snow and Ashes focus on Roger’s journey to the ministry, and Roger and Bree talk about the effects of their knowledge of the Revolutionary War on their family. Jemmy’s lice infestation and Roger and Bree’s growing suspicions about the veracity of their future knowledge become the primary source of tension throughout their journey.

The Committee of Safety couldn’t have arrested Claire if Roger and Bree hadn’t already abandoned the Ridge. They go through the woods without running across any of Browns’ men, robbers, or irate townspeople. There has been no natural disaster, such as a fire, storm, or earthquake. While the mystery of Jemmy’s paternity, which had been hanging over since Season 4, is solved at the end of their voyage, the uneven stakes cause the episode to bog down in the middle.

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When Ian returns from his hunt, he finds Lizzie sobbing at the Ridge because the mob has kidnapped Claire and Jamie. Ian surprises Jamie at one of the campgrounds along the trip and tells him that he has troops hiding in the bushes and adjacent mountains if they wish to escape. Jamie orders Ian to hold off on trying to catch Brown because he has too many allies who would want to collect the reward money. The program picks up the pace after this, as the audience is prepared for another combat scene.

They have Jamie get out of the wagon the next day when they stop for water again. Claire is taken to Wilmington in the wagon by herself as part of a plot to keep her and Jamie apart. Surprisingly, Tom Christie decides to finish the trip with Claire. After the colonial uprising against the British, they find themselves in Wilmington.

The damage to the buildings and effigies make the Print Shop riot in Episode 5 appear like a toddler tantrum in contrast. Tom insists that Jamie is still alive, but Claire has no idea that he is in imminent danger. Jamie has been tied to a post on the shore by Browns’ men, who want to sail him back to Scotland so that he will never see Claire again. Ian and the Cherokee warriors, perched on the cliff, unleash a barrage of arrows, putting an end to the plot.

Jamie and Ian’s group ride along the beach at the end of the episode, perhaps on their way to see Claire at the prison. The episode’s title alluded to Ian’s dramatic save at the last minute. The Frasers can still rely on friends and family for support. Throughout the episode, many viewers probably wondered if Ian and the other missing men from the Ridge would be able to help Jamie and Claire.

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Several times, there are mentions of Richard Brown doing his utmost to poison popular feelings against the Frasers, to put up the illusion that no one was coming to help. This cliffhanger doesn’t explain the mystery of Malva’s death, but it does set up a showdown between the Cherokee and the colonists who support independence for the United States.

In prison, an unnamed individual mocks Claire by threatening to have her executed for murder and witchcraft. It looks like the mystery man at the end of Episode 5 is back. How did he get into trouble, and who is he? Does he have any information about Malva’s case, or does he have some other connection to the story? Would his release from jail put Claire and Jamie in danger?


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