Phantom X2 Pro Portrait Camera Phone Using the First Pop-out

Phantom X2 Pro Portrait Camera Phone

Phantom X2 Pro Portrait Camera Phone: After establishing a stronghold in Africa, Tecno is looking to create waves around the world with a groundbreaking new smartphone. The Phantom X2 Pro, the flagship model of the new Phantom X2 series released by the Chinese manufacturer on Wednesday in Dubai, will retail for 3,499 Saudi riyals, or about $930. According to reports, the Phantom X2 Pro is the first smartphone to provide a retractable 50-megapixel portrait camera, making it the phone to beat in the market.

In summary, the Phantom X2 Pro portrait camera produced excellent results throughout both the day and the night. The photographs were crisp and detailed, and the camera’s built-in bokeh effect impressed me. Popular smartphones such as the iPhone 14 use software and depth sensors to mimic the look of a blurred background, but only the Tecno Phantom X2 Pro offers a genuine bokeh effect. However, unlike the iPhone 14, it lacks a plethora of advanced options for portrait mode customization. Filters and what I can only describe as “digital plastic surgery” features are all the X2 Pro has going for it, but they are unnecessary (more on that later).

Design and technical specifications of the Phantom X2 Pro

The Phantom X2 Pro from Tecno is a very luxurious piece of technology that is sure to cause people to take second glances. My evaluation device was a striking orange, and its textured back is made from plastic waste found on beaches in the Indian Ocean, so Tecno claims. When I first saw the X2 Pro, I exclaimed, “Wow!” because of the enormous camera bump that spanned the bright orange color.

The Phantom X2 Pro, in addition to its showy design and retractable camera, features many of the specs you would expect from a 2022 flagship, including a brilliant 6.8-inch FHD+ display, a Mediatek 9000 processor, strong cameras, quick 45-watt charging, and 5G. This X2 Pro offers higher resolution than Samsung’s Galaxy S22 and faster charging, at least on paper. Even though it has a different chipset and lacks a telephoto camera, it performed just as well in our benchmark testing.

Professional camera Tecno Phantom X2.

As a result of its retractable camera, the Phantom X2 Pro also features a significant camera bump. The flash, two additional cameras, and pop-out portrait camera are all stored in a huge black squircle. The portrait camera’s lens is 50 megapixels strong, has a 65mm focal length, and an aperture of f/2.0 (f 1.49). Since the portrait lens physically pops out of the back of the phone in response to switching to portrait mode, this brought back a lot of fond memories for me.

When put to use, the Phantom X2 Pro produced stunning portrait photographs with a natural bokeh effect and bright, clear subjects, day or night. In addition, the camera’s short depth of field ensures that the subject stands out sharply against a blurred backdrop. The selfie camera doubles as a portrait mode camera.

 Phantom X2 Pro Portrait Camera Phone
Phantom X2 Pro Portrait Camera Phone

Even while the natural bokeh effect is impressive, Tecno’s portrait camera doesn’t really set itself out from the competition in terms of image quality. Also, compared to the iPhone 14 and earlier models, there are fewer options for portrait mode and fewer manual controls for things like white balance. If you want to add some flair to your photos, you may use the iPhone’s camera to adjust the lighting.

The retractable camera on the X2 Pro is another feature that makes me nervous about the phone’s longevity. The official grade for resistance to water and dust is lacking, after all. But Tecno claims that the retractable portrait lens is both water- and dust-resistant, with a sealed interior and a hermetic seal between the lens and the body. In spite of its first-in-market retractable portrait camera, the Phantom X2 Pro isn’t the first commercially available phone to offer a retractable camera. Chinese smartphone manufacturers Oppo and Vivo beat the competition a few years ago when they introduced models like the Vivo Nex and the Oppo Reno 2 that had pop-up selfie cameras.

A 50-megapixel portrait camera, a 50-megapixel primary camera, and a 13-megapixel wide-angle lens are all included in the X2 Pro. I was blown away by the photographs’ clarity and sharpness even when zoomed in, and by the depth and detail, they contained. The images below demonstrate the functionality of the camera.

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