A Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Exploit Can Help You Generate Shinies

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Exploit

The first week of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has been marked by some strong cooperative play that has been overshadowed by devastating glitches, but now there’s a new exploit in town. Recently, PhillyBeatzU posted a video on YouTube outlining the “Shiny Picnic Reset Method,” which entails continuously packing up your picnic in the midst of an epidemic to cause the same few Pokémon to revive, hence increasing your chances of obtaining a shiny one.

We’ve established that a shiny Pokémon is just a regular one that happens to have a more uncommon color variation. Shiny Pokémon, as a commenter pointed out, have their own unique glimmering animation when they enter battle. If unusual glitter animations involving Charli D’Amelio are what you want, then I’ll offer them to you. Otherwise, there are a few things about which I care less. Moreover, PhillyBeatzU claims that capitalizing on Scarlet and Violet’s loophole is a breeze.

“The first thing you need to do is pull up a map and pick any major epidemic zone you can locate,” he instructed. When a large number of a specific type of Pokémon congregate in one location, this is called an epidemic and is indicated on your map by a flashing red symbol. Make sure one of your Pokémon has the move before you start. PhillyBeatzU claims that if you learn False Swipe, you can “kill Pokémon, like a normal mass outbreak.” Brutal.

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If you’ve defeated 60 Pokémon, your chances of getting a shiny are 1 in 1364, according to PhillyBeatzU. In order to stop the epidemic from respawning, he saves his game and places a picnic table in the middle of the map.

They will all respawn when you finish your picnic, he promises. Just imagine, “Instead of having a one-in-one chance every time you knock out something, suddenly [there are] all those, like, 20 Drifblim in the background, all spawning in, giving me a bigger chance of a shiny spawning.” He fails 15 times before finally finding a Drifblim, a shimmering yellow and blue creature.

I consider this a MAJOR development. After maybe 15 or 20 picnic restarts, I finally caught a shiny Magnemite and a Psyduck. “Appreciate it.” I didn’t need to verify it myself, but Polygon has just recently established that this exploit is functional as well. Hehe! Those of you who have a thing for shiny things, however, should go out and do some hunting while you still can.

A glitch in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet lets players make infinite copies of Shiny Pokemon.

Players of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have uncovered a loophole that can grant them access to an unlimited number of Shiny Pokemon.

Like the method developed for Pokemon Legends Arceus, this one necessitates the player’s chance encounter with a Shiny Pokemon in the wild. The Legends Arceus shiny glitch is the exception; this one may be accomplished with any overworld-spawning Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Exploit
Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Exploit

The steps leading up to this error are as follows:

To disable automatic saving, go to File > Options.

Collect a Shiny Pokemon from the wild.

This is the most challenging part of the procedure, although you can speed things up by employing Mass Outbreaks or Meal Powers.

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Find the location of the Shiny Pokemon and hold on to it.

You should leave the area where you caught the shiny Pokemon and head to a new location. You’ll be able to tell when you’ve entered a new region since its name will show at the top of the screen. It’s important that you don’t start any additional battles between trainers or encounters with wild Pokemon.

If you caught the Shiny close to an area border, such as next to a town or a Pokemon center, your chances of pulling off this glitch are substantially better.

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Do a manual save after the location text disappears from the top of the screen.

To quit and close the game, use the home button.

You need to reload the game and then walk back to the location where you found the Shiny Pokemon.

The Shiny Pokemon you captured will return to that location, giving you another chance to catch it.

Similarly to Step 4, do it again.

Youtuber Blaine demonstrates the bug and explains how it operates in the video shown below:

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