Sony will continue to develop PS4 games in the future

Sony is not giving up on the PS4, and on a case-by-case basis, it is thinking about developing games for the PS3 and PS Vita. With the exception of God of War Ragnarok, which is being developed on both PS5 and PS4, the company is being unusually quiet about its next lineup of first-party games. For the PS5, we have confirmation that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine are in the works, but beyond that, we can only speculate. (Except, perhaps, if you’ve read some of the recently-leaked docs.)

The head of PlayStation Studios, Hermen Hulst, has not ruled out the possibility of additional PS4 versions of the company’s titles being released beyond 2023. He told the newsletter Axios, “We certainly don’t want to neglect the millions of active users on PS4, and we want to ensure there are terrific titles for them as well.” To put it simply, “we’re assessing it on a case-by-case basis.”

A few years ago, the company’s group president, Jim Ryan, caused a stir by saying that Sony “believes in generations.” However, most of the first-party titles for the PlayStation 5 were also released for the PlayStation 4. Although his comments were somewhat misconstrued and the Japanese behemoth has already released a number of PS5-exclusive experiences like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, this latest statement may prove to be a bitter pill for some fans who believe that the company’s continued focus on the PS4 is limiting the potential of the PS5.

We can only conjecture as to what titles will continue to be released for PS4 in 2023 without an official announcement from Sony.

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Is it still the case that they’re developing PS4 games?

Company: (Sony) Sony has said in its most recent financial report that it will stop making PlayStation 4 games in 2025. Games for previous PlayStation consoles will remain available for purchase, but Sony is shifting its development efforts to the PlayStation 5.

Just how long till PS4 stops getting updates?

According to a claim from the industry publication TechRadar, Sony hinted toward the end of PlayStation 4 support in 2025 during an investor event in May of 2022. Sony plans to combine PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus, and it will keep making first-party PlayStation 5 titles, according to slides shown at an investor meeting.

In 2022, will it still be beneficial to purchase a Playstation 4?

In 2022, a PlayStation 4 might be had for as little as $200. Even if you don’t have a PS5, you can still take part in cross-play with those who do by using a PS4. In addition, when you upgrade to a PS5, you can still play the vast majority of your previous-gen titles (either through backward compatibility or free upgrade offers).

In 2023, will there be games on the PlayStation 4?

Despite the fact that the current cross-gen era is winding down, the future is still bright for PlayStation 4 gamers. Here are the top PS4 titles due out in 2023, listed in no particular order.

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