Release Information, New Features, the Trailer, and More for V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot

Release Information, New Features, the Trailer, and More for V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot

The cinematic trailer for V Rising’s upcoming free expansion, Secrets of Gloomrot, has now been made available for public consumption. The following is a rundown of everything we know about the update, including when it will be made available and more.

The previous year, V Rising entered early access on Steam, and it did not take long for it to become one of the most-played games on the site. It surpassed Elden Ring to become the game that sold the most copies on Steam and took the number one slot.

Since V Rising was first released, it should come as no surprise that players have been hoping to hear more information about any further content that may be offered for the game. Stunlock Studios eventually disclosed that they were working on a substantial free expansion known as Secrets of Gloomrot, although there is currently no information regarding a release date.

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A brand new cinematic video for Secrets of Gloomrot has just been released, and along with it came information regarding the gameplay elements, release date, setting, and other aspects of the expansion. This is everything we know so far about the content that will be released in the future.

When will the Secrets of Gloomrot be available for purchase?

According to the cinematic teaser, the Secrets of Gloomrot addition will be made available for purchase on May 17. This date will also mark the exact passing of one year from the initial release of the base game in the year 2022.

What fresh additions do you have in store for us with Secrets of Gloomrot?

The redesign of the building system, which enables players to construct castles with multiple levels, was one of the first improvements that were made publically available. Stairs will be able to be positioned in any location, not simply on ramps located outside.

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Gloomrot is a whole new biome that will be available to players. Its size will be comparable to that of Dunley Farmlands. The northern and southern halves of Gloomrot are the two distinct sections of this world. Each region will include its own distinct set of obstacles, foes, and technologies.

Release Information, New Features, the Trailer, and More for V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot
Release Information, New Features, the Trailer, and More for V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot

The new biome of Gloomrot will introduce new foes, factions, and V Blood bosses for players to contend with. Stunlock Studios has announced that the present map will get a total redesign in terms of its aesthetic aspect, and these adjustments will also be implemented. Each and every previously explored region will have a visual refresh.

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In addition, the introduction of new weapons and weapon skills, such as the much-requested Greatsword, will be a part of the Secrets of Gloomrot expansion. Additionally, legendary weapons will be found by the players. New types of foes will appear across the board, in both the recently added Gloomrot region and the established regions of the map.

Players will get the opportunity to interact with a new magic school as well as a new spell system, in addition to a new jewel system that enables players to customize their spells.

A revamped version of the present land-claiming system will be introduced in the form of Territories, and players will soon be able to use silver coins to make purchases at trading posts located all across the world.

In addition to these previously announced additions, there will also be quality-of-life enhancements, which, as described on the blog of developer Stunlock Studios, will make the game’s gameplay more fluid.

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On which system will Secrets of Gloomrot be available to play?

Since V Rising was only available for PC, the Secrets of Gloomrot addition will be included in the PC version of the game when it is released on Steam. Due to the fact that this will not be a paid expansion, players will simply receive it as a free update when it launches in May.

Watch the trailer for “V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot”

The first promotional video for Secrets of Gloomrot has been released, and it takes the form of a theatrical trailer that places a significant emphasis on the new plot elements.

It would appear that the most important aspects of Secrets of Gloomrot are its terrifying bosses, the twisted technology, and the cruel science. The players are looking forward with great anticipation to the new difficulties that will be introduced by this update.

This section will be updated with new information regarding Secrets of Gloomrot whenever it becomes available.

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