Retro Studios Cancelled Zelda Game Gets New Details

Zelda Game

Nintendo fans know Retro Studios best for the Metroid Prime games, but the studio has also tried multiple times to make a Zelda game. A Zelda game centered on Sheik was discovered to have been pitched by the developer last year, and now DidYouKnowGaming has disclosed another title that Retro pitched to Nintendo in 2004. The pitch for the game, which would have been launched for Nintendo DS, was heavily influenced by Final Fantasy Tactics. Though it had a working title—”Heroes of Hyrule”—its development was halted in its tracks since Nintendo never gave the green light.

Below is an embed of DidYouKnowGaming’s video explaining Heroes of Hyrule.

Players would not have been able to assume the role of Link in Heroes of Hyrule, much like the team’s Sheik pitch. In its place, players would have taken on the role of a young man named Kori who comes across a strange book. Ganon kidnapped Zelda a century before the game’s events, and when Link tried to rescue her, he was taken prisoner as well. Dunar, a Rito, and Krel, a Zora, were three of Link’s buddies that banded together to save him. It was planned that the heroes would each stand in for one of the three elements that make up the Triforce. After rescuing everyone, Ganon withdrew to a magical spell book, but his spirit was locked there. Due to the inability to burn the book, the heroes instead tore out its pages and dispersed them around the land.

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The player would have taken control of Kori at the outset, as they would have in any Zelda game. Kori begins reading it after finding it and soon learns about Hyrule’s history. About two-thirds of the whole journey would have consisted of these strategic-style sections. Kori would have spent the other third helping the citizens of the town in exchange for extra pages in the book, all the while blissfully unaware that doing so would eventually lead to Ganon’s reappearance.

DidYouKnowGaming was given a 22-page pitch with all of this content? Evidently, it wasn’t meant to be, but the video makes it look like things were looking up. The Legend of Zelda enthusiasts should still check it out.

Are you let down by the failure of Heroes of Hyrule? Do you agree that the game’s premise was interesting? Leave a comment below or tweet me personally at @Marcdachamp with your thoughts on anything related to gaming!

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Zelda Game
Zelda Game

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