Review of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The World is Your Cloyster

Review of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Review of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: A view into the future of the Pokemon franchise was provided by the Wild Area in Pokemon Sword and Shield, which was released in 2019. Pokemon Legends: Arceus expanded on this concept by providing players with a number of playgrounds spread across large, open regions. Scarlet and Violet complete the vision of an open-world Pokemon game. However, it suffers severely in practically every respect due to several technical and performance difficulties.

A fresh Pokémon setting

Generation 9 kicks off with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. These games introduce a new area and a slew of Pokemon to catch as a result. Following the series’ tradition of basing regions on real-world locations, Paldea is based in Spain and has Spanish-inspired environments and creatures.

Players will need to dress the part of a student at the fictional Naranja/Uva Academy (the actual name and branding of the institution may vary depending on the game version). Hats, shoes, socks, glasses, gloves, and backpacks are all fair game, but there is only four seasons’ worth of shirt and pant options to choose from in the school uniform. Narratively, this is fine, but after Sword & Shield’s complete lack of restrictions on player attire, it feels like an unneeded constraint.

At the beginning of the game, participants will embark on a quest to unearth their own unique treasure during an independent study event hosted by the institution on an annual basis. You have complete freedom to travel across the Paldea area from here.

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Legendary Pokemon like Koraidon (Scarlet) and Miraidon (Violet) will help players navigate the expansive Paldea area. Upgrades throughout the game give these motorcycle-like Pokemon the ability to soar through the air and surf across the ocean. It’s a fun and convenient way to move around, and you can unlock some secret content and actions by riding around on a Pokemon.

The freedom to travel has no limitations whatsoever. There are three different plot lines in Scarlet and Violet. They are called Victory Road, Starfall Street, and the Path of Legends. The most well-known route is called “Victory Road,” and it challenges players to compete in eight different Gyms across the region. Stopping the mischievous Team Star is the main focus of Starfall Street. Finally, in Path of Legends, the player investigates Paldea’s history and attempts to track down the enigmatic Titan Pokemon.

No prerequisites are needed to complete any of the linked missions in any order you like. As my travels unfolded, I accidentally bypassed a handful of Gyms, planning to deal with them later when my team was stronger.

You’re free to choose your own path through the game, but the world won’t adjust to how powerful your Pokemon are. Many times I found myself in a place with Pokemon that were 10-20 levels above the ones in my party, so I quickly turned around and left. Sometimes, when I was clearly unprepared, I would challenge a Gym leader.

The new system helped me feel challenged again in Pokemon. Throughout most of the game, my opponents’ Pokemon were either approximately on par with mine or stronger. Many of my struggles were uphill, but the victories were the most exciting I’d had in years. That said, I never once felt compelled to halt what I was doing and devote countless hours to training my crew to perfection. Regardless of the current state of my Pokemon, one of the three narratives always had a task that made sense in context.

Pokemon Scarlet and violet are a real mix of old and current Pokemon stereotypes. While there are still eight Gyms to challenge, the procedure of doing so is a bit different. Like the Island Trials in Pokemon Sun and Moon, a Gym Test has been introduced. These missions range from recovering a specific object to solving a problem or defeating another trainer. Although not all of them were equally fun, it was refreshing to break away from the formula that has been used for most of the series’ core entries.

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Scarlet and Violet’s combat is a classic example of a turn-based strategy game. You can equip your six Pokemon with a wide variety of different goods and abilities to give you an edge in battle. The battles flow into one another as they did in Legends: Arceus, with random NPCs and wild Pokemon milling about in the background. Unlike in Legends: Arceus, you aren’t free to run around the battlefield, but you do have control over the camera’s position.

Since Pokemon X and Y in 2013, new generations of the game have featured a method of combat exclusive to each location. Pikachu and other Pokemon can Terastallize in the Paldea region. This natural event endows the Pokemon with a Tera Type and a sparkling gem-like appearance. Typically, a Pokemon’s Tera Kind will correspond to one of its regular typings, giving moves of that type an advantage. A Fire Tera Type is a logical fit for the Fire-type starting Pokémon Fuecoco. However, there are some exceptionally rare Pokemon who have their own Tera Types that can only be obtained during Tera Raids.

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In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the Max Raid Battles featured in Sword and Shield are reimagined as Tera Raids. You and up to two other players can take on Pokemon with high stats and the extremely rare Tera Type. With four players working together at once, the raid process is streamlined. After then, the player has the option of capturing the Pokemon in exchange for experience points, candy, and possibly other goodies.

An Exciting New Alliance

There will be a new generation of Pokemon. I thought the Pokemon introduced in Scarlet and Violet were great. Game Freak gets imaginative with the cast of critters we meet in the Paldea region when the number of existing pokemon approaches 1,000. Both casual and serious players may expect to see some changes thanks to the introduction of new creatures and typing combinations that put a twist on certain old favorites.

The extensiveness of the early-on possibilities astonished me greatly. I felt like I had encountered enough Pokemon species in the first few places to form numerous teams. In earlier games, you had to make a lot of headway before your play possibilities started to expand.

Review of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Review of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The new Picnic mechanism in Scarlet and Violet encourages players to spend quality time with their Pokemon. Initiating a picnic from the menu is possible nearly everywhere on the globe (outside of towns and crowded areas). Your complete party is released from their Pokeballs, and you can talk with them, wash them, and even cook food. Making sandwiches may have sounded like a ridiculous feature at first, but I really enjoyed how it improved several aspects of my Pokemon experience, including breeding, training, and even shiny hunting.

Poke Problems

Although Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s open world is a brave attempt, it falls short of what fans have come to expect from games of this type in 2022. The game is always battling to operate on the Switch’s old hardware, with frames regularly dropping during the transition in and out of battles, or when entering cities and other heavily-populated locations. Occasionally, my Switch would struggle to keep up with the action, and it would feel like I was playing in slow motion.

There are a variety of NPCs and Pokemon that inhabit the Paldea region. Many of them will only approach you from a distance of a few feet at a time, traveling at rates of only a few frames per second. While traveling throughout the area, I noticed a lot of new textures and characters appearing out of nowhere. At times, I would have to go within a few feet of a group of wild Pokemon before they would spawn, and even then, I would watch as they disappeared and reappeared at various distances.

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Even though I’m typically able to overlook minor performance flaws (as in Pokemon Legends: Arceus), the technical mistakes in Scarlet and Violet made large chunks of the game extremely frustrating. Due to frequent performance issues encountered during exploration, I found myself frequently resorting to fast travel in order to maintain motivation for aimless wandering around in search of Pokemon; having them appear out of thin air and disappear again when I was only a few yards away broke the illusion of proximity and made me want to give up.

As soon as I returned indoors, though, everything functioned like clockwork once again. Since most activities, including Gym battles and the Pokemon Centers, take place outside, this didn’t happen often. Even the menu and animation loading felt like it took a second too long.

Both the portable and television formats suffered the same performance concerns. My Nintendo Switch frequently freezes up when I play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This has now occurred twice, both times after applying the day one patch.

Days of Future Past

The cover Legendaries of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, who respectively look like dinosaurs and aliens, demonstrate the series’ emphasis on both historical and futuristic elements. These ideas are developed throughout the story and serve as inspiration for many of the most pivotal events. The plot took turns I didn’t see coming, and for the first time in years, I was really shocked by the story of a Pokemon game.

When it comes to cutscenes, Game Freak also improves. While there are still plenty of scenes where characters stand around doing nothing while delivering unsaid conversation, there are also fully animated cutscenes that felt like they were lifted straight out of an episode of the Pokemon anime.

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Scarlet and Violet have some pleasant tunes as well, carrying on the tradition of high-quality series soundtracks. There’s a wide variety of music to appreciate, from peaceful tunes that play as you explore the broad fields to rousing themes for use in combat. The Gym leader theme that kicks in during the latter portion of those matches is undoubtedly my single favorite piece of music from these games.

A regressive two-step onward progression.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet feature some fantastic ideas that push the game in a novel direction, but they’re regrettably weighed down by terrible performance difficulties at every single turn. Even if future patches could fix my greatest issues with the games, I’m not sure whether that’s even possible with the Switch’s hardware. There is still a lot to enjoy, but I can’t help but wonder if anyone beyond die-hard Pokemon fans will be ready to put up with the problems and inconveniences in order to do so.

In addition, many people wonder

Is Pokemon Violet different from Scarlet?

Pokemon Scarlet, however, will only feature the Paradox Pokemon Flutter Mane, Scream Tail, Slither Wing, Sandy Shocks, Brute Bonnet, and Roaring Moon, with the exception of Great Tusk. Iron Valiant, Iron Thorns, Iron Moth, Iron Hands, Iron Bundle, Iron Jugulis, Iron Thorns, and Iron Treads are all part of the Pokemon Violet set.

Which Pokémon do Scarlet and Violet actually have?

The three beginning Pokémon Quaxly, Sprigatito, and Fuecoco are joining the Scarlet and Violet lineup, along with the ghost dog Pokémon Greavard.

The question is whether or not Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet can interact socially.
The first games in the series to have full co-op multiplayer capabilities are Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. You can now form small expeditions of up to four people to discover Paldea’s many wonders. Co-op play requires a trip to Union Circle.

Will both the Scarlet and Violet versions of Pokemon be totally open-world?

The Pokemon Company has stated that Scarlet and Violet are completely open-world games. This was stated during the presentation on August 3: “these releases will be open-world RPGs, a first for the Pokemon series.” The extensive teaser then showed glimpses of the game’s open-world elements.

How similar to Pokemon Arceus will scarlet and violet be?

You read it correctly; the open-world format introduced in Pokemon Arceus will be expanded upon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Unlike Arceus, it will support co-op play with up to three friends. But the fights, resource gathering, and environments are all handled differently.

How about Charizard? Will he be in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

There is no chance of running into Charizard in Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet. Black crystal Tera Raid Battles are where you’ll find Charizard with Dragon as its Tera Type outside of the aforementioned time windows.

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