Samsung Galaxy S23 Pricing – What Samsung Must Do to Remain Competitive

Samsung Galaxy S23 Pricing

Samsung Galaxy S23 Pricing: The Samsung Galaxy S23 series may have some good news. There may have been too much noise about a possible delay in the introduction of the new Samsung flagships for you to realise that Samsung has plans to release them next year. However, this could also indicate that at least one of the new models will be available at a price lower than you had anticipated.

An improvement that would be appreciated by everyone would be a reduction in the cost of mobile phones. But in a time when prices are increasing for nearly everything, news of a cheaper Galaxy flagship would be especially welcome.

In any case, we’re jumping the gun here. Let’s break down the rumour first; it was tweeted by a leaker known as The Galox(opens in new tab) who has a track record of being mostly right. The tweet states that the release of the Galaxy S23 has been pushed back because Samsung executives have not yet decided on pricing for the new phone.

Don’t worry about the shipping delay that’s supposedly been rumoured. The difference between early February, when most people expected the Galaxy S23 to be released, and mid-to-late February, when The Galox posts that it may be released instead, is, at most, a couple of weeks. What really got my attention, though, was the rest of The Galaox’s tweet.

Putting a price tag on the gadgets is “delaying this rollout,” The Galax says. “If it were up to me, the pricing would be $799, $899, and $1199.”

That, I’ll admit, is hardly conclusive evidence of price reductions. The question of whether or not to increase pricing due to growing component costs may be a topic of discussion inside Samsung. We won’t know for sure until the February release date is confirmed, or even before then if further reliable rumours emerge in the meantime.

Price drops for the Galaxy S23 Plus have been rumoured, and that got me thinking that if Samsung can manage it, they should.

Reasons why the Galaxy S23 Plus pricing should drop

It’s important to take a look around at the various options for Android phones. Between its affordable and high-end offerings, Samsung has a commanding market share. The Galaxy S series has been a market leader, but competitors have responded by releasing phones with similar functionality at lower prices.

As soon as it was released earlier this year, the OnePlus 10 Pro stunned us with its greatly better cameras, outstanding battery life, and attractive design. Also new is a starting price of $899, which is $100 cheaper than Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Plus. (The OnePlus 10 Pro’s price has now fallen) in light of the anticipated February release of the OnePlus 11.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Pricing
Samsung Galaxy S23 Pricing

Although, it isn’t the only phone available for $100 less than the Galaxy S22 Plus. The Pixel 7 Pro begins at $899 and has superior cameras to the S22 Plus, as well as a Tensor processor that, through its rapid application of machine learning, provides users with some novel software experiences.

To what extent Samsung prioritises competing with Android phone vendors who have a tiny fraction of its market share is disputed. But I’m prepared to assume that, at least in the United States, Samsung pays a lot of attention to Apple, the other major player in the smartphone business.

Featured pricing is a feature in and of itself.

Apple, like Samsung, offers a $999 phone (the iPhone 14 Pro). Notable upgrades from the prior model include a more powerful primary camera and a feature called Dynamic Island, which serves as an alternative to the iPhone’s notch. According to reports, consumers have responded positively to Apple’s iPhone 14 family, with particular interest and purchases concentrated on the Pro variants. (Reports are needed because Apple does not provide sales data broken down by model.)

However, in contrast to the iPhone 14 Pro, the Galaxy S23 Plus is not anticipated to significantly deviate from its predecessor. If you take the most recent rumours and use them to compare the Galaxy S23 to the S22, you’ll see that neither the regular or Plus versions are due for any significant changes. These handsets may have a 12MP front-facing camera and the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. Possible improvements to the Galaxy S23 include a fingerprint reader upgrade and satellite connectivity for use in times of emergency. Both of these would be nice to have, but they wouldn’t compare to the massive revisions promised for the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Apple is Working on a Pro Display XDR Replacement and Other Displays

I’m curious if the incoming Galaxy S23 Plus suffers from the comparison to Apple’s $999 iPhone 14 Pro, which gives numerous new capabilities, and Samsung’s own Galaxy S23 Plus, which brings relatively fewer upgrades. If that’s the case, then The Galox’s hope for a Galaxy S23 Plus priced at $899 might not be so far-fetched after all.

In this case, I believe Samsung will maintain a base price of $799 for the Galaxy S23, as dropping the price any further will put it in competition with the higher end of the midrange Galaxy A models. Even though the upgrades to the Galaxy S23 Plus are underwhelming, Samsung hopes to boost interest in the device by lowering its price. This would allow Samsung to set high prices for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is expected to contain upgraded hardware and software for a discerning clientele willing to shell out the extra cash.

Price of the Galaxy S23 Plus: What We Expect

I make no pretence of having any unique insight into Samsung’s motives here. Executives may be debating whether or not they can implement a pricing increase behind closed doors. (If I had to guess…) Unlikely, unless you want to turn off a percentage of potential buyers. All I’m saying is that a cheaper Galaxy S23 Plus makes a lot of sense if Samsung wants to upsell customers who might have otherwise spent less on an entry-level Galaxy.

Galaxy S23 pricing won’t be clear for a long. Nonetheless, I am keeping my fingers crossed that Samsung will keep in mind that the price of mobile devices does not necessarily need to escalate. The Galaxy S23 Plus may have found success by going against the grain.

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