SAMSUNG WILL IMPACT THE IPHONE 15 MOBILE DEVICES: The prolonged industrial dispute between the United States and China is starting to have major consequences for the electronics industry. This process suggests that Apple will need to change RAM suppliers for iPhone 15 variants destined for the Chinese market.

iPhone 15 RAM will be manufactured by Samsung.

As a result of US pressure, Apple will source RAMs for iPhone models destined for the Chinese market from Samsung rather than the local provider YMTC. Unfortunately for Apple, Yangtse Memory Technologies Co. has not yet sold RAM to the company.

Apple had planned to buy 128-layer NAND chips from YMTC for the iPhone. Apple has been using YMTC chips since they are at least 20% cheaper than comparable versions from Micron and Samsung, despite being one or two generations older.

In October of 2022, it was reported that Apple had canceled its acquisition from YMTC. It has now come to light that Apple has “quietly suspended” its agreements with YMTC. has started bargaining with Samsung Electronics on the purchase of RAMs.

The first iPhone models to feature Samsung NAND chips are expected to hit the Chinese market in 2023. In other words, Samsung has committed to providing RAMs for the iPhone 15 series. Moreover, Apple can use these RAMs in the production of the iPhone 14 simultaneously.

We shouldn’t be surprised by this news, given Samsung has already supplied iPhone-related components. In addition to producing processors for the iPhone and iPad, this company has also provided displays for the iPhone 14 Pro and RAM for many Apple models over the past 15 years.


The US government wants to cut ties with Chinese companies because of security concerns. The latest change is replacing YMTC with Apple as the vendor. Opinions on Apple’s partnership with Samsung, its chief competitor in the smartphone market: To manufacture 15 million iPhones? To share your thoughts, use the comments box below.

In addition, many people wonder

What Samsung does to surpass Apple is unclear.

With 74 million TVs supplied worldwide, Samsung dominated the market with a 23 percent share. To place second, Apple accounted for 18%. Samsung’s solid performance in the first quarter of this year can be partially attributed to the Galaxy S22 series.

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Is Apple planning to release the iPhone 15?

A total of four new iPhones—the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Ultra—are widely anticipated for September 2023. All four of the new models will reportedly include ProMotion and the Dynamic Island punch-hole cutout.

Which brand of smartphone do more people use, iPhone or Samsung?

According to research from Counterpoint, Apple’s iPhones now make up more than 50% of all cell phones in use in the United States, surpassing Android devices in this respect (via Financial Times).

Is there a difference in the 15th-generation iPhone?

New iPad Pro reveal

We don’t expect Apple to make any big changes to the screen sizes it currently offers, so the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro will both feature 6.1-inch displays, while the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Ultra will sport 6.7-inch displays.

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Is Samsung more popular than Apple?

In 2021, Samsung shipped 272 million smartphones and reclaimed the top rank in smartphone shipments, resulting in a 20% global market share. Second place went to Apple with 235 million iPhones sold, followed by Xiaomi (191 million), Oppo (133.5 million), and Vivo (128.1 million).

The advantages of iPhones vs Samsungs.

Longevity is another key factor that puts iPhones ahead of Samsung phones. Apple’s iPhones are built to survive, and despite the fact that Samsung only guarantees significant Android updates for its flagship and mid-range phones for four years, that’s still not nearly as long as the iPhone’s lifespan. There is, however, one essential exception to this rule.

The iPhone 15 may have a titanium chassis with curved rear edges

In 2022, does Android triumph over the iPhone?

Hardware improvements for Android phones are always ahead of Apple’s, including superior displays, cameras, and even app widgets (iOS just got these in 2020).

When should I install iOS 15 on my iPhone?

If you are unable to update to iOS 16 due to restrictions placed on your device by a third party, you should continue using iOS 15. You’re worried that an app or accessory won’t work with iOS 16. You are worried about security and would rather go with an older OS that has already received at least a year’s worth of patches.

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