Should You Wait for the Pixel 8 or Purchase the Google Pixel 7 Now?

Should You Wait for the Pixel 8 or Purchase the Google Pixel 7 Now?

The Google Pixel 7 is one of the best smartphones available in 2023, and it is notable for a number of reasons, including its remarkable appearance, its potent Tensor G2 engine, and its excellent camera quality. The Pixel 7 series includes some of the best smartphones now available on the market, and because they have just experienced significant price reductions from a variety of stores and carriers, they have become a viable option to the iPhone 14 series and the most recent Galaxy S23 lineup.

There are still a few months left before the launch of the Google Pixel 8 series. While we wait for further information about Google’s next-generation flagship devices to be revealed through leaks, we asked ourselves if it is worthwhile to purchase the Google Pixel 7 at this time or whether people should hold out and wait for the imminent release of the Google Pixel 8.

You need to get the Google Pixel 7 right now if…

You are interested in purchasing a reliable flagship smartphone made by Google.

At the time that this article was being written, the Google Pixel 8 was still many months away, but consumers could already purchase the Pixel 7. The new generation of Google’s Pixel smartphones won’t be available for more than three months, as the company typically launches new products in October.

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If you’re looking for a fantastic battery life, a large display that’s responsive, and one of the best cameras available on the market, the Google Pixel 7 should be one of your top considerations if you’re shopping for a flagship smartphone from Google. It’s the one you should look at if you want any of those things. The Pixel 7 succeeds in every category, and it is the first time in the history of the Pixel line that Google has gotten both the software and the hardware just right. There are no known faults, and Google’s Pixel 7 series is, by far, their most capable hardware to date.

You intend to save some cash, right?

Price reductions are often applied to the Google Pixel 7 series, and wireless service providers provide a wide variety of bundles and discounts in an effort to encourage customers to upgrade and get a Pixel smartphone. All of the Pixel-branded smartphones, including the Pixel 7, the Pixel 7 Pro, and the Pixel 7a, have had their prices reduced as part of an aggressive campaign to encourage customers to give them a try.

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It is expected that the price of the Pixel 7 will continue to drop, and we have already seen the gadget offered for $200 less than its retail price. As a result, the Pixel 7 will be one of the most affordable smartphones available to purchase in 2023. If you are seeking to save money, or perhaps you don’t need all of the additional capabilities that are included in the Pixel 7 Pro, but you want more than what is included in the Pixel 7a, then the Pixel 7 in its most basic form is a fantastic choice. It won’t put a dent in your savings, and you’ll get a lot of value for your money. The Google Pixel 7 is one of our top picks for premium smartphones in its price range.

You should hold out until Google releases the Pixel 8 if…

You like a more compact phone, right?

According to the most recent rumors and leaks, the Google Pixel 8 could have a more rounded design and be slightly smaller than the Pixel 7 series. The new layout has the potential to make using one hand substantially easier while also delivering a more pleasant experience overall. The Google Pixel 8 might be much simpler to hold than its predecessor.

Should You Wait for the Pixel 8 or Purchase the Google Pixel 7 Now?
Should You Wait for the Pixel 8 or Purchase the Google Pixel 7 Now?

If you’ve used the Pixel 7, you might have noticed that it’s difficult to grip. Even if the phone has a wonderful design and is easy to use, we can’t blame you for wanting a device that’s smaller, thinner, and easier to use. We could be looking at a phone that is visually attractive to both your eyes and your hands if the Pixel 8 has a somewhat smaller footprint than the Pixel 7 and is curved more than its predecessor.

You are looking for the most powerful CPU available and the newest features from Google.

The Google Pixel 8 series will ship with Android 14 pre-installed, and we anticipate seeing considerable advancements to the underlying technology. The next Pixel 8 series will contain an upgraded version of Google’s Tensor G3 processor, which is rumored to make significant improvements to the device’s overall performance. The new chip should allow for considerable improvements in a variety of areas, including gaming, the ability to multitask, and battery life.

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Significant advancements are anticipated to result from the mix of Android 14, Google’s own changes tailored just for Pixel smartphones, and the brand-new Tensor G3 chip. It’s also possible that Google will launch a few brand-new features that will initially be accessible only on the most recent Pixel series of smartphones; but, the majority of Google’s brand-new features often make their way to older generations of the company’s handsets within matter of weeks or months. Nevertheless, if you are someone who enjoys living on the cutting edge of technology, you may want to hold off and wait for the future Pixel 8 series.

You are not in a hurry, are you?

Initial reports have suggested that the Pixel 8 could be priced similarly to the Pixel 7 in the United States. It is not anticipated that Google will boost its prices in the North American market; nonetheless, the firm may choose to expand some of its margins in order to contend with the high inflation rates. It is also feasible that prices will increase in countries other than the United States, such as Europe and the United Kingdom.

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Suppose you are not in a hurry or don’t need a new smartphone right now, but you still want to try out the Pixel software and see how well it works on Google’s most recent and most innovative smartphone. In such a scenario, our advice is to hold off until the month of October. That is often when Google introduces its newest flagship products, and we anticipate that the company will follow a schedule very similar to this one in 2023.


Suppose you have the funds available and are not in a hurry to upgrade; in such case, it is in your best interest to hold out until the Pixel 8 series is released. The Pixel 8 series offers a much-improved user experience as a result of the new upgrades and software features that have been added. Other promises include faster performance, higher efficiency, and better cameras.

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However, if you’ve been aching to test the Google experience and environment, now is the best time to give the current generation a try. Not only will you be able to save hundreds of dollars, but you’ll also be able to try something new. We anticipate that Google, along with many other shops and carriers, will provide significant price reductions in conjunction with Amazon Prime Day, which will result in you saving hundreds of dollars. If you want to go with the Google Pixel 7, we strongly suggest that you check out our cases guide. It features over a dozen of our best cases that are designed just for the Pixel 7 and suits it wonderfully.

The Pixel 7 series are the best gadgets that Google has ever produced, and the phones come with three years of operating system updates and five years of security patches to ensure that they are kept secure and sound, regardless of whether you opt to upgrade now or wait until later. In theory, Android 16 will be the final operating system upgrade for the Pixel 7 series, and they will continue to receive security updates until at least 2027. Because of this, they are an excellent choice even in 2023 if you are searching for a phone that you can keep for the next few years because they will continue to receive security patches until at least 2027.

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