Sony Could Put a PS5 in a Honda Electric Car

Sony Could Put a PS5 in a Honda Electric Car

Sony Could Put a PS5 in a Honda Electric Car: In order to address the demand for additional in-car entertainment, Sony and Honda are considering incorporating PlayStation 5 functionality into future battery-operated vehicles.

Izumi Kawanishi, president and chief operating officer of Sony Honda Mobility, recently told the Financial Times that the PlayStation 5 can be integrated into vehicles. The PlayStation and Sony’s other services are a part of a larger plan to develop an electric car that is more focused on entertainment than its competitors, such as Tesla.

People are moved by Sony’s content, services, and entertainment technology. Kawanishi told the Financial Times that the company’s advantage over Tesla lies in the fact that it is “adapting these assets to mobility.”

Future hardware “will cater to the entertainment and network we would like to deliver,” Sony Honda Mobility CEO Yasuhide Mizuno said.

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According to the Financial Times, these forthcoming models will incorporate entertainment content into the manufacturing process.

Kawanashi has stated that improvements in “autonomous driving” are part of the agenda for the joint venture that Sony and Honda launched earlier this year. The chief operating officer admitted that fully autonomous driving isn’t quite there yet, adding that technology “will have to improve dramatically” to meet their goal.

Sony Could Put a PS5 in a Honda Electric Car
Sony Could Put a PS5 in a Honda Electric Car

There are now a handful of electric car models available that can make gaming a part of your commute. Classics like Sonic the Hedgehog from 1991 can be played in Teslas, and the Model X and Model S have hardware capable of running The Witcher 3. Additionally, the corporation has tried using Steam integration in test automobiles.

If you’re not interested in Sonic or waiting until 2025 for Sony-offering, Honda’s you can either bring a Steam Deck or take advantage of Tesla’s new in-car karaoke system.

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