The 4th-generation iPad Air is better than the latest iPad

The 4th-generation iPad Air is better than the latest iPad

Although the M2-powered iPad Pro was the main attraction when Apple announced three new iPads on October 18, the firm also debuted a groundbreaking entry-level iPad that does away with the home button and Lightning connection. It’s just that two years before, the business had already done something similar, and better.

When a new product is released, bargain hunters sometimes seek to the previous model in the same line. However, Apple has made it difficult for iPad customers to do so this year. Especially if you’re not in the United States, where the price of the iPad Pro from 2021 was increased after the release of its successor (not to mention other models too).

The new tenth-generation iPad 2022 eliminates the home button and Lightning port from Apple’s basic tablet line, features that are still present on the ninth-generation iPad, which Apple also continues to sell.

You also get a 12MP primary camera, Touch ID in the side button, USB-C connectivity, support for the first generation Apple Pencil and the Magic Keyboard Folio, four different colour options, and a bigger, 10.9-inch, 264ppi, Liquid Retina display with an usual maximum brightness of 500nits.

Time to go back in time

Imagine that same tablet, but with a P3-wide colour, laminated, anti-reflective display (granting better colours, reduced glare, and better visibility), support for the second-generation Apple Pencil (including integrated magnetic wireless charging), and compatibility with the Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio, all packed into a body (available in five colours) that is almost a millimetre thinner and almost 20 grammes lighter than the 2022 iPad, while promising the same ten-hour battery life

There are a few drawbacks to going with the more traditional tablet (pretty much all of which Apple fixed on the M1-powered iPad Air 2022) The iPad Air 4 has a few minor drawbacks compared to the iPad Pro, such as a lower-resolution 7MP selfie camera without Center Stage (the 2022 iPad has a 12MP front snapper), slower 4G rather than 5G speeds for those who want a cellular iPad, and possibly fewer iPadOS updates over the tablet’s lifetime.

The Air 4 fixes one of the most puzzling shortcomings of the tenth-generation iPad, its inability to use the Apple Pencil, and its laminated display is one of those upgrades that you have to see to believe.

The 4th-generation iPad Air is better than the latest iPad
The 4th-generation iPad Air is better than the latest iPad

To those in the arts who are struggling

Existing first-generation Apple Pencil customers upgrading to the tenth-generation iPad in 2022 face a hard conundrum, as TechRadar’s US Editor in Chief, Lance Ulanoff, recently pointed out.

Because the new iPad no longer uses Lightning but instead charges via USB-C, anyone who wants to continue using their first-generation Apple Pencil will need to keep their Lightning cable and the Lightning-to-Apple Pencil Adapter (which came with their Apple Pencil purchase) in order to keep the stylus charged.

However, you may purchase Apple’s new official USB-C to Apple Pencil adapter(opens in new tab) for $9 / £9 / AU$15, allowing you to charge your existing Pencil with the same charger you use for your new iPad, but this is a cumbersome option that comes with an additional cost.

If you’re buying a brand-new first-generation Apple Pencil alongside your tenth-generation iPad, this is less of a concern, as Apple has confirmed that it includes both a Lightning-to-Apple Pencil Adapter and a USB-C-to-Apple Pencil Adapter in-box. However, this raises the question of whether you’d prefer to get a first- or second-generation Apple Pencil.

If you go with the iPad 10, you’ll need to buy a manual-charging stylus and find a place to store it while you’re not using it. If you have an iPad Air 4 that is compatible with the second generation Apple Pencil, you can simply magnetically attach the stylus to the tablet’s side, and the device will begin pairing with the pen and charging it. Which one would I choose?

Constrained by limited floor space

Cost is the last factor to think about. Apple’s most recent iPad, the iPad Air 4, and the iPad 2022 will both be available in 64GB and 256GB capacities.

The fact that Apple no longer offers the iPad Air 4 for direct sale is good news for consumers. Since only third-party dealers have any remaining iPad Air 4 stock, they set the price, and as of this writing, a speedy online search indicates that the 256GB storage capacity of the iPad Air 4 can be had for the same or less than the starting price of a 64GB iPad 2022.

If you’d rather not do the legwork, you can always check out our best iPad deals roundup, where we compile the latest and greatest iPad sales from across the web. We also provide a compilation of Apple Pencil discounts for those who are still undecided.

Also, people ask

Should you buy an iPad Air 4th Gen?

Even though the iPad Air 4 is now the old model, it is still a very powerful device that will meet the needs of most users. The design is the same, and some people think the old colours are better, so if you can do without some of the nice features of the 2022 model, you’ll probably still be happy with the last-gen.

Is the iPad Air better than the regular iPad?

The screen on the iPad Air is 10.9 inches.

The Air is the better device on paper. It has better specs than the other one, like a bigger screen and a faster processor. On the other hand, the standard iPad is much less expensive and still has a great experience.

Which version of the iPad is the best?

We’ve seen a lot of iPads, but Apple’s 2021 iPad Pro lineup is by far the most powerful and impressive one we’ve seen. This makes it our best overall pick. It is also by far the most expensive. On the outside, the design hasn’t changed much, but the M1 processor from Apple is now inside.

How long is the life of an iPad Air 4?

Apple says that the iPad Air 4 and iPad Air 5 both have the same battery life. Each device is powered by a 28.6-watt-hour battery, which should give you 10 hours of video playback or web browsing over Wi-Fi and 9 hours of web browsing over a cellular network.

Is 64GB enough for iPad Air?

If you don’t have a lot of apps or games on your iPad, 64GB will work just fine. If you have a lot of apps and games, you should think about 128GB or 256GB. If you want to do a lot of graphic design work, get a model with 512GB or more space.

Is Air a better iPad than pro?

The 2022 iPad Air works the same as the iPad Pros from 2021, but it costs $200 to $500 less. Even though it costs $50 less, the 256GB iPad Air that costs $750 has twice as much storage as the iPad Pro. The iPad Pros from Apple are different because they have ProMotion screen technology, better cameras, and a 12.9-inch option.

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