The 8k Premiere Projector From Samsung Transforms Your Wall Into a Cinema Screen

The 8k Premiere Projector From Samsung Transforms

The 8k Premiere Projector From Samsung Transforms: During CES, Samsung debuted The Premiere, an ultra-short throw projector capable of displaying 8K resolution. A single box, 2020 4K Premiere sits on a low table just below and only a few inches away from your wall or screen, and it has been modified for the current generation. It has the ability to generate a 150-inch diagonal image with the use of specialised optics and video processing.

The lights and the sound can illuminate an entire space thanks to the Dolby Atmos and built-in speakers. Expect all the smart TV capabilities you’ve come to expect from Samsung, including access to Netflix, Disney Channel, and more.

Even while it could be tempting to think that an 8K projector could make any wall into a giant screen, UST projectors aren’t as magical as they seem. What we know at this time is as follows.


Yep, 8K. The resolution of a 4K projector is therefore quadrupled. The lack of readily available 8K content is a problem for 8K TVs as well. The projector can upconvert anything you provide it to 8K, so even if you don’t have any 8K video, the image may appear slightly sharper than it would on a 4K projector showing the same size. Just remember that resolution isn’t the only criterion for good picture quality.

Even though the Premiere isn’t the first 8K projector, it’s one of just a few now available. Price points for JVC models begin at $11 000. These achieve 8K resolution thanks to a combination of a 4K imaging chip and a pixel shifter. Most 4K projectors use a chip with a lesser resolution (1080p or lower) and then double or quintuple the imager’s pixels to get a resolution equivalent to 4K. Despite the fact that Samsung has been mum about the projector’s technical specifications, this is probably certainly how it is producing 8K.

Digital Projection has various professional 8K models, however, they are only suitable for large venues like movie theatres.

Just what is a UST projector?

For a 100-inch display, a standard projector needs about 10 feet of distance. Models with a shorter throw distance can be placed closer to the audience, while those with a longer throw distance can be placed further back. UST projectors just need to be a few inches from the wall in order to project massive images, all thanks to their innovative optics and processing power.

There are two primary drawbacks to all UST projectors, and they are cost and image quality. Most UST projectors are significantly more expensive than the average projector because of their complex architecture.

The 8k Premiere Projector From Samsung Transforms
The 8k Premiere Projector From Samsung Transforms

Another drawback that is inherent to their design is a diminished contrast ratio. The lacklustre contrast ratios of most UST projectors make their pictures lack depth and “punch.” Typically, producers attempt to compensate by significantly boosting brightness, but this does not enhance image quality; it merely makes the image brighter.

Functions taken for granted

Although Samsung has been tight-lipped regarding the upcoming The Premiere, we can make some educated guesses. Lasers were used to illuminate the previous version, and it’s likely that the same will be true with the current version. This is due to the higher efficiency and more precise colour control that lasers provide. When compared to the disposable lights used in most budget projectors, their lifespan is far longer.

The 4K The Premiere’s in-built speakers made it functional as a standalone sound system. Due to the fact that most UST projectors strive to fulfil all of a room’s entertainment needs, this is another feature you can count on seeing. Dolby Atmos will be standard on the new model, while it was not on the previous version.

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It’s also likely to have a lot of light. There were two screen sizes available for the 4K The Premiere: 120 inches and 130 inches. Neither one was pre-assembled with a display, and their respective image sizes ranged from 90 to 120 inches and 100 to 130 inches, respectively. Claimed lumen output ranges from 2,200 to 2,800 for the two options. Although some UST projectors in the same price range are brighter, these figures are still rather respectable. For example, the Epson LS500 (which costs $4,000) is rumoured to emit 4,000 lumens. Samsung claims that its latest model can project images on a “150-inch” screen, so we may anticipate an increase in brightness.

Availability and Cost

Neither the price nor the release date has been confirmed by Samsung. Products that are unveiled at CES typically launch the following spring or summer. There’s a good chance that this won’t be inexpensive. The 120-inch version of the preceding The Premiere cost $3,500, while the 130-inch version cost $6,500. Assuming the 8K The Premiere will cost at least as much as the previous model did (which would be a lot), given that the only other consumer 8K PJs start at $11,000 and are for traditional (i.e., not UST) designs.

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