The Dyson Zone Air-purifying Headphones Begin at $949

The Dyson Zone Air-purifying Headphones

The Dyson Zone Air-purifying Headphones: Dyson kept certain information under wraps when it unveiled the Zone noise-canceling and air-purifying headphones earlier this year. Dyson, in particular, did not reveal any information on the cost or availability of its products or the duration of its batteries. It released the data on Wednesday. Let’s jump right into the most pressing question. With a starting price of $949 in the United States, the wearable will be near twice as pricey as the AirPods Max when it finally launches in March of next year.

Dyson will begin taking preorders for the headphones on a by-appointment basis before making them generally available through its website and Demo shops. This wearable device will be available in the United States in two different color combinations: Ultra Blue/Prussian Blue and Prussian Blue/Bright Copper. The latter comes with a second electrostatic carbon filter, a soft bag, and an in-flight adaptor kit, but is only available from the firm itself.

The Zone’s characteristic vizor, in addition to a protective case and a cleaning brush, are included with the purchase of either the basic or the Dyson Direct model. Dyson claims that their electrostatic filters may go for a year before needing to be replaced. The filters have a two-layer construction with potassium-enriched carbon between them to remove acidic gases. The manufacturer asserts that even particles as fine as 0.1 microns will be effectively filtered out by using their filters.

The Zone headphones have 40-millimeter neodymium drivers and a noise-cancellation rating of up to 38 dB. You may use the MyDyson companion app to choose between three audio equalization options termed Dyson EQ, Bass Boost, and Neutral. At the time of their release, the headphones will be compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and the audio codecs SBC, AAC, and LHDC.

Battery life will depend on how actively you use the Zone’s air filtration feature. The 2,600mAh battery within the Zone can power the Visor for up to 24 hours, or it can keep the headphones going for up to 50 hours. Using the visor at its slowest setting reduces battery life to a modest four hours. The battery life drops to 2.5 hours when using the “Mid” flow level for purification, and to 1.5 hours when using the “High” flow setting. Using USB-C charging, Dyson believes it will take roughly three hours to take the battery from dead to 100 percent. All of that means you will need to be judicious about when you decide to utilize the visor.

The Dyson Zone Air-purifying Headphones
The Dyson Zone Air-purifying Headphones

Some details about The Dyson Zone Air-purifying Headphones

1. The Dyson Zone Air-purifying Headphones are changing the way we listen to music. Combining next-generation noise cancellation technology with air purifying capabilities, these headphones offer a unique listening experience that not only blocks out unwanted noise but also keeps the air around you clean.

2. The Dyson Zone headphones are equipped with an advanced acoustic system that actively monitors the sound in your environment, helping to reduce unwanted noise. This system also incorporates an air-purifying filter that captures particles as small as 0.3 microns and releases purified air back into the environment. This ensures that the air around you is free from dust, pollen, and other airborne particles.

3. The headphones also feature a temperature control system that helps keep your ears comfortable. This system helps to regulate the temperature of the ear cups and keeps the temperature just right. This helps to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience when listening to music.

4. The headphones also come with an app that allows you to easily control your audio experience. The app allows you to customize the soundscape of your music, as well as adjust the active noise cancellation levels. It also allows you to track your air quality, so you can be sure that the air around you is always clean and safe.

5. The Dyson Zone Air-purifying Headphones are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy their music without intrusive noise and with clean, healthy air. With their advanced features and user-friendly app, these headphones make it easy to enjoy music in any environment.

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