The Elden Ring DLC ought to revive the Dark Souls’ PVP idea.

The Elden Ring DLC

Fans of PVP should have a special location to practise their abilities and compete with one another in the first DLC for Elden Ring.

While fans continue to speculate about Elden Ring’s next DLC, FromSoftware might want to take a look at what certain players are requesting and their in-game behaviour to see how to expand the already enormous game. The creator should pay close attention to how gamers have been engaging in PVP in Elden Ring, frequently testing their gaming prowess against other players.

When the next DLC is released, FromSoftware may want to consider using a feature first presented in the first Dark Souls in order to enhance PVP in Elden Ring. This would be the Dark Souls DLC Artorias of the Abyss’ PVP arena, which also included the Battle of Stoicism.

Dark Souls PVP Arenas’ past

The invasion system of PVP, which was made popular by the Dark Souls video game series, has undergone a few attempts to become more chaotic in order to better highlight how players can engage in fighting with one another. This has occasionally involved allowing players to participate in specific boss battles, like Dark Souls 2’s Looking Glass Knight. However, a few PVP locations started to develop simply via community effort for players wishing for a more equal duel that would give them the chance to genuinely test their talents against other players instead of exploitable AI.

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Immediately following the battle against Artorias the Abysswalker, the first DLC in the game introduced the Oolacile Township to Dark Souls, and these well-known PVP locales swiftly transformed. The Battle of Stoicism, a sizable PVP arena inside this place, enables individuals to match with other combatants seeking a fair playing field. However, due in part to the lengthy match lengths and constrained duel choices, this arena was almost immediately dropped for the beginning of the Oolacile Township.

Although the Hollow Arena’s exploration of the same idea in Dark Souls 3 was more successful than the Battle of Stoicism, it is still frequently overlooked in favour of other well-known duelling locales. Then there’s the reality that Dark Souls’ high-stakes invasion mechanism cannot be satisfied by either the Hollow Arena or the Battle of Stoicism. In this instance, the ideal place to start when FromSoftware wants to build a dedicated PVP area for another title is through the limitations on game modes.

The Elden Ring DLC
The Elden Ring DLC

A PVP Arena Specialized for the Elden Ring

Dedicated PVP areas are undoubtedly well-liked by players, as seen in the Dark Souls series’ history in the FromSoftware catalogue. However, rather than being completely developed by the developer, the places that frequently leave the biggest impression on PVP enthusiasts in these games are typically picked by the players. This is frequently due to the fact that the FromSoftware settings are typically little more than expansive plots where players could try their best PVP builds for Dark Souls without interference from outside forces.

Making this arena unique from any other location in the Lands Between should be the first step in attempting to develop a PVP-focused area in Elden Ring. Instead of merely being empty rings where participants can only use their own equipment to combat, these regions could stand out by including environmental hazards. These arenas would be worth picking over other well-liked locales if players had access to anything from catapults to something resembling Radahn’s pouring arrows.

These arenas might also feature locations that might be significant to Elden Ring’s mythology but wouldn’t offer much in the way of gameplay, similar to how numerous Dark Souls DLC packs frequently include new locations to their respective games. Even if these locations wouldn’t otherwise be sufficiently developed to allow for exploration, places like the prehistoric versions of Farum Azula or the Badlands, where Godfrey undertook his Long March, may be discovered through PVP arenas. Elden Ring should advance this kind of PVP by incorporating various game types into these arenas in addition to brand-new surroundings and the capability to engage with threats.

Game Modes for PVP in Elden Ring

When considering game options for PVP in Elden Ring, Duel and Brawl modes that are already present in Dark Souls 3’s Hollow Arena come to mind. However, just like with the first iterations of these arenas, this wouldn’t satisfy gamers who like to invade others and obstruct their advancement. Finding a way to include invasion into these battles may therefore be the best course of action in the development of an Elden Ring PVP game mode.

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Reworking the Dark Souls 2 DLC may be one of the greatest places to start if you want to make a game mode that leans toward invasion. Specifically, the Dark Souls 2 multiplayer gauntlets, which include boss fights waiting for a group of players to traverse through enemy-filled corridors. The idea might be used to create an invader-controlled gauntlet with a different player as the final boss, even though these regions haven’t held up so well since the majority of players have switched to Elden Ring and the older Dark Souls servers are under maintenance.

Any type of player, from respectable duelists to Elden Ring’s more poisonous PVP supporters, might have the opportunity to confront another player in a way that is often only available to developers in this kind of arena. Both the person running the gauntlet and the others waiting at the finish might experience a twist as a result, as each player would have to use their area management and survival skills to either reach or avoid the final fight. It’s a player control method that is typically only present in modified versions of these games, but it might go a long way toward creating a PVP-specific region that is more engaging to play than just broad arenas in late-game places.

For the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, Elden Ring is currently available.

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