The iOS 17 Upgrade May Be Larger Than Expected – Here’s What I’m Hoping to See

The iOS 17 Upgrade May Be Larger Than Expected

The iOS 17 Upgrade May Be Larger Than Expected: If you enjoy trying out innovative iOS features, this week is for you. The newest reports about iOS 17, which is expected to be released later this year, imply that this year’s iPhone software upgrade won’t be as dull as previously thought. iOS 16.4 brought with it 21 new emojis in addition to a number of fixes and enhancements. In fact, iOS 17 may come with a number of new additions.

That’s the word from Mark Gurman in his weekly newsletter(opens in a new tab) on all the doings at Apple HQ. And that’s a huge source. Gurman was the first to reveal that iOS 17 will be more of a maintenance update as Apple focused on releasing its virtual reality/augmented reality headset later this year.

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But now, Gurman says that iOS 17 will include “many ‘good to have’ improvements,” which aren’t as important as, say, iOS 16’s customizable lock screen, but do address common user complaints in ways beyond software tweaks.

Gurman doesn’t specify what those characteristics could be, but we needn’t be as coy. While I can’t say for sure what Apple has in store for iOS 17, these additions certainly wouldn’t be far down the priority list if I were in charge.

Putting Notes in a folder on the main screen

I use Notes all the time, but especially when making a list of things I need to buy at the grocery store. Formatting’s simple, I can pass the list on to my wife through Notes’ sharing capabilities and I can cross off items as I add them to my cart so that I don’t forget to pick up mustard like I did last week. The procedure has a lot going for it.

What I don’t like is having to unlock my phone, scroll to whichever home screen the Notes app is on, open that app, and select the proper note in order to access my grocery list while I’m out shopping. It seems like a lot of work when all I want to do is quickly check if I need flour.

The iOS 17 Upgrade May Be Larger Than Expected
The iOS 17 Upgrade May Be Larger Than Expected

With the release of iOS 15, I now have the option to pin a widget to the home screen that displays the names of recently accessed notes. This is somewhat useful, but only if the last note I accessed was my grocery list. Having the note itself appear within the widget and interacting with it by marking off items as I complete them would be ideal. If this can be added as a lock screen widget after the release of iOS 16, I will be very pleased.

Quite the game-changer, huh? Most likely not. It would put an end to a lot of guesswork in the canned food section, though.

Improve the Email program

In iOS 16, Mail gained various useful features, such as the ability to schedule emails and unsend messages. While those were welcome improvements, they did little to alleviate my primary issue with Mail: I despise the interface and find many of the features to be confusing.

Mail’s “send” button, unlike that of most other email applications, looks like an enlarged arrow pointing upward. Mail requires two taps to respond to a message: the first to select the reply arrow at the bottom of the screen, and the second to specify whether you want to reply or reply to all or forward the message. And that’s not even mentioning all the other features that are hidden under the respond button, like the ability to flag messages, move messages, and set reminders. The situation is chaotic.

So, in iOS 17, I hope to see a revamped Mail that improves the app’s visual appeal and makes the most-used features more intuitively placed.

Subscription management made easier

Apple makes a lot of money off of subscriptions, both for its own services like Apple TV Plus, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and so on, and for those of third parties from which it receives a portion. And I wish there was a central location on my phone where I could handle them all at once.

In a sense, it now exists, though only in specific locations. The subscription option is buried between the Purchases and Notifications tabs in the App Store app, which you may access by launching the app and tapping on your photo. I wish it were more prominent, especially considering how crucial subscriptions are to Apple at the moment, as it has all the essential information I’d want at a glance, like how much subscription costs and when it renews.

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Every year about this time, I proposed the idea of a new app called Subscriptions, whose sole goal would be to handle Apple and third-party app subscriptions. If you want to make a true one-stop shop, you should provide details on free trials and allow users to search for available subscriptions.

Looking back at the features I suggested for iOS 16, I realize that Apple didn’t implement very many of them. iOS 17’s preview is approaching, and I’m still thinking that better video-editing tools and a nicer UI for the iPhone’s News app are important.

Additional potential adjustments

Apple has a lot of room to improve things in iOS 17, particularly with regard to preexisting apps. I’ve already mentioned some of the enhancements to Maps that I’d like to see implemented in the future (such as built-in weather warnings and enhanced turn-by-turn directions), and iOS 17 seems like a good moment to do it. Henry T. Casey, one of my coworkers, says the App Library needs updating, such as allowing users to select the order in which apps are shown.

We should soon find out what Apple has planned, whether you agree with these suggested upgrades or not, or perhaps have some of your own to submit. If Apple follows its usual pattern, WWDC 2023 will take place in June, and a preview of iOS 17 will be one of the main attractions. Then we’ll know for sure what characteristics Apple considers to be desirable.

When will iOS 17 be available for download?

At WWDC 2023 in June, iOS 17 will be unveiled and demonstrated; it will then be released to iPhones around the world in the fall of 2023, likely around the middle of September. (iOS 5 was published in October 2011, making it the only non-September upgrade.) The event is anticipated to occur soon after the introduction of the iPhone 15. The iPhone and iOS updates occurred five days apart in 2022, and six days apart in 2021. The new iOS release has been quite regular throughout the past few years:

  • iOS 12: Monday, September 17, 2018
  • iOS 13: Thursday, September 19, 2019
  • iOS 14: Wednesday, September 16, 2020
  • iOS 15: Monday, September 20, 2021
  • iOS 16: Monday, September 12, 2022

iOS 17: How to install the beta and full version

When iOS 17 is released to the public, setting it up will be a breeze. To check for and install any available software updates, launch the Settings app on your iPhone and navigate to General > Software Update. You simply have to follow the methods, which we explain in our iOS update guide. Turning on Automatic Updates from the same panel makes things even simpler.

But, beta versions of iOS 17 can be downloaded and tested for up to a year after the official release. There are two types—developer betas, which arrive first, and public betas, which often show up a day or two later.

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Naturally, you need to be an authorized Apple software developer to install a developer beta. For $99 a year, you can gain early access to the beta versions of macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Most users are better off waiting for the public beta, which is released later than the developer beta but still allows you to boast about being an early adopter. In iOS 16.4, Apple is making the beta installation procedure a little more user-friendly by linking betas to Apple IDs rather than profiles. The Apple Beta Software Program website is where you may register to receive betas.

In either case, it must be emphasized that betas are not final products and may contain flaws. That’s kind of the point of testing them. You should not install a beta on your primary device unless you are prepared for the possibility of serious problems. If that doesn’t deter you, then you can install the iOS beta using our guide. How to Join Apple’s Beta Software Program for further information on signing up for the program.

iOS 17: Rumored new features

Early sources suggest that iOS 17 will have ‘fewer substantial changes’ than normal after introducing various new features in iOS 16, such as a new Lock Screen, unending iMessage, and the iCloud Shared Picture Library. According to Mark Gurman, Apple has moved efforts to the development of software for its AR headset, tentatively termed xrOS. Its development of a headgear, according to a story from early January, “cost it some new capabilities in iOS 17.”

Gurman’s comments that iOS 17 will prioritize “stability and efficiency” and that “there won’t be many visual changes” were echoed in a later report from less reliable LeaksApplePro.

Our expectations for iOS 17’s new features

Since iOS 17 is expected to focus on bug fixes and minor enhancements rather than major new features, we’ve narrowed our wish list to those changes that would have the greatest impact on our daily lives with our mobile devices.

Apple probably doesn’t ask us for input on these matters (especially since it’s too late to make significant changes), but it’s still interesting to compare and contrast “what we desire” with “what Apple delivers.” For what it’s worth, Apple really delivered several of our iOS 16 Wishlist enhancements, and if iOS 17 offers us more of the updates on this year’s list, we’ll consider that a success. This year, we’re hoping to see:

Update the App Collection

Let your home screen get cluttered with only the apps you genuinely use every day and conceal the dozens of additional apps on your iPhone away from view with the App Library, a feature introduced with iOS 14.

It’s just a lousy design! Automatic app categorization results in folder names that don’t always make sense. I use my iPhone, which has two Fender guitar apps. Fender Tune is in the Entertainment folder where it doesn’t belong, and Fender Play is under Other. They should, intuitively, share a file labeled “Creativity” with similar items. There are countless people I know who can provide similar examples.

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The folders are represented by four icons, three of which are actual app icons that open the app when you tap on them and the fourth is a group of four more tiny app icons that open the folder. It’s not intuitive and is unlike any other interaction or interface model in iOS or iPadOS. Oh, and you can’t create muscle memory because the folders and their contents are always shifting.

We propose a few elementary changes. To locate an app quickly and easily, just tap the search bar at the top of the App Library to bring up an alphabetical list. It should be the default view—or be able to be set as the default view.

Make the App Library folders behave consistently with other iOS folders. Avoid rearranging them and make sure that tapping on a folder always launches the folder itself and not a specific app inside. Add a counter to the folder that indicates how many programs are stored there.

Also, many inquire

Is there anything new in store for iOS 17?

There aren’t many user interface changes, however, some first-party apps may get buffs. Apple may create a brand-new original app for the AR/VR Headset. Improvements to the user interface (UI) are rumored for the Home, Fitness, Find My, Wallet, and Apple Pay apps.

Why won’t iOS 17 download onto my phone?

There are a few potential causes for why your iPhone or iPad won’t update wirelessly, or “over the air”: The newest update isn’t compatible with your hardware. You have reached the limit of your device’s storage capacity. The download time for the update is extremely lengthy.

Is an update to iOS 17 in the works?

The public beta of iOS 17 is expected to launch in late July after it has been made available to developers for testing following WWDC. After a period of beta testing, iOS 17 will debut in September 2023, coinciding with the release of the next generation of iPhones.

Is battery life affected by iOS 16?

Stay tuned for an update to this story to learn how to disable iOS 16 features like Live Activities and the iCloud Shared Photo Library, which may drain your battery even though they haven’t been released yet.

When is it safest to upgrade to iOS 16?

The good news is that iOS 16.1 was published in October 2021, thus we recommend replacing all customers who are still on iOS 15 and have iPhones that are compatible with iOS 16.1 do so immediately. The new capabilities included in iOS 16.2 should help sway any lingering doubts.

Is Apple releasing iPhone 16?

The anticipated retail price of the Apple iPhone 16 in India is Rs. 79,990. The release date of the Apple iPhone 16 is projected for June 21, 2023. The base model of the Apple iPhone 16 is rumored to come in Black and Gold and includes 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

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What iPhones won’t be able to update to iOS 17?

Despite Apple’s reputation for providing extensive software updates for its products, the A11 Bionic chipset may soon be abandoned. The A11 Bionic-powered iPhones will not be updated to iOS 17: The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X are all included here.

What was the most recent major upgrade for iOS?

Introduced at WWDC on June 6, 2022, and made available to the public on September 12, 2022, this iOS version is the most recent.

Is battery life worse in iOS 16?

Not only did it refresh Apple’s default apps with some useful improvements, but it also addressed a few long-overdue requests, like the ability to customize the lock screen. These enhancements do not come without a cost, though, since iOS 16 can be extremely draining on your iPhone’s battery.

Should I fully charge my iPhone?

Many sources, including Apple itself, advise keeping your iPhone charged between 30 and 80 percent at all times. While it’s not necessarily harmful to let your battery go all the way to zero on a frequent basis, doing so isn’t ideal either.

If updating iOS takes so long, why?

What’s taking so long with the iOS update? An unstable internet connection, a damaged or incomplete software download, or some other software-related issue could all contribute to the length of time it takes to update iOS. The size of the update has an impact on how long it takes to download and install.

What is Adaptive charging on the Pixel 7, and how can I use it?

Can I get Apple 16?

iOS 16 was released for iPhones on September 12, 2022, while iPadOS 16.1 was released for iPads on October 24, 2022, months after Apple announced its major annual operating system update in its WWDC keynote on June 6, 2022.

Is the iPhone 16 Pro available?

Under-display Face ID is still on track for the iPhone 16 Pro next year, and an under-display selfie camera is expected to debut in 2026. A recent Korean rumor suggests that Apple is still on pace to convert to under-display Face ID technology on iPhone 16 Pro models next year, which will provide a more usable display area.

In 2023, would you recommend the iPhone 7 Plus?

Should you upgrade to an iPhone 7? The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are still viable options in 2023, as you can see from this post. But it all depends on what you hope to achieve. They cost a fraction of the price of the newest iPhones but have fewer features and capabilities.

How old of an iPhone model does iOS still support?

The iPhone 6s, which debuted alongside iOS 9 in 2015, remained compatible with the latest version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 14, five years later. iOS 15, released in September 2021, is backward-compatible with all iPhones beginning with the iPhone 6s, as was the case with iOS 14.

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