The iphone 15 Ultra Price Increase Rumor is Inconsequential

The iphone 15 Ultra Price Increase Rumor is Inconsequential

The iPhone 15 Ultra Price Increase Rumor is Inconsequential: In 2023, the most expensive iPhone model may cost more than it does now. The most recent rumor about the iPhone 15 suggests that Apple is considering charging $200 more for the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s successor.

If true, the alleged iPhone 15 Ultra would be the most expensive iPhone Apple has ever sold, which explains why the story is receiving so much attention. At this point in the iPhone 15 rumor cycle, it’s also something I wouldn’t get too worked up about.

LeaksApplePro(opens in new tab), who Tweets Apple leaks of various veracity, is the source of the iPhone 15 Ultra price rumor. According to the source, the iPhone 15 Ultra will start at a minimum of $1,299, or $100 more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s beginning price of $1,099. This increase could reach $200, the maximum amount the leaker estimates. The top-tier Apple phone of 2019 would then start at $1,299, making it more expensive than even Samsung’s Galaxy S Ultra variant.

The price rise could be attributed to rising component costs. Leaks ApplePro predicts that the cost to assemble the iPhone 15 Ultra would increase by roughly $100 due to the rising cost of raw materials. If true, that would mean an increase in cost for Apple’s customers.

The introduction of the ultra-high-resolution iPhone 15 has only further complicated matters. It has been speculated that this new iPhone would not merely be a rebranded Pro Max model, but rather an ultra-premium version with features that set it distinct even from iPhone Pro devices, like the Apple Watch Ultra. One common theory proposes that the Ultra will be distinguished from regular iPhones by a more robust titanium frame, solid-state buttons, and a periscope-style lens.

The reasoning behind this is clear, so there’s no need for an explanation. It’s reasonable to assume that the iPhone 15 Ultra will cost more than the standard model because of its higher-quality components.

I’m not here to cast doubt on that assertion or to insist that nothing will cost anything. However, I will show you a calendar that indicates it will be another 10 months before the iPhone 15 makes its way to store shelves. That’s a long time, and a lot can happen in that time.

The conditions that have been pushing up component prices may improve, making the possibility of constructing an iPhone 15 Ultra cheaper than expected. Apple may also monitor the market’s temperature, determine that higher costs will reduce sales, and then lower the cost of its iPhones accordingly. There is little certainty about the iPhone 15’s pricing structure outside of Apple, and I think the few folks who do have some idea are still considering their alternatives.

Remember that the iPhone 14 Pro variants were also expected to experience price increases this past fall. For weeks before the September launch event, speculation suggested that Apple might increase the price of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max by $100. (Interestingly, LeaksApplePro was among the trolls spreading this falsehood.) The starting price of the iPhone 14 Pro remains at $999, unchanged from previous years despite widespread predictions of a price hike.

The iphone 15 Ultra Price Increase Rumor is Inconsequential
The iPhone 15 Ultra Price Increase Rumor is Inconsequential

Given how far away we still are from the actual debut date of the iPhone 15, it is feasible that history will repeat itself in 2023.

Do not take this as evidence that the iPhone 15 Ultra will be cheap. And even if Apple keeps its top-of-the-line phone at $1,099, that’s still a lot to spend. If the iPhone 15 Ultra ends up costing a little more than that, I won’t be too concerned.

Instead of worrying about a possible future price increase, you can take the initiative to make concrete arrangements to buy an iPhone right now. When deciding between the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14, you may want to consider whether or not the additional cost would prevent you from making a purchase. If that’s the case, you should probably start looking for an iPhone right now so you can get the greatest iPhone 14 Pro Max bargains and avoid paying full price for Apple’s top-tier smartphone.

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And if you’re dead-set on getting the iPhone 15 Ultra (or whatever the best iPhone is in 2023) despite the price increase, you should probably start saving up for it as if it were $200 more expensive. You may end up paying a little more than you originally anticipated, and if the story turns out to be false, you still have a few hundred dollars.

Many inquire

I don’t understand why Apple keeps raising the price of the iPhone.

A rise in tariffs was requested by the government for components such as camera modules, displays, touch panels, PCBs, and chargers. Because of the government’s persistently rising import levies on smartphone components, the price of smartphones has been steadily creeping upward for several years.

Apple’s 15th-anniversary iPhone will debut in 2023.

Apple introduced the iPhone 14, iPhone 14, and iPhone 14 Pro in September 2022, but rumors regarding the iPhone 15 have been circulating ever since.

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What do we hear about iPhone 13?

All four of the iPhone 13 models, according to 9to5Mac, will include a bigger camera bump and sensors. According to Kuo (Opens in a new window), the pixel size of the upcoming iPhones will be 2 microns, up from 1.7 microns on the current generation of iPhones. Again, this translates to not only better images overall, but also vast enhancements while shooting in dim conditions.

In 2022, how will iPhones change?

In 2022, Apple discontinued the “mini” iPhone in favor of the 6.1- and 6.7-inch iPhone 14 models. Like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus before it, the new 6.7-inch iPhone 14 is referred to as the “iPhone 14 Plus.”

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