The One Setting You Must Always Leave Off to Save Battery Life on Your iphone

The One Setting You Must Always Leave Off to Save Battery Life on Your iphone

The One Setting You Must Always Leave Off to Save Battery Life on Your iPhone: Keeping an iPhone in good working order necessitates monitoring its battery, which isn’t the most reliable or long-lasting in the world. You should never charge your iPhone overnight or let it get too hot, and you should only ever use a charger made specifically for Apple devices. But did you realize that certain of your device’s settings may be contributing to the untimely demise of your phone’s battery? When it comes to conserving battery life on your iPhone, this is the one setting you should always have deactivated.

Automatic App Updates

Background Thomas Niemczewski, CEO and Founder of Dream Chasers, discusses that apps can automatically update their data whenever they are in the range of a wireless or cellular network thanks to a feature called “App Refresh.” This allows apps to continue to refresh their data (such as the latest news, weather, stock prices, etc.) even while you aren’t actively using them. However, Niemczewski cautions that despite the setting’s potential usefulness, it uses a lot of battery life.

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Background App Refresh can be disabled in the General settings menu of the iPhone, as shown by Niemczewski. To disable Background App Refresh, tap its icon and select “Off” from the resulting menu. As a result, programs won’t be able to run in the background, which saves battery life.

Turning it off after it’s been on for a time, especially on an older phone, will significantly extend its battery life.

Keep an eye on the apps you’ve downloaded, Niemczewski emphasized. If you rarely use a certain app, you may want to delete it or turn off its background activity to save battery life. In addition, always use the most recent version of an app; often, developers will issue updates that improve battery life.

The One Setting You Must Always Leave Off to Save Battery Life on Your iphone
The One Setting You Must Always Leave Off to Save Battery Life on Your iphone

Extra Suggestion: Disable Location Services

Turning off location services is a good idea because your iPhone’s GPS (while convenient for things like remembering where you parked your car or getting directions to a restaurant) is a notorious power eater.

According to Tech Expert Jimmy Huh, CEO, and founder of JH SEO, “to turn off location services, just go to your settings, and pick ‘Privacy,’ then ‘Location Services. You can disable location services for all apps, or choose which ones can access your location and which can’t.

Huh claims that you’ll get more time out of your iPhone’s battery if you disable location services: This means you can keep using your phone for longer without having to worry about finding an outlet.

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Many inquire

How can I make the iPhone use less power?

The battery life can be prolonged by disabling the option that allows apps to refresh in the background. For complete deactivation of Background App Refresh, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and tap Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi & Cellular Data, or Off.

Please tell me the secret to a forever-healthy iPhone battery.

To conserve power, turn off the gadget. Always make sure that your gadget is kept in a dry, cold spot where the temperature is below 32 degrees Celsius. If you’re putting your gadget away for more than six months, you should charge it to at least half capacity every six months.

To what extent can I extend the life of my iPhone’s battery?

If you want your iPhone’s battery to always be in perfect condition, there’s only one thing you can do. Put down the iPhone. Indeed, the only way to maintain a full battery on your iPhone is to cease using it and charging it.

What is the single biggest drain on phone battery life?

When your phone’s battery is fully charged, you should keep it out of hot places. When the temperature is high, the battery drains significantly more quickly even when the device is turned off. A discharge like that can kill your battery. There is no need to “reveal” the battery’s capacity to your phone by cycling from full to empty and back to full again.

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