The Pixel Fold Applies Some Much-needed Pressure to Samsung

The Pixel Fold Applies Some Much-needed Pressure to Samsung

It has been speculated for some time that Google will soon introduce a folding smartphone that will compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold. That event finally took place the day before yesterday when Google made the official announcement of the Pixel Fold. The information on the device had been publicized rather extensively in the time preceding the launch, so it was not exactly a surprise.

This device is possibly one of the more serious challengers of the Galaxy Z Fold that we have seen so far. It is a foldable smartphone with a screen that unfolds into a tablet. It is interesting to note that the device contains a significant amount of technology developed by Samsung. Both the cover and the foldable display of the Google Pixel Fold were manufactured by Samsung Display. Samsung is the manufacturer of both the special Tensor G2 processor that Google uses for this gadget as well as the device itself. The tech titan from South Korea has worked closely with Google on its Tensor project.

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On paper, the Google Pixel Fold checks off most of the requirements for a folding smartphone. The foldable panel measures 7.6 inches, and the cover display measures 5.8 inches, which puts it in the same league as the Galaxy Z Fold. These panels are sufficiently bright and both feature a 120Hz refresh rate. Due to the fact that these are Samsung panels, it was not anticipated that there would be a significant difference in the aforementioned statistics when compared to the panels that were utilized within the Galaxy Z Fold devices.

The Pixel Fold also brings to fruition a significant shift that we anticipate to take place with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 later on in this year. It is equipped with a waterdrop hinge, which allows both halves of the device to fold in fully flush against one another when closed. When folded, the Pixel Fold is only 12 millimeters thick, making it significantly slimmer than the Z Fold 4, which is 16 millimeters. Samsung is also anticipated to employ the waterdrop hinge with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 so we may look forward to a similar improvement in profile later this year.

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The Chinese competitors’ foldable devices have not been able to achieve the water resistance rating of Samsung’s foldable, which is IPX8. The new foldable phone from Google has been given an IPX8 classification, bringing it on par with Samsung in one more significant respect. In a manner analogous to Samsung’s Flex Mode, the hinge can also hold the display open at a variety of different angles.

Because the most advanced camera technology is still reserved for its Galaxy S Ultra models, Samsung has not placed a significant amount of emphasis on incorporating it into its foldable devices. In comparison to the Galaxy Z Fold 4, the Pixel Fold’s periscope camera with 5x optical zoom gives it a distinct advantage over that device. It is not yet clear whether or if a comparable upgrade will be made available with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 device. In addition, the software processing of Pixel phones has historically been superior to that of other Android manufacturers. Because of this, it is not out of the question that the Pixel Fold will continue to hold the lead in this category even after the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is released.

The Pixel Fold Applies Some Much-needed Pressure to Samsung
The Pixel Fold Applies Some Much-needed Pressure to Samsung

However, it does not come with a stylus like the one that comes with the S Pen. The Google Pixel Fold does not have support for one, and even while the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will accept the S Pen like its predecessors, you will still not be able to place it within the smartphone even if it will support the S Pen. Samsung has decided against a dedicated S Pen slot on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 because apparently, it didn’t want to make the device thicker. The Pixel Fold makes up for the absence of the S Pen by including a number of innovative software capabilities, such as the live translation mode and the Magic Eraser. On Google’s own hardware, we may anticipate that the Android operating system will have undergone more optimization efforts.

There is no indication that Google intends to undercut Samsung’s prices in any way. It costs $1,799, the same as the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and with no price decrease predicted, it’s probable that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will cost the same. Customers who are interested in purchasing a new phone and are willing to spend that amount of money will now have more options to choose from, which is fantastic news.

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Customers still have a lot of reasons to consider Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold over Google’s Pixel Fold thanks to the ecosystem that Samsung has developed. Customers can also anticipate that Samsung would provide them with better offers and higher trade-in values. When customers place a pre-order with the company, they will typically receive a free pair of earbuds or a discounted Galaxy Watch. Samsung’s self-repair program, industry-leading software support, and global repair network are other great reasons to choose a Galaxy Z Fold phone over the Pixel Fold.

That is not to say that there won’t be any pressure from the Pixel Fold though; there definitely will be. I’d argue that it puts Samsung under some pressure that it desperately needs. The company’s foldable phones have largely had smooth sailing for the past few years. There have not been any genuine competitors up until this point. Many Chinese OEMs have created competitors but the essential difference is that they haven’t been sold broadly, and haven’t been allowed in the US.

One of the most lucrative markets in the world for smartphones is the United States, so it makes sense for Google’s Pixel Fold to go up against Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold in this market. Customers in the US now have another option to consider. This indicates that Samsung will need to do more effort in order to win over customers’ hearts and minds in the hope that they will not move to Google’s Pixel Fold device.

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Competition is usually wonderful for consumers. It motivates companies to do better and presents customers with more incentives to consider their products. Even though it is highly doubtful that this will result in a reduction in prices, there are a lot of other ways that Samsung can make the deal more appealing, and Google won’t be able to compete with them.

The fact that it will encourage Samsung to improve its products, particularly in the area of photography, is of far greater significance. These days, cameras are perhaps one of the most crucial components that go into determining whether or not to make a purchase. People wouldn’t mind switching over if there was a noticeable and significant change in the performance, especially when you consider that switching from one Android device to another is far easier than switching from an iPhone to an Android device.

There is no doubt that Samsung has its work cut out for it. There are enormous expectations from the firm to deliver with the Galaxy Z Fold 5. We wouldn’t have to wait for too long to find out if it does that. It would appear from the various reports that the Unpacked event for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy Z Flip 5 will take place during the last week of the month of July. Expect the devices to hit the market a couple of weeks after that.

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