The player of Halo Infinite creates a jetpack in Forge Mode

Halo Infinite

A talented Halo Infinite player makes use of early access to the Forge mode to build a playable jetpack.

Despite the fact that Forge Mode was not included in the first release of Halo Infinite, some gamers and content producers are making use of the opportunity to play the game ahead of time and create innovative things like a jetpack that is completely functional and even has a boost meter. Fans of Halo Infinite will undoubtedly be pleased by Forge Mode’s features and hope to be able to obtain it quickly so they can begin producing content.

The Halo series’ mainstay, Forge Mode, was first featured in Halo 3. Since then, Halo users have enjoyed creating a wide range of items using the Forge, including new weapons and accessories, ripoffs of other video game settings, and even new game modes. When the complete version of the mode launches, there will undoubtedly be some stunning creations thanks to Forge’s enormous creative potential.

Oscarb64 from YouTube successfully developed a simple jetpack script with a functional boost meter that functions as a countdown to display the number of equipment charges left. Using the Forge’s sophisticated scripting features, which enable Halo Infinite players to construct things like a gravity pistol, they have even produced a bespoke equipment icon. Players will be able to accomplish a variety of things that they weren’t able to achieve in earlier incarnations of Forge Mode thanks to these powerful scripting options.

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

In a video that was released earlier this month, 343 Industries discussed the Forge Mode in Halo Infinite and its various features. According to the video, items can be scaled up to the size of a mountain and still count as a single object, enabling gamers to build large areas in the Forge.

Enthusiasts have high hopes for Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode, and recent videos showing players with early access producing astounding things in the Forge give fans confidence. It appears like Halo Infinite will continue the Forge Mode’s history to even greater heights.

The Forge Mode for Halo Infinite will be available to players in November. Gamers will find plenty of inspiration as they get ready to construct some of their own inventions from the increasing number of works that are likely to slip online from the players who are receiving early access to the mode.

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