The Retail Packaging for the Pixel 7a Displays Some of the Phone’s Finer Characteristics

The Retail Packaging for the Pixel 7a Displays Some of the Phone's Finer Characteristics

A little more than a week remains until Google I/O 2023, where it is anticipated that the Pixel 7a will be presented to the public for the first time. Because information about the midrange phone has been leaking out for months, we know a good deal about it, including that there may be an increase in the price of the phone this year. However, beginning about a week ago, the Google Pixel 7a began to appear in retail packaging, and a few images that were uploaded to the internet today revealed specifics that were obtained directly from the manufacturer.

On Twitter, TechDroider published two images of the retail packaging for the Pixel 7a, one of which was the back of the box, which drew our attention. If you look closely and squint just right, the label on the container will reveal several important details about the product to you.

First of all, the packaging states a charging cable and a Quick Switch Adapter for transferring data from your previous phone, but it makes no mention of a charging brick. Because the Pixel 6a did not include a charger the previous year, it was reasonable to anticipate that this would be the case this year as well. From what we can gather here, the contents of the box should be comparable (if not identical) to what shipped with the 6a last year. These include a USB-C connector, an adapter, a SIM ejector, and a fast start guide in some territories.

Another finding that comes as a letdown is the fact that the Google Store version does not support 5G mmWave connectivity. This was also the situation the year before when the only model of the Pixel 6a that contained support for the quickest mobile communication standard was the Verizon model, which cost an additional $50 on top of the base price. We anticipate that the 7a will follow a pattern similar to that of the 6a, in which the Google Store and overseas models will support sub-6GHz 5G but not mmWave.

The Retail Packaging for the Pixel 7a Displays Some of the Phone's Finer Characteristics
The Retail Packaging for the Pixel 7a Displays Some of the Phone’s Finer Characteristics

Additionally, the packaging verifies that the Pixel 7a will have a Hearing Aid Compatibility Rating of M3/T4 for both acoustic and induction hearing aids. This rating is a very high level of compatibility. This is the same score as Apple’s iPhone 14, and Google has been able to meet this benchmark for all of its phones since the release of the Pixel 6 Pro.

An additional look at the retail packaging for the Pixel 7a was provided to us by Android guru Mishaal Rahman. An eBay auction that has since been taken down provided a higher-resolution view of the back of the box, which we can use to validate two model numbers. Even though TechDroider’s images weren’t particularly clear, we are now able to determine that the white variant has a model number of GWKK3, while the black variant has a model number of GWKK2.

This information was previously unavailable. When everything is said and done, there could be as many as five different model numbers available, if we count the blue model and the coral colorway, as well as the potential for a Verizon version with mmWave support.

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Additionally, people ask

What will the price of the Pixel 7A be?

The Google Pixel 7A is anticipated to have a price tag of Rs. 45,990 in India. The Google Pixel 7A launch is anticipated to take place on May 10th, 2023. This is the base model of the Google Pixel 7A, and it comes with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. Blue, grey, and white are the expected colors for this model. A new orange color option has been added to the Pixel 7a, and the design can be seen here.

Is pixel 7A going to be available at all?

As the newest member of the company’s A-series of mobile devices, the Google Pixel 7a will succeed the Pixel 6a. It is anticipated that it will debut at I/O 2023. It is anticipated that the Google Pixel 7a, Google’s more budget-friendly smartphone, would launch globally on May 10.

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What is the battery capacity, measured in mAh, of the Pixel 7A?

Battery Capacity of 4410 mAh

The Google Pixel 7A is an Android v13 phone that can be purchased for a price of Rs 34,990 in India. It features a 64 MP + 12 MP Rear Camera, Octa-core (2.8 GHz, Dual core, Cortex X1 + 2.25 GHz, Dual core, Cortex A76 + 1.8 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A55) Processor, 4410 mAh Battery, and 128 GB RAM.

Who makes the chips that makeup Pixel?

Google Tensor is a series of system-on-chip (SoC) processors built by Google for their Pixel devices. These processors are based on the ARM64 architecture. The first-generation chip made its debut on the Pixel 6 smartphone series in 2021 and was superseded by the second-generation chip on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphone series in 2022. Both series of smartphones were manufactured by Google.

Is Pixel 7a a fingerprint sensor?

The lock on the smartphone can be removed by using a fingerprint. It is necessary to have clean hands that are devoid of any moisture, dirt, oil, lotion, dyes, or other substances for the fingerprint scanner to work properly. The device has the capacity to save up to 5 different fingerprints.

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