The Top Ten Benefits of Android

Benefits of Android

The Top Ten Benefits of Android: Apple dominates the technology market due to the company’s impeccable image and widespread desire for its wares. Despite this, Android held a dominant 86.2 percent share of smartphone sales as of the second quarter of 2016. What allowed Apple’s chief competitor to overtake them in the race to the top of the tech heap? The list of Android’s advantages over iOS is long, but here are the top 10.

1. Power Source Adapters

All Apple mobile devices released after 2012 can use the Lightning connector. Your older Apple device’s charger is incompatible with your newer one. The new Lightning connector requires an adaptor to be used with devices that use a different USB standard, such as Micro USB. When it comes to charging, one of Android’s advantages is that its devices already make use of the ubiquitous and standard Micro USB connector.

2. Android’s many phone options are a clear benefit.

Apple fans, on the other hand, can only choose from a few models, while Android users can pick from a wide range of makes and models over a wide price range. Customers can choose from a broad variety of options, as evidenced by “top 10 Android phones” and similar lists. Having a selection of affordable smartphones to choose from is great, but that’s not the only benefit. Customization options like this are another way in which Android excels above iOS.

3. Ability to Remove Memory and Power Source

Adding more storage to your iPhone or iPad is an expensive endeavor. iPhones don’t have expandable storage, however many Android phones feature microSD card slots. Like iPhones, Androids have replaceable batteries, however, unlike iPhones, the battery can be removed from the device itself.

4. Best Android Apps and Widgets

Widgets, which are small, standalone programs, increase Android’s power and adaptability. This is a key differentiator that puts Android ahead of Apple. Battery Widget Reborn and Circle Launcher are two of the best Android widgets available, and they are frequently used to improve the Android user experience.

Benefits of Android
Benefits of Android

5. Modified Hardware

There are several Android flagship phones that can hold their own against the iPhone thanks to superior hardware. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a more powerful processor, more RAM, a larger battery, and a higher-resolution screen than the iPhone 6S Plus.

6. One more of Android’s advantages is improved charging options.

One of the many reasons Android is superior to Apple is its fast charging capability. However, wireless charging is an additional convenience for Android devices. Android has had a significant leg up on Apple for a while now because of the ability to charge devices wirelessly, but Apple has just lately introduced this feature.

7. Infrared

If your Android has infrared, why are you celebrating that fact? Think of it as a wireless TV remote that can also communicate with other devices. Perhaps it isn’t the first benefit of Android that comes to mind, but it does have certain advantages.

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8. Android Has Better App Selection Than iPhone.

When using an Android device, you’re not limited to the Play Store when looking for apps; you may also shop elsewhere, like Amazon. This means that lists like “the 10 best Android apps” aren’t exclusive to any one operating system. Because of this, consumers have more opportunities to use apps that meet their specific requirements.

9. Particular Keyboards

Options for replacement keyboards are slim if you don’t like using an Apple device. When comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone and Android, there is another case where Android comes out on top because of the availability of alternate keyboards like Swiftkey.

10. It’s easier to navigate Google Play.

More than a million apps are available for download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play. However, there are limitations to using the App Store, such as being forced to use the iTunes interface and only being able to watch downloaded movies on Apple devices. However, Android’s Google Play is a clear benefit due to its more accessible web interface for app downloads and its selection of movies that can be seen on any device with a web browser.

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Instead, Android’s Google Play makes use of a more accessible online interface for app downloads and provides access to movies that can be seen on any device with a web browser.

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