The Wildest Highlights of CES 2023 Include Stunning Cars, 3d Laptops, and Shape-Shifting Displays

The Wildest Highlights of CES 2023

The Wildest Highlights of CES 2023: There will be lots of buzzes, commotion, and shiny new gadgets at CES. This Wednesday marks the beginning of the world’s largest consumer electronics expo in Las Vegas with the opening of media day. We’re here on the CES exhibit floor right now, testing out the latest gadgets and filtering through the chaos to bring you the most interesting and groundbreaking innovations.

So far, we have seen some of beautiful televisions, powerful gaming rigs, an 8K projector, and even some future idea devices that firms like Samsung, LG, Intel, Nvidia, and Dell have planned for 2023. Extending beyond this year, we have learned that Sony will release its own automobile in 2026.

Actually, this is only the beginning. This year’s CES runs until Sunday, so there’s still plenty of time to check out some truly bizarre and innovative gadgetry. If you only read one summary of CES 2023 (but why stop there? ), make it this one.

The first Sony-made automobile is scheduled for release in 2026.

Sony's first car is coming in 2026
Sony’s first car is coming in 2026

Sony sees a lot of potential profit in the booming EV market. Afeela, a new brand of electric vehicles, is the result of a collaboration between the electronics giant and Honda. On a slim display or “media bar” mounted to the front bumper, the Afeela logo flashed, allowing the automobile to communicate with onlookers and provide them with information about the vehicle’s status or the weather.

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Sony’s new car is finally making its way to market, unlike the concept vehicle it debuted with at CES 2020. Sony’s Afeela automobile will be available in North America in 2026, but the company has not yet released details on pricing. Soon after, Japan and Europe will join.

BMW’s concept vehicle also acts as a companion.

BMW's concept car doubles as your buddy
BMW’s concept car doubles as your buddy

It’s true that technology can be cold and distant. BMW’s I Vision Dee aims to address this problem. This futuristic vehicle concept uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence in place of the helper trope popularised by devices like Siri and Alexa. It would much prefer to serve as both a vehicle and a companion. The BMW I Vision Dee is a high-performance electric sports automobile that features a body covered with 240 e-ink panels. Since this is an electric vehicle (EV), the ventilation grille normally provides is unnecessary, but those panels can be used to display a digital face or alter the vehicle’s color at the touch of a button.

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BMW I Vision Dee is a concept automobile with innovations that will eventually make their way into the production of BMW vehicles. For instance, BMW CEO Oliver Zipse has stated that the HUB technology featured in the I Vision Dee concept car will be included in production vehicles by the year 2025.

This collapsible and sliding device

This foldable also slides
This foldable also slides

Samsung previewed its intriguing Flex Hybrid mobile device concept. The Flex Hybrid’s left side folds like the Galaxy Fold, as depicted in the image above, while the right side slides out to lengthen the device.

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Samsung Display, not the Samsung Mobile division of the South Korean conglomerate, is responsible for the idea. A news release introducing the idea stated that it will be bringing “novel OLED goods of all sizes, small, medium, and huge to deliver a glimpse into the future of displays” to CES. TCL’s scrolling display from 2020 is just one example of how other companies are experimenting with the future of smartphones; keep an eye out for more flipping, folding, and scrolling gadgets in the near future.

A 3D laptop that doesn’t require special glasses

A laptop in (glasses-free) 3D
A laptop in (glasses-free) 3D

This ASUS laptop’s display features striking visuals that appear to jump right off the screen. Its OLED display generates a true 3D effect without the need for special glasses, just like Acer’s rival IPS display. The OLED display is significant as the new technology offers a more clearly defined 3D image. The 3D experience on Asus’s 3D panel, which is marketed for artists, is generated by eye-tracking.

The first truly cordless TV… without a control system

A TV with no wires... and no remote
A TV with no wires… and no remote

CES is packed with televisions. While established companies like Samsung, LG, and TCL compete to provide TVs with the deepest blacks, the sharpest images, and the greatest prices, a new company going by the name of Displace TV is taking a different approach. It paves the way for wireless TVs. The company’s 55-inch OLED screen can be attached to a wall or window using suction cups, eliminating the need to conceal unsightly TV cables.

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Displace TV is powered by batteries instead of an external power source, and instead of a remote, you’ll utilize motion controls to surf channels and adjust the volume. To learn more, click here.

Smartphones are concerned about your well-being, and so are smartwatches

Smartwatches want to know if you're OK
Smartwatches want to know if you’re OK

There is no shortage of smartwatches that monitor your heart rate, sleep quality, and blood oxygen levels. However, Citizen’s CZ Smartwatch goes the extra mile by additionally tracking your weariness and attentiveness. Your chronotype, or whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, can also be determined. This is further evidence that wristwatch manufacturers are becoming increasingly interested in monitoring the effects of sleep and stress on health.

The world’s thinnest laptop dedicated to gaming

The thinnest gaming laptop in the world
The thinnest gaming laptop in the world

The Alienware x14, which the firm claims are the world’s thinnest 14-inch gaming laptop, was among the four new laptops that caught us by surprise just before CES. The display has a resolution of 2,560 by 1,600 pixels and a refresh rate of 165 hertz; it will retail for at least $1,799 when it goes on sale this winter. The Alienware x16, a larger model, can be had for $3,099. These portable computers are ideal for those who value style above raw power.

Ultra-thin touchpads for laptops

Invisible laptop touchpads
Invisible laptop touchpads

LG demonstrated their brand-new Gram Style laptop, which has a touchpad that only appears when the palm rest is touched. If you touch the sneaky haptic touchpad, it will illuminate to show you exactly where to tap and drag on the screen. It’s a nice touch that we didn’t realize we needed.

Quite the advancement for PC gamers who also enjoy console gaming

A giant leap for PC gamers who also use consoles
A giant leap for PC gamers who also use consoles

To the untrained eye, Dell’s Concept Nyx gaming controller may be mistaken for any number of third-party Xbox controllers, although flashy ones. I’m afraid there’s more to it than that, though. The Nyx controller has a number of secret inputs that greatly expand its capabilities.

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As far as I can tell, the goal is to make using a gamepad feel more like using a keyboard. Unlike with a gamepad, where players are usually limited to the possibilities offered by a d-pad, PC players can have hundreds of inputs at their disposal thanks to hotkey settings. In a massively multiplayer online game, this implies players have more options for attacks, and in a first-person shooter, it means they have more than the standard three weapons to choose from.

The ultimate party refrigerator

A fridge built to party
A fridge built to party

A break is in order for the hardworking refrigerator, whose main duty is keeping your food edible. The exterior of the LG MoodUp refrigerator is made up of LED panels, which offer 190,000 color possibilities and are synced to the music via a built-in Bluetooth speaker. The MoodUp refrigerator does more than keep food cold. The mood is everything.

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Those LED displays can serve a practical purpose, such as alerting you if you’ve left the refrigerator door open for too long. With a light touch of your finger, the panel at the top right becomes see-through, revealing the contents of the fridge without letting any of the cool air escape. However, its primary function is to send off positive vibrations.

Greetings, Roku! You’ve joined the conversation

Roku has entered the chat
Roku has entered the chat

It was recently stated that Roku will be entering the television market, directly competing with the company’s existing partnerships with more established TV manufacturers including TCL, Hisense, and Sharp. The move has been speculated about for some time, and it seems like a natural one for the creator of streaming devices. Roku TVs will come with the brand’s Voice Remotes, which include the popular (and ever-useful) “find my remote” feature. It appears that LG and Samsung now have new rivals.

Television makes others look bad

The TV that puts all others to shame
The TV that puts all others to shame

Even though LG’s 97-inch OLED TV was introduced the year before, in 2023 it will be available as a wireless variant for the first time. That unsightly mess of wires has been removed from the world’s largest screen, which displays the greatest possible picture thanks to modern technology. CNET’s TV expert David Katzmaier was so impressed with the LG OLED TV that he said it “puts all other TVs to shame.” This statement came as a surprise to us, and we’ve been covering TVs at CES for years.

Your laptop’s processor is getting an upgrade

Upgrades coming to your laptop's brains
Upgrades coming to your laptop’s brains

Though eye-catching visuals are excellent, the technology that really makes a difference is often hidden from view. Intel’s new 13th-generation processors will boost the performance of many laptops and power a wide variety of new goods.

The enhancements these chips can provide are easier to visualize than their raw performance. Thunderbolt 4, which among other enhancements will set as a standard the ability to run two 4K external screens, and Unison are both features introduced with the latest generation of Intel CPUs. In the coming days, we can anticipate product launches that include these characteristics.

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Then there came the press event held by AMD. The corporation was quite proud of the professional quality of its technology, such as the AMD chips that were used to create the visual effects in Avatar 2. In terms of commercially available goods, AMD has teamed up with HP to produce the Dragonfly Pro, a laptop aimed at independent workers, and with Lenovo to produce the Legion Pro, a laptop aimed at gamers. AMD’s top-tier Ryzen 7 7800X3D and 7950X3D processors will be available for PCs later this year.

In-car cloud gaming has here!

Cloud gaming, now in your car
Cloud gaming, now in your car

Nvidia has made a number of significant updates to its GeForce Now cloud gaming service, which allows users to stream games to their computers, mobile devices, and more. To sum up, the Nvidia GeForce 4080 GPU will soon be available in the cloud, bringing with it its considerable processing capacity. GeForce Now’s a premium subscription, now called GeForce Now Ultimate, now supports 240 FPS game streaming, ray tracing (which vastly improves how light is portrayed in-game), and DLSS 3. (which uses an algorithm to boost frame rate while retaining image quality).

More so, GeForce Now is going where? To automobiles. Park the car, then use the dashboard screen to play a game. Those riding shotguns can play video games on the go if there are screens located behind the front seats. Nvidia’s first set of partners will include Hyundai, BYB, and Polestar.

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